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E-mail : 8-3-2000: Subject : "Wir haben es nicht gewusst" - 2
Mededeling Fernhout & Salomon
Post-modern grammaticaal PSje

Ontwikkelingsplan 2000 UvA

Moraal a la Mode Neerlandaise (PC)

Attention mr. Fernhout!

It seems you - the National Ombudsman of Holland, and prominent member of the Dutch Labour Party - are not going to reply an invalid who survived three years of terrorism from the harddrugs-dealers protected by your good party-comrades Van Thijn, Patijn and Nordholt and who nearly died from it.

Your good party-comrades are the former and present mayor of Amsterdam, and the present chief of the municipal police, and since you obtained your very well-paying office through your pary-loyalties, obviously a man like you is not willing to do anything for a man like me, other than inventing hypocritical lies why you wouldn't do anything for me.

Your stated reason is that "since this is longer than a year ago", you cannot be bothered.

My reply is that you are a liar: The real reason is party-loyalty.

You are paid to control the deeds and misdeeds of leading Dutch burocrats and politicians (where in the last 8 years it has been established by several parliamentary investigatory committeees that the Dutch police + burocracy imported LITERALLY for BILLIONS of hard and soft drugs illegally into Holland and England) - but as it happens these leading burocrats, corrupt top police-men, and politicians who protect the interests of the - extra-ordinarily rich - Dutch drugsdealers, are often your own good party-comrades, in which case the loyalties to your party and to your friends of course weigh MUCH heavier than any loyalty to the Dutch law or to independent and objective moral principle (the existence of which these last 25 years indeed have been post-modernistically denied by nearly all spokesmen for your party: according to them "all moral norms are relative", "truth does not exist", and "all human beings are of equal value").

Also, the fact that I have been twice removed from the UvA, first by a court-case I finally won (that also concerned primarily the total unwillingness of the Amsterdam municipal police to protect anyone without political power or social renown), and second by an explicit letter from your good party-friends of the Board of Directors of the UvA that you received yesterday to study at your leisure, is for your socialist "conscience" no reason to do anything for me: According to you it must then be entirely just to remove a student - an invalid and intellectually brilliant student - from the UvA "because of his outspoken opinions". (And indeed, that used to be standard policy in socialist dictatorships, and you are a socialist - except that you probably don't like that term at present.)

Again, your stated reason that I can drop dead as far as you arer concerned is that "this happened longer than a year ago".

Well, sir, let me point out to you first that a National Ombudsman who earns a huge salary with very great moral pretensions - I HAVE read YOUR prose, sir, and it IS very pretentious: you speak of "decency" and "responsibility" on nearly every page of your prose; your portrait hangs on your website for the world to admire as a staunch and firm example of moral integrity and courage .... while he refuses to do anything in a case like this for the stated reason is, "in my opinion", totally unfit for his office. (Indeed, I believe someone who holds your office (1) should NOT be a member of ANY political party and (2) should have some experience as a judge - i.e. must provably be a part of the only organized force of the Dutch state that has NOT been proven massively corrupt or incompetent the last 25 years, instead of merely some obscure lawyer from some obscure university, apparently elected to the office only because he was and is a loyal member of the Dutch Labour Party.)

Second, I have repeatedly drawn your attention to "Chaos aan de Amstel" by Jos Verlaan, that appeared last november. This is a book of 240 pages based on 8 years of investigative journalism. In it, there is a chapter about the massive drugs-corruption by the Amsterdam Housing Department, but not only that.

It is concerned with the corruption and incompetence that characterize Amsterdam since your good drugs-fascistic friend Van Thijn ruled Amsterdam for the Dutch drugsmafia, "in the name of the Ideals of the February-strike!". On the cover it says:

"Fraud, corruption, a culture of theft, criminal neglect, and mismanagement: The Amsterdam disease that for years has been corrupting all institutions in the municipality of Amsterdam."

Let us first note clearly again that this concerns the organized theft of millions and millions of guilders by thousands of Amsterdam civil servants in all Amsterdam institutions, mostly when your honourable friend Ed van Thijn was mayor, and was handing over the city of a platter to the drugs mafia; let us also note clearly that the book fully documents that in many of these institutions the great majority of civil servants is totally corrupt (and very rich, on Swiss banks, if they have not gambled or whored or sniffed the money away).

