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These are the authors and booktitles that are mentioned in at least one entry in the Philosophical Dictionary by name or title, and that seemed to me worth reading, for some reason or other.


Abro The rise of the new physics
Aleksandrov et al. Mathematics: Its Content and Meaning
Allen Basic Mathematics
Anastasi Individual Psychology
Aquinas Summa contra Gentiles
Summa Theologicae
A Treatise on Virtue
Arbib Brains, Machines and Mathematics
Arieti The Intra-Psychic Self
Aristotle Metaphysics
Armour The concept of truth
Armstrong A Theory of Universals
What is a Law of Nature
Auden & Kronenberger The Faber Book of Aphorisms
Aurelius Meditations
Aron L'opium des intellectuels
The Century of Total Wars
Het vraagstuk van de vrijheid
Ayer The Concept of Evidence
The Central Questions of Philosophy
Language, Truth and Logic
Bacon Essays
Bakunin God, Staat en Maatschappij
Balou Ed. World Bible
Barwise Handbook of Mathematical Logic
The situation in logic
Berkeley The complete works of Berkeley
Beth Foundations of Mathematics
Benacerraf & Putnam Philosophy of Mathematics
Berlin Concepts and Categories
Berne Games People Play
Bernouilli Ars Conjectandi
Bierce The Enlarged Devil's Dictionary
Bochenski Formale Logik
Die zeitgenossische Denkmethoden
Boétie De vrijwillige slavernij
Bohm Quantum Theory
Bonola Non-Euclidean Geometry
Boole The Laws of Thought
Boolos Logic, Logic and Logic
Boolos & Jeffrey Computability and Logic
Borges Labyrinths
Boswell The life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D.
Bowra The Greek Experience
Broad The Mind and its Place in Nature
Five types of ethical theory
Bronowski The Ascent of Man
Browning Ordinary Men
Bullock Stalin and Hitler
Bunge Causality
Treatise of Basic Philosophy
Burckhardt Die Kultur der Renaissance in Italien
Griechische Kulturgeschichte
Weltgeschichtliche Betrachtungen
Burks Chance, Cause and Reason
Burn Groups - a path to geometry
Burnham The Machiavellians
Burtt The metaphysics of modern science
In Search of Understanding
Campbell Foundations of science
Carnap Introduction to Symbolic Logic
Meaning and Necessity
Der Logische Aufbau der Welt
Philosophy of Science
Carroll Alice in Wonderland
Cartwright Argument and Inference
Cech Topological Spaces
Céline Voyage au bout de la nuit
Chan A Sourcebook in Chinese Philosophy
Chang Wild Swans
Chellas Modal Logic
Chuang Tzu
Clausewitz Vom Kriege
Clifford The Ethics of Belief
Cohen & Nagel Introduction to Logic and Scientific Method
Comte-Sponville Petit traité des grandes vertus
Copi & Gould Ed. Readings on Logic
Courant & Robbins What is mathematics?
