New in 2011 - and later - on this site

This file lists the most important new files and changes on the site in 2010. In every main directory of the site there are New-in.... files for that section of the site. What follows is general. Here is a link to the most important new entries in 2010: New on site in 2010.

Here are more extensive sections

English news
Dutch news

In 2011 the section English news has been kept well up to date, and must make do, for the moment. There were no Dutch additions, so far, since I consider the situation in Holland pretty hopeless, and probably cannot write the truth about it, as I see it, without being harrassed.

 Most new entries were this year in Nederlog, but there are new sections or is new material here:

These new entries have also been commented on in the section in which most new things on the site for 2011 have been published, at least so far:

Also, around 2011 I decided to give up the earlier administration of what is new on the site and replace it by summaries like the above, and the next one, for 2012, that is still ongoing as I write:
  • Recent changes aka summaries (in Nederlog, bottom) aka NewsEnglish.html
This way of doing it is in fact both simpler and clearer than the old one, and also it is more precise, if I document all important changes, as I did for 2011

In English:

In Dutch / Nederlands:

This I do not record systematically anymore: Use the above - and anyway, the only Dutch directories on my site are

Theren may be a little more in Dutch on the site - which is large, exists since 1996, and has been built bit by bit - but not much,      

                                              Maarten Maartensz
last update: 10 Jul 2012