Next, it is clearly documented in this book that the whole Amsterdam municipal housing department works for the Amsterdam drugsmafia. Indeed, the book contains an interview with an inspector of this department who is called "Aart" - but who Mayor & Aldermen agree since last year that he is the very same inspector Mannaert who worked for the drugs dealers in the house I lived in.

The book documents that this Mannaert worked for many years for one of the greatest drugs-criminals of Amsterdam, Etienne Urka, and indeed lists a telephone conversation in which Urka threatens Mannaert, though by far not as explicitly and physically as happened to me (by two harddrugsdealers with minds running insanely on cocaine, accompanied by a Doberman Pincher of 1 meters 60: they physically grabbed me and told me "We will kill you if you do anything we don't like" - after which I went to the Amsterdam Municipal police, since then shown to be massively corrupted by the Amsterdam drugsafia, that obviously can pay any corrupt cop ten times his monthly salary. The Amsterdam police told me many times over the course of these three years that they would not do any thing for me: "You must understand that we have more important things to do".)

It also documents the extensive parliamentary research by the Van Traa committee (AFTER my experiences with the drugs corruption in Amsterdam) that showed for the first time that, indeed, in Amsterdam billions are made by illegal drugstrade, and indeed, a considerable part of the Amsterdam civil servants are corrupt.

In this context it should be mentioned that Van Traa wrote a good an honest report, and was a member of the Dutch Labour Party, possibly the only non-corrupt one. In any case, not long after publishing this report, Van Traa mysteriously died in what appeared to be a traffic-accident but is rumoured to be a criminal settlement, possibly by the Amsterdam police-force he indeed deservedly described as criminally corrupt.

Here is a Dutch quotation from Verlaan's book that sketches the goings on in 1996 - when I had personally handed in three complaints about the murder threats and drugs dealing that went on between 1989 and 1992, and against which absolutely no Amsterdam civil servant, from mayor Van Thijn down to probably hundreds I have asked (most of whom, when personally and directly asked by me - when I knew they had academic degrees - whether they felt or believed they had any personal responsibility or personal accountability denied explicitly they had any: I refer you to "kohlberg", "milgram" and "fmuller" that go as attachment), wanted to protect me or wanted even so much as investigate my claims: I was said to be a liar, and I was told "If you don't like it in Amsterdam, you can fuck off!".

Also, my lawyer - mr. H. Kersting, not loved by the officials of the municipality of Amsterdam, was explicitly refused the necessary legal documentation by prominent Amsterdam burofascists: "Ha, ha, ha - Kersting, yes, we know him. And no, he won't get anything from us." (The reason was that Kersting had investigated the probable murder by the Amsterdam police of somebody arrested when protesting against the police. Mr. Kersting who acted for the family of the very probably killed young man, then had also run into the massive hypocritical corruption of Van Thijn, who made it personally impossible for the truth of this case to be uncovered. After that, Kersting - so he told me at the time - had great and continuous trouble with the municipal police, including gun-shots into his office meant to terrorize him: clearly, it is senseless to go to the police to complain about police-men trying to intimidate you because you are investigating their misdeeds.)

"Maandenlang was de crisisbunker in de kelder van het Amsterdamse stadhuis de plek waar vertegenwoordigers van politie, justitie, gemeente, wethouders, Tweede-Kamerleden, ministeries, advocaten en bedrijven in vertrouwelijke sessies bijeen kwamen om de macht en de invloed van de georganiseerde criminaliteit in Amsterdam in kaart te brengen. De sessies vonden krap een jaar na publicatie van het rapport-Van Traa plaats. Het was de eerste inventarisatie van de omvang van het probleem van de georganiseerde criminaliteit in Amsterdam en de gesprekspartners gingen openhartig met elkaar om. Een aanwezige constateerde een verschuiving van de moraal. En alleen al het groeiend aantal procedures was een indicatie voor de toename van corruptie en fraude. Ambtenaren met lage inkomens staan niet altijd sterk in de schoenen: een van de aanwezigen maakte de inschatting dat meer dan 50 procent van de ambtenaren op risicofuncties wel eens in de fout zal gaan. Maar het draagt wel bij tot normvervaging waarbij het werken met steekpenningen van incidenteel tot structureel kan veranderen. Een van de aanwezigen kon verbazing nauwelijks onderdrukken: 'Er is nog altijd een ambtenaar in functie die zijn hele leven lang geld aanneemt. Daarover wordt in de branche grapjes gemaakt. Het verbaast mij dat zo iemand tientallen jaren met deze praktijken door kan gaan.'