Craik The Nature of Explanation
Crossman Plato Today
The God that failed
Cszuber Wahrscheinlichkeitslehre
Dasgupta A History of Indian Philosophy
Descartes Discours on Method and other writings
Devitt Realism and Truth
Devlin Fundamentals of Contemporary Set Theory
Diamond The third chimpanzee
Diderot Jacques le fataliste et son maitre
Ausgewählte Schriften
Edwards A.L. Statistical Methods
Edwards A.L. An Introduction to Linear Regression and Correlation
Edwards R. A Formal Background to Mathematics
Edwards P. Ed. Encyclopedia of Philosophhy
Edwards P. The Logic of Moral Discourse
Engell The Creative Imagination
Erasmus In Praise of Folly
Eyck & Thysse Logica voor alfa's en informatici
Feigl The "mental" and the "physical"
Fermi Thermodynamics
Feyman Lectures on Physics
The characteristics of physical law
The meaning of it all
Fine Theories of probability
Flaubert Sentimental Education
Freudenthal Waarschijnlijkheid en statistiek
Frank Philosophy of Science
Frege Grundgesetze der Arithmetik
Fromm & Xirau Ed. The Nature of Man
Gabbay & Guenther Ed. Handbook of Philosophical Logic
Gardner Fads and Fallacies in the Name of Science
Science: Good, Bad and Bogus
The Whys of a Philosophical Scrivener
Galilei Dialogues concerning two new sciences
Gazdar Pragmatics - Implicature, Presupposition and Logical Form
Geach Logic Matters
Ghiselin The creative process
Gibbon Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
Goffman The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life
Gombrich The Story of Art
Art and Illusion
Gödel Collected Papers - 1
Goldblatt Logics of Time and Computation
Goodman The Structure of Experience
Plans and Projects
Grandy Advanced Logic for Applications
Gregory The Oxford Companion to The Mind
Groner etc. Methods of heuristics
Groot Methodologie
Gruber Plato's Thought
Griffiths & Hilton A Comprehensive Textbook of Classical Mathematics
Haack Deviant Logic
Philosophy of Logics
Halmos Naive Set Theory
Measure Theory
Hamilton Logic for Mathematicians
Hawkins The Language of Nature
Hazlitt Table Talk
Characters in Shakespeare's Plays
The Plain Speaker
The Round Table
Henry Medieval Logic and Metaphysics
Heyenoort From Frege to Gödel
Hilbert & Bernays Grundlagen der Mathematik
Hilgard & Atkinson Introduction to Psychology
Hintikka The Principles of Mathematics Revisited
Hobbes Leviathan
Hoffmann The idea of self - East and West
Hofstädter Gödel, Escher, Bach - an Eternal Golden Braid
Hofstädter & Dennet The Mind's I
Horadam Outline Course of Pure Mathematics
Houwink The odd book of data
Howson & Urbach Scientific Reasoning - The Bayesian Approach
Hughes & Cresswell An Introduction to Modal Logic
Hume A Treatise on Human Nature
Dialogues upon Natural Religion
Huxley Brave New World
The Perennial Philosophy
James The Principles of Psychology
The Varieties of Religious Experience
Jeffrey The Logic of Decision - 2nd Edition
Johnson Dr. S. Rasselas
Juvenal Satires
Kahn Introduction to Linear Algebra
Kant Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics
The Critique of Pure Reason (translated by G.H. Lewes)
Kapleau Three Pillars of Zen
Klaus & Kuntz Philosophy: The Study of Alternative Beliefs
Kendall & Stuart The Advanced Theory of Statistics
Keynes Treatise on Probability
The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money
Kneale & Kneale The Development of Logic
Knopp Infinite sequences and series
Kogon De SS-Staat
Körner Fundamental Questions in Philosophy
Categorical Frameworks
Krantz etc. Foundations of Measurement
Lafontaine Fables
Lakatos Proofs and Refutations
Lang Linear Algebra
Lao Tzu Tao Teh King
Laqueur The Holocaust Encyclopedia
Leech Semantics
Leibniz Nouveaux Essays
Lewis C.I. Mind and the World Order

An Analysis of Knowledge and Valuation
Lewis & Langford Symbolic Logic
Lewis C.S.
Lewis D. Counterfactuals
Lichtenberg Aphorismen
Lindsay & Norman Human Information Processing
Locke An Essay on Human Understanding
Loux Ed. The possible and the actual
De rerum natura
Lyons Semantics
Machiavelli The Prince
History of Florence
Madelung Die mathematischen Hilfsmittel des Physikers
Mandeville The Fable of the Bees
Marsilius Defensor Pacis
Marx Die Frühschriften
The Communist Manifesto
Das Kapital
Michalos The Popper-Carnap Controversy
Mill A System of Logic
On Representative Government
On Liberty
Mills The Sociological Imagination
Power, Politics and People
Minsky Computation: Finite and infinite machines
The Society of Mind
Mises Positivism
Montaigne Essays
Montesquieu L'esprit des lois
Moore The Infinite
Morgan A budget of paradoxes
Mosca The Ruling Class
Muller Structures for all
Multatuli Ideen
Duizend en enige opmerkingen over Specialiteiten
Gebed van de onwetende
Nagel The Structure of Science
Naimark Normed Rings
Neumann & Morgenstern Theory of Games and Economic Behavior
Newman Ed. The World of Mathematics
Nietzsche Jenseits von Gut und Böse
Die fröhliche Wissenschaft
Ockham Summulae Logicales
Oksenberg-Rorty The Many Faces Of Evil - Historical Perspectives.
