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 S - Sexism


Sexism : Not proactively advancing persons of the female gender.

Grave sin amongst postmodern persons of feminist persuasion. (Earlier used in the sense: Not paying or advancing women as much as feminists think proper. Before that: Sexual innuendo of person of male gender to person of female gender, if undesired or projected by the latter.)

Note for foreigners: The Dutch spelling is "seksism" because the Dutch TaalUnie has decided that the Romans ought to have done without the letter "x", and have since respelled all originally Latinate terms with it as indicated.

Also, it may be still - I write in 2009 - very dangerous to discuss seksism with Dutch academically employed persons of female persuasion, of which there are many, since 30 years, because these tend still to practice as they did in the early 1980-ies, when they acquired their academic job (in Holland all university academics are civil servants with excellent civil servants pensions):

A whole tribe of them will surround one and start screaming wildly at one, while pushing and pulling one's limbs and clothes, that one is "a fascist", "a terrrorist", "a patrician swine" and/or "a macho pig", with learned Dutch adjectives that deplore the state of one's personal washing and hygiene.

In Holland, this has landed many hundreds if not thousands of the female equivalents of Madame Curie - every female is the equivalent of every female, who is the equivalent plus of every male in Holland, so the Dutch feminists taught and imposed since 1969) in far better paying university jobs than Madame Curie got, to teach the blessings of feminist history, feminist sociology, or of feminist algebra and feminist economics for life, that is in Holland, in Dutch universities: Until the age 53 or 55, when they are pensioned off very well at the cost of their Dutch fellowmen, for their great contributions to Humanity and Science, to enjoy themselves while reflecting on their own moral and intellectual excellencies.


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