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 M - Misery


Misery: Opposite of happiness.

There is a lot that can be said about misery and happiness to the effect that these are all relative, in some sense, and notably: To the person who has these feelings; to his state of mind, state of body, capacities, circumstances; to his place in society and culture, and so on, and no doubt there is considerable truth in such relativizations.

Even so, it should be stressed that there also is a lot that is not or hardly relative in such senses, and especially as regards misery, in as much as it is quite clear about many events that might happen to any human being that these would make him or her miserable, for example as regards the satisfaction of bodily needs, as regards what hurts, harms or pains any human being, and also as regards psychological needs and values


See also: Harm, Pain, Suffering


Johnson, Tatarkiewicz, Voltaire

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