I will translate this and other passages you ought to know later for the benefit of the European Court, Interpol, and the US drugs-czar McCaffrey - to point out precisely HOW the Dutch drugs-corruption operates: One way is by Ombudsmen who are good party-comrades and personal friends of the civil servants and political leaders they are supposed to control. ("Quis custodes ipse custodies?" again. Also, in Holland civil servants and policians are never prosecuted: they are sent home with several millions of guilders, to keep silent about the corruption and incompetence they witnessed in their colleagues.)

The above Dutch quotation refers to the year 1996. I had handed in my complaints and extensive documentary proofs of the corruption, murder threats and intimidation by Mannaert in 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993. The drugsfascistic members of Mayor & Aldermen told me I was a liar, that my prose was insolent, and that therefore they would not do anything for me: Their income, their corruption, their corrupt friends, and the interests of drugsdealers like multi-billionaire Etienne Urka were at stake - and the interests of a simple invalid very poor person like me are, then, in Amsterdam, of absolutely no value or interest.

And indeed: just like at present again for the Dutch National Ombudsman, who of course has the duty to know all about the Van Traa-report; the Kalsbeek-report; the daily import of tens or hundreds of kiloos of cocaine from Suriname (according to the police, every plane from Suriname to Holland contains 35 drugstraffickers with a stomach full of plastic containers with cocaine, it was said on the news today - I suppose for non-Dutchmen this is a totally incomprehensible fact: that this is known to the police, and nothing is done about it).

And of course, this being Holland and Holland's main industry since Ed van Thijn was mayor of Amsterdam and Minister of Interior being drugstrafficking and money-laundering, the position of a top-raking Dutch Labour Party socialist will be and is - obviously, evidently, patently from this whole e-mail correspondence - that poor invalids like me cannot have any moral integrity, are liars, are quite possibly mad and certainly ill - and MY word counts as nothing against the word of very rich, very corrupt Amsterdam officials and civil servants (for a person of your ilk).

Also of course, if a parliamentary committee Kalsbeek goes to the parliament in July 1999 to report to the parliament the recently uncovered evidence that the whole supposed anti-drugsoperation the Dutch police ran for years supposedly to infiltrate the drugsmafia in fact was a scam-operation to import literally tons of cocaine into Holland and England - by police protection: while the police tracked containers with hashish, identical containers with cocaine were passed "in the interest of the undercover police investigation to infiltrate the drugsmafia" - it so happens that such a parliamentary committee is provided with extensive body-guards, outriders, armed policemen etc. "because of the dangers posed by drugsdealers", as if these would try to kill a parliamentary committee the report of which is finished!

By contrast, someone like me, who lived for years above a coffeeshop mayor & aldermen had "allowed" (Dutch: "gedoogd") to deal in soft drugs but which obviously between 1989 and 1992 dealt mainly in hard drugs (as deduced from the pale skeletons frequenting it, and as deduced from the fact that the then owners were arrested in 1991 with several kilos of heroine and cocaine), should first for three years be told hundreds of times he is a liar, and after that for 7 years by the same corrupt drugsfascistic mayor & aldermen that "now it is to late to do anything in this matter, and besides your prose is insolent, so we won't do anything for you".

As to the supposed infiltration by the Dutch police: Instead of the Dutch police infiltrating the Dutch drugs mafia, the Dutch drugs mafia long since has infiltrated the Dutch police and the Dutch public prosecuting office. (None of this is really strange, except to chauvinist Dutchmen willing to believe everybody in the world except Dutchmen can be corrupted. And of course drugsfascist Ed van Thijn also regularly is given occassion on Dutch TV to claim he is "astonished" by the Amsterdam corruption, that he is wholly beyond reproach because he has "moral integrity", next to "a Jewish identity" and "the ideals of the February-strike": All of that belongs to the Dutch moral folklore. The Amsterdam public prosecuter mr. Vrakking has repeatedly refused to do anything for me: He is also a member of the Dutch Labour Party, and it was during his being district attorney that the drugsmafia grew really powerful in Amsterdam. Of couse, mr. Vrakking is an honourable man!)

