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 B - Bullshit


Bullshit: The quintessence of much that goes for philosophy, politics, religion, common sense, advertisement, propaganda, and public relations.

The reasons there is much bullshit around, in the (post)modern period, are mainly three:

First, there is very much
advertisement, propaganda, and public relations because most institutions, commercial or governmental, these days have chosen to "interact with the public" through the medium of - what is called, misleadingly - public relations (actually: public lying for pay; conmen for rent).

Second, postmodern academia - in the West - is radically different from the universities that once existed in the West, say from 1865-1965: Accessible to far more people out for an academic degree to make money with, many academic degrees are degrees in what is mostly bullshit (<-Wikipedia).

Third, bullshit is very much easier to learn and to practice than are science and honesty, and is the essence of postmodern society, and indeed of postmodernism itself, is to replace almost all forms of communication and education by forms of bullshit, that generally take the pretended form of information to the public, but is essentially a form of lying:

Telling people what they want to hear, and suggesting them what to feel, believe, want and think, because doing it this way, is so very much easier than trying to speak the truth, and also tends to be much more profitable.

For this reason, most of the communications large institutions do are these days done by hired tribes of professional liars, conmen, deceivers, and frauds, whose art it is to make anything whatsoever look well in the eyes of a public that is in vast majority not educated nor informed to understand that they are being deceived and manipulated.

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