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Maarten Maartensz 
Maarten Maartensz is an alias of a Dutch logical philosopher and psychologist. He lives in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands and is in his late sixties. He is the writer of the Philosophical Dictionary. He also maintains a large website at two places, that mirror each other:
  • Maarten's websites:  (Best seen in Mozilla browsers)
  •       Holland
  •       Denmark  

Here you find quite a lot about philosophy, logic, computing and M.E. The last is an acronym for the disease Maarten has since 1.1.1979. There also are since 2004 my reflections on the news in Nederlog.
These are mostly daily and comprise some 16 MB each year.

The best short surveys, its contents and its size are the site-map and the commented main directories listing. There also is a Tour of the site that gives a more comprehensive and detailed version and there is an extensive Help system for the site. And the last index of Nederlog (written in English since 2010) is under the last link.

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