Ogden & Richards The meaning of meaning
Orwell Animal Farm
Collected Essays, Journalism and Letters
Paine Common Sense, The Rights of Men and other Writings
Pascal L'esprit de géometrie
Parkinson Ed. The theory of meaning
Passmore A hundred years of philosophy
Peirce Collected Papers
Penrose The Emperor's New Mind
Plato Dialogues
Pollock Subjunctive Reasoning
Polya How to solve it
Plausible Reasoning
Pope An Essay on Man
Popper The Logic of Scientific Discovery
The Open Society and its Enemies
Python The Life of Brian
Quine Mathematical Logic
Set Theory and Its Logic
Selected Logic Papers
Word and Object
Radhakrishnan & Moore A Sourcebook in Indian Philosophy
Ramsey Foundations
Rochefoucauld Maximes
Reichenbach Experience and Prediction
Rescher Introduction to Logic
Revel De totalitaire verleiding.
Rogers Jr. Theory of Recursive Functions and Effective Computation
Ross Foundations of Ethics
Rudin Principles of Mathematical Analysis
Rummell Death by Government
Russell History of Western Philosophy
Analysis of Mind
Analysis of Matter
Human Knowledge - Its scope and its limits
Principles of Mathematics
Problems of Philosophy
Russell & Whitehead Principia Mathematica
Schopenhauer Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung
The Fourfold Root of Reason
Parerga en Parallelopomenina
Searle The Mystery of Consciousness
Sidgwick Methods of Ethics
Shakespeare Plays
Shafer A mathematical theory of evidence
Shapiro Foundations without foundationalism
Shoenfield Mathematical Logic
Simons Parts
Skolimowski Polish Analytical Philosophy
Skyrms Basic Concepts of Measurement
Choice and Chance
Sleigh Necessary Truth
Slupecki & Borkowski
Smith A. The Wealth of Nations
Smith H. Religions of Man
Smullyan First Order Logic
Gödel's Theorems
What is the name of this book?
The Tao is silent
Sneed The logical structure of mathematical physics
Sophocles Plays
Spiegel Statistics
Spinoza Ethica
Stcherbatsky Buddhist Logic
The Central Conception of Buddhism
Stegmüller Probleme und Resultaten der analytischen und Wissenschaftsphilosophie
Stoll Set theory and logic
Suppe The Structure of Scientific Theories
Suppes Axiomatic Set Theory
Probabilistic Metaphysics
Suppes Ed. Space, Time and Geometry
Swift A Modest Proposal
Gulliver's Travels
Talmon The roots of totalitarian democracy
Tatarkiewicz Analysis of Happiness
A History of Six Ideas
Temple 100 years of mathematics
Themerson Logic, Labels and Flesh
Thieme De ideologische aap
Thoreau Walden
Civil Disobedience
Thompson On Growth and Form
Thucydides The Pelopponesian War
Tocqueville Democracy in America
Todhunter History of the Theory of Probability
Toraldo di Franca The investigation of the physical world
Tough The Development of Meaning
Tuchman The March of Folly
Voltaire Dictionary of Philosophy
Waerden van der Algebra
Wang From Mathematics to Philosophy
Popular Lectures in Mathematical Logic
Logic, Sets and Computers
Reflections on Gödel
Watts The Spirit of Zen
Weinberg Ockham, Descares and Hume
Weyl Philosophy of Mathematics and the Natural Sciences
Whitehead Science and the Modern World
Process and Reality
Whitman Leaves of Grass
Wiener Cybernetics
Wittgenstein Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus
Philosophische Untersuchungen
Wood & Martin Experimental Method
Woodcock Anarchism
Wright Explanation and Understanding
Wu The Butterfly as Companion
Yamane Elementary Sampling Theory
Yutang The importance of living
Zinoviev Logische Sprachregeln
Komplexe Logik
Yawning Heights

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