Finally, as regards "the argument" by the National Dutch Ombudsman that "since more than a year has past in this case we will not do anything for you":

(1) I see this as a very clear invitation by the National Dutch Ombudsman that I should try to settle the matter myself, by such means as I can find: An official from the Dutch Labour Party cannot be expected, given how the Dutch do things and regard moral principles, to do anything even remotely offensive to his good friends who are mayors of Amsterdam etc. (as indeed the National Ombudsman himself may want to become in a few years: The Amsterdam mayorship is even better paid than the National Ombudsman, and the only moral value that really works in Holland is ... money).

(2) In 1992 mr. Kersting was willing to act for me against the Municipality of Amsterdam, and indeed did act, in a related case. But that case I lost because the top civil servants refused to hand over the documents in the case to him or to me (as quoted above) and lied in court about the case.

Also, my mother had collapsed because of what happened to me; I was exceedingly weak and ill; mr. Kersting obviously had little support and would have to do all himself, possibly assisted by me, who was very ill; and the Van Traa- and Kalsbeek reports had not yet appeared, while the major cases of massive and proved drugs-corruption by the Dutch police and public prosecution were as yet unknown; and I had been told at the UvA that I could get an M.A. in psychology, provided I did some work on mathematics, logic and physics and within a year or else it would be too late.

Hence, these are the reasons I did not continue with this matter in 1992-1993: Instead I got my mother in a rest-house (loosing my total inheritance that way: In Holland, a country ruled by the Labour Party, supposedly of great moral principle and humanity, and led by the drugsfascist Van Thijn, at the time one had to hand over one's total income to be entitled to "care for the elderly"), and got the most brilliant degree in psychology that has been awarded in Holland (albeit mostly on mathematics etc. because I personally don't regard psychology as a real science, and do have mathematical and logical talent).

Being extra-ordinarily intelligent I am quite naive about many things less intelligent human beings know by natural animal instinct, that I have to reason out since I lack that instinct (of utter and dedicated egoism, orientation to "the main chance", personal greed, and complete and utter insincerity: a phoneyness that is so complete it is mostly hidden from the phoneys themselves).

So I had expected, in my brilliant naivity, that IF I could prove that indeed I am brilliant; IF I had finished my studies; IF I calmly, politely and clearly would explain these things to one of the remaining minority of non-corrupt Dutch officials, perhaps also pointing out, given Van Thijn's attempted February-strike legitimation of his crimes, that I have far better genetical credits than our Royal Majesty to come from a family who has done a lot for Holland and Dutch self-respect (as our Queen, who insists on being called "Majesty" in our "democracy", and who receives 7 million guilders yearly in payment for her services, to go skiing in Haider country and to lecture the Dutch yearly on morals, because of what her VERY remote ancestor William the Taciturn did around 1568 for Holland - no, for himself and Holland, by his own testimony: "Ayez pitie avec MOI ..... et MON pauvre pays!", as this taciturn nobleman's last words are reported, with my stresses) -- that possibly some non-corrupted Ombudsman or other pretentious civil or public servant would be willing to take up the matter in a decent and fortright way.

After all, Dutchmen who dare to protest against drugscriminals are very rare, as are Dutchmen who dared to protest against fascism when fascism ruled. Also, Dutchmen who dared to protest against socialist totalitarianism in the universities when this happened are very rare - and totally vindicated since. Then, Dutchmen who are invalid are not rare (in fact the Dutch system of social security - I cannot profit from since I fell ill while a student - is so good that around 10% of the Dutch population pretends being ill so as to have a paid holiday), but I DO have a rare disease and my health has MUCH declined since my almost four years above mayor Van Thijns protected heroine-coffeeshop (that still exists and still flourishes, but possibly only sells soft drugs these days, having other owners, since those who threatened to kill me were arrested in 1991).

This again turned out to be very naive. And apparently mr. Fernhout, like his good party-comrades in Amsterdam, who no doubt also can and perhaps do contribute a lot to mr. Fernhout's financial and political well-being, since mr. Fernhout is a most honourable man, as Dutch Labour politician go, knows very well were his very own very best interests lie - NOT with me, but with his party, with his great and good friends and drugscriminals Van Thijn, Patijn, Nordholt et hoc genii fascisticum.

Well sir, let me congratulate on your true Dutch Labour integrity and party loyalty: "Unsere Ehre heisst Treue!", auch wenn wir Fernhout heissen; let me congratulate you on having fought your way to such a very well-paying job; and let me clearly state the lesson I learned from you:

According to you, the National Dutch Ombudsman, you will not do anything for me "because more than a year as passed, and in Holland all crimes, especially those committed by your good party-friends, are superannuated in a year": For me there is no legal way of redress in Holland, because everyone whose duty it is to help me is either corrupt or incompetent or a loyal member of your party of social-fascist careerists, and usually all three.

So I have to do it myself, by remorselessly satirizing you and the corrupt, incompetent careerist party-friends the protection of whose interests is your first aim in life, and by doing justice the only way justice can be done in Holland where it concerns the drugscorruption instituted by your great and good friend, the honourable Ed van Thijn, who handed over Amsterdam to the drugsmafia "in the name of the February-strike".

Later this week I shall have a number of questions to you, concerning my style of public description of a man of your moral and intellectual stature, which you very probably also will not answer - but whoever is silent against crime consents: you consent and defend the crimes of your drugscorrupted party-friends - as you have not answered my requests for the addresses of the European Court of Justice, the International Ombudsmen, or Interpol (and believe me, sir, since I have lived both in England and in Norway, both of which are far more orderly and decent countries than Holland, I would very much like to return to, but cannot with my destroyed health, constant pain, and dire poverty, all thanks to your honourable friend the Dutch drugsfascist Van Thijn, whose first, second, and third duty it was to protect Amsterdam civilians like myself against criminal murder-threats and terrrorism, but who refused and refuses to do so "in the name of the ideals of the February-strike" - and indeed from me, sir, you will not receive any money for doing or not doing your legal duty).

Before setting up these questions, I will find out whether or not you were one of 19 "Prominent Persons" who in 1989 drove tens if not hundreds surviving former members of the Dutch anti-fascist resistance to suicide by illegally and very offensively freeing two convicted fascist mass-murders (and indeed my father was beaten up by one of these, Kotalla, and saw his comrades killed by this monster, which is one reason I was, somewhat paradoxically, glad my father had died in 1980, before learning that Kotalla would be set free "in the name of the Dutch state of law", as these 19 "Prominent Persons" argued in 1989 ("In de naam van de Nederlandse rechtsstaat").

If indeed you are one of these, "fascist murderer Fernhout" will be one of the more friendly things I will have to say about you; if not, this doesn't apply, but I still will follow Juvenal and Lucian in my descriptive terms for the likes of you - who receive at least 10 or 20 times what I receive, in order to maintain the Dutch laws, protect the Dutch legal system, and ascertain that Dutch burocrats behave in a decent and civilized manner.

Even so, if not, you being a lawyer should retrieve it from my site and study it, if only to warn the surviving signers of that highly offensive prose that I am also out after them after May 4, as fascist murderers of the best members of the foregoing generation (of which many of the best were murdered between 1940 and 1945, which I personally believe is one of the reasons Dutch "civilization" since then has been such a poor, shoddy, sick and corrupted affair ever since). And perhaps you should compare my grounds given in 1989 with recent trials in France (Papon), Italy, and England: it seems that in terms of international law I was quite right, and these 19 prominent Dutch human pigs quite wrong - while of course they knew they were, since most of them were or are lawyers.

Maarten Maartensz
March 8, 2000

P.S. If it is of any concern to you: I am since 30 years - happily - much more interested in mathematics and logic than in nearly all other matters, including corrupt Dutch officials like you. (Yes sir, if you don't do anything for me you are - "in my personal opinion" - both corrupt and criminally so.) Hence most of my time these last 30 years, including these last 10, went into that, and will go into that.

Since I have concluded that you will not help me, though this is your moral and legal duty ("in my opinion"), I will only be bothered with you once more directly, to pose you the questions you almost certainly will not answer either, and otherwise indirectly, as one of the band of corrupt and/or incompetent Dutch officials - about which I do have to moral duty to describe satirically so as to warn others.

And indeed, my warning to other Dutchmen will be this:

It is an utterly useless, senseless waste of time, energy, sincerity and moral integrity to try to make any member of the Dutch Labour Party stick to the law or to moral principles or to rational discussion, especially as regards the deeds and misdeeds of their party-friends. These people are neither willing nor able to do so: they live and thrive by the principle "If in Rome, do as the Romans do" (hence if among cannibals, drugsdealers or fascists, they will without any moral qualms do as cannibals, drugsdealers or fascists do).

If they offended you, and you are rich enough to pay a really good and dedicated lawyer, if these exist in Holland, where there are VERY many VERY rich lawyers who all work for the drugs mafia, the probably best way is to get them into court.
If they offended you, and you are not rich enough to pay a really good and dedicated lawyer, then either you simply have to give up - in fact you are faced with the Dutch Gorgon: hundreds or thousands of prominent politicians and civil servants who have been networking for decades, all belong to the same party or know each other personally, while all have hidden agendas as tall and as long as their own infinite greed, and who all or nearly all have their hands in the till of subsidies or are illegally but very well paid by all manner of people they arrange things for officially - or you have to settle the matter yourself, and then you should fear for your own life and health.

I also include some files from my site, namely a letter I wrote to my - excellent: there ARE good man and women, even if like diamonds they are rare, especially in a country like Holland, blighted by moral hypocrisy and monetary greed - G.P. I wrote in 1993, together with three attachments, that might explain you a lot about your own motives and those of your good party-friends, and something about humanity in general.

In any case, a National Ombudsman - a man who pretends to be a man in shining white moral armour, supposedly a man of great moral courage, fortitude and principle, supposedly a defender of the ill, the poor, and the defenseless - who does not take up my case is - "in my opinion", which I insert every time in quotes because it is a current Dutch platitude that "we all have the right on our own opinion" - simply a misfit and a liar, totally incompetent for his job, which he occupies under false pretenses.

P.P.S. Speaking of decency, sir: I HAVE asked you for several addresses you MUST have, i.a. of those you are accountable and responsible to. Answer: none. Obviously, there is no Ombudsman to complain about these non-answers (and yes, I AM in a hurry, for my life was most credibly threatened by persons I have every reason to believe to be at large in Amsterdam, who, other than I, ARE protected by the Amsterdam police and mayor & aldermen: In Amsterdam any drugsdealer is worth and valued much more than almost anyone else, since he can pay the corrupt civil servants much more. I have no money, and so was not helped at all, in spite of my evident need, evident illness, evident poverty, and evident harassment when I lived above the coffeeshop).

Also, I don't expect miracles of men, and certainly not of such men as have it in them to become officials of any kind.
ALL I wanted from you was some help to get some objective judge investigate the deeds and misdeeds of the Amsterdam municipal police in my case - which DOES belong to your terrritory and supposed competence, and which several lawyers speaking for your predecessors explained me how to do. But YOU do NOT want to do so: "Unsere Ehre heisst Treue!" - o, and "you case is more than a year old", if you believe that. But so you said, and so I will tell your international colleagues, in the hope some of these have rather different moral values.

P.P.P.S. A final point. My main aim is to get the concept of buro-fascism internationally known, and my reasons for it, and my proposed cure of it.

As things stand, I can only do this by running great personal risk and writing satires nobody else dares to write even if they could. Evidently, you ought to get me in court as should your Amsterdam friends in the Amsterdam ruling elite: other Dutchmen get convicted for less than I dare to say. But then other Dutchmen don't have my background, my reasons, or my verbal and mental acuity - and if necessary I will explain that I am only applying what I learned at the UvA: To call "fascist" who doesn't agree with you; to deny there is any truth; and to deny there is any reasonable moral norm; and to insist that "all men are of equal value".

You do agree, don't you, that speaking for yourself and your great, good and honourable party-friend and partner in crime Nora Salomons, Ombudsman of Amsterdam since Van Thijn took power, and one of his best and dearest allies ever since (about which former members of your party asked me with real or feigned amazement: "Didn't you know she had a relation with Van Thijn?") the following is a completely adequate statement of fact - I give in Dutch, since it concerns other Dutchmen and their human and other rights first:

De Nationale en Amsterdamse Ombudsman delen u hiermee het volgende mede:

Van onze instellingen kan niet verwacht of geeist worden dat wij onze partij-vrienden en -kameraden kritiseren of objectief onderzoeken. Klachten over ambtenaren, burgemeesters of wethouders of enige andere bestuurders van de PvdA (en gelieerde coalitie-partijen) zullen door ons dus alleen pro forma afgehandeld worden: onze partij-loyaliteit gaat immers voor, zoals uw eigen familie-loyaliteit voor u prevaleert in de meeste zaken.

Vervolgens: Klachten over drugshandel, drugshandelaars, bedreigingen door drugshandelaars, terreur van drugshandelaars etc. worden door ons systematisch NIET behandeld: dit moet - volgens onze partij-richtlijn - allemaal kwaadwillige laster van gestoorde querulanten zijn.

In Onze Nederlandse Prachtige Polderdemocratie worden inzake drugs geen fouten gemaakt en zijn geen corrupte bestuurders, is geen corrupt politie-personeel, en zijn er geen corrupte ambtenaren, terwijl ieder die dat wel zegt in feite Ons Prachtige Land belastert met vuige en kwaadwillige leugens.

Wij carriere-socialisten van de Ombudsman steken onze handen ervoor in het vuur dat drs. Ed van Thijn, zijn s.m.-vriendje drs. Eric Nordholt, en Van Thijn's half nierloze geheel harteloze opvolger drs. Schelto Patijn ieder de meest Nobele Nederlander is die er ooit geweest is, en ieder volstrekt en volledig boven iedere aantijging, verdachtmaking of kritiek staat: Betere mensen dan zij zijn er in Nederland dan ook nooit geweest en zullen er nooit zijn - zoals drs. Ed van Thijn u vrijwel iedere avond, helaas in eigen woorden, op onze Nationale TV uit komt leggen.

Overigens stellen wij Ombudsmannen (m/v) met gepaste trots vast dat Ons Nationale Drugsbeleid een toonbeeld van echte PvdA-integriteit en -beleid is, waar geen enkele misdadiger bij betrokken KAN zijn, was het alleen omdat Ons Nationale Drugsbeleid erin bestaat iedere drugshandelaar te legaliseren terwijl we z'n inkomsten hoog houden door z'n waren illegaal te houden. (Dit heet "het Nederlandse overleg-model": Onze ambtenaren overleggen dagelijks met onze handelaars over onze en hun vergoedingen.)

Verder stellen wij Ombudsmannen (m/v) van Nederland en Amsterdam vast dat wij geen enkele klacht tegen enig politie-optreden of -nalatigheid kunnen behandelen:

Onze Nationale Nederlandse PolderPolitie bestaat geheel en al uit de allerbeste, meest ridderlijke en meest nobele Nederlanders die er zijn - allen geheel gelijkwaardig met onze internationaal befaamde en voor zijn vele heldendaden ook terecht geridderde Luitenant-Kolonel Karremans, bij wiens waarachtige Sociaal-Democratische Beginsel dat "There are no good guys and there are no bad guys" wij ons van hierbij van ganser harte aansluiten. Daar sprak immers een werkelijk moralist; een groot humanist; en een voorbeeldig Nederlander om trots op te zijn.

Tenslotte willen wij Ombudsmannen (m/v) van Nederland en Amsterdam in samenspraak met brigadier Lammert Takens en hoofdcommissaris Erich Nordholt nog eens uitdrukkelijk het volgende onder uw ogen brengen:

De Amsterdamse politie staat boven iedere kritiek - haar taak is al moeilijk genoeg. Wie meent bedreigd te worden door inpandig gevestigde harddrugs-handelaars in Amsterdam is naar onze stellige overtuiging een lasterlijke en liegende schoft die op lafhartige wijze kwaad spreekt van de allernobelste en meest integere institutie - sinds 1941! - die Amsterdam rijk is: De gemeentelijke politie. Wij hebben dan ook maar een advies, precies conform dat van brigadier Takens en hoofdcommissaris Nordholt aan de - toen al - hoogst ongebruikelijke en dus naar Neerland's normbesef verachtelijke en niet deugende querulant Maarten Maartensz:

Wie beweerd bedreigd of mishandeld te zijn door de Bloem van Modern Amsterdams Koopmanschap, onze puissant rijke hoogst humanistische drugshandelaars, is een laffe en verachtelijke leugenaar die onze rijkste, beste, en politie en overig gemeente-personeel meest ondersteunende Amsterdamse burgers belasterd en beledigd, in de verachtelijke wetenschap dat onze grootste Amsterdamse zakenlieden zich feitelijk niet kunnen verdedigen tegen dergelijke smaad, vanwege hun pure morele principes en hun drukke zakelijke bezigheden Amsterdam NOG verder op te stuwen in de vaart der volkeren.

Was getekend:

mr. Fernhout - voor de Nederlandse moraliteit, integriteit en wetshandhaving
mr. Salomons - voor de Amsterdamse moraliteit, integriteit en wetshandhaving

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Of course, you are totally at liberty to advice me to go to hell, "to publish and be damned" or to go to court - where I will explain that, alas, under the present Dutch circumstances there are no other means, apart from going to Belgium, buy a shotgun, and settle matters violently. As it happens, I can write and think, and am not totally devoid of morals or courage, so I will try these means first - although 10 years of experience show me where drugsdealers are involved I may as well address a stone wall as an Amsterdam civil servant or politician: Those I can't pay won't do anything for me. And such are the Principles of the Market in Amsterdam - where I live, poor and with a destroyed health, but not yet quite as stupid as others if much more naive.

No reply by tomorrow means that you agree that the above is a fair statement of your factual motives and policy, and also not at all the sort of statement you make publicly. But then you are both prominent members of the Dutch Labour Party, and so the concepts of truth and morality are either void or nonsense or incomprehensible to you. I am right, am I not, mr. Fernhout?

E-mail : 9-3-2000: Subject : Post-modern grammaticaal PSje

P.S. En Neerlandais:

Mijn broer, die copieen van deze fraaie doch zeer snel geschreven mails krijgt om in het geval van mijn overlijden of verdwijnen aan de bel te trekken, en overigens zo gelukkig is al vele jaren buiten Nederland te leven, is ook de alfa van ons tweeen en zal mij zeker willen kappittelen vanwege een aantal storende elementaire grammaticale foutjes in mijn Nederlands.

U vergeeft mij deze ongetwijfeld, en hier is de passage met de correcte d's en t's - ik ben erg vaak erg moe, en hoewel briljant val ook ik nog wel eens ten prooi aan taalfouten die andere M.E.-patienten ook kwellen:

"Wie beweert bedreigd of mishandeld te zijn door de Bloem van Modern Amsterdams Koopmanschap, onze puissant rijke hoogst humanistische drugshandelaars, is een laffe en verachtelijke leugenaar die onze rijkste, beste, en politie- en overig gemeente-personeel meest ondersteunende Amsterdamse burgers belastert en beledigt, in de verachtelijke wetenschap dat onze grootste Amsterdamse zakenlieden zich feitelijk niet kunnen verdedigen tegen dergelijke smaad, vanwege hun pure morele principes en hun drukke zakelijke bezigheden Amsterdam NOG verder op te stuwen in de vaart der volkeren.

Was getekend:

mr. Fernhout - voor de Nederlandse moraliteit, integriteit en wetshandhaving
mr. Salomons - voor de Amsterdamse moraliteit, integriteit en wetshandhaving"

En aangezien ik mij toch aan een grammaticaal PSje bezondig wil ik u ook nog wel even post-modern duidelijk maken hoe het zit met de moraliteit, integriteit en waarheidsbegrip - volgens wat ik geleerd heb aan de UvA, beheerd, bestuurd, geregeerd, gebruikt en bestolen door PvdA-"filosofen", PvdA-"wetenschappers", PvdA-"psychologen" en zo meer, om welke reden de UvA sindsdien vrijwel totaal van de werkelijk intellectuele kaart verdwenen is, en tegenwoordig een duizendste-rangs "hogeschool" is geworden, die zich toe gaat leggen, volgens de huidige PvdA-"college voorzitter" ervan, op het uitreiken van 3-jarige kandidaats-diploma's, vooral in vakken die intellectueel niets voorstellen en moreel en menselijk inhoudsloos of vals zijn, zoals "communicatie-wetenschappen", en de hogere boekhoudkunde uitmondend in MBA's. Naar iets anders of hogers dan 3-jarige kandidaatsopleidingen zal de UvA vanaf nu en in de toekomst niet gewijd zijn - afgezien van de enkele verdwaasde die tegen betaling van zeer veel geld ook een doctoraal diploma zou willen. Dat kan dan - maar wel tegen hoge betalingen, via bankleningen (of rijke ouders of ouders in de politiek), en zonder enige garantie enig mogelijk wetenschappelijk talent ooit aan de UvA te kunnen gebruiken.

Het PvdA-genie dat dit bedacht heeft is wijlen Jan-Karel Gevers: de man met de distinctie mij van de UvA verwijderd te hebben "vanwege uw uitgesproken meningen", ook met instemming van de Nationale en de Amsterdamse Ombudsman (want wie zwijgt stemt toe), en de geniale theorie is dat er VEEL meer geld te halen valt voor Gevers en de zijnen door te trachten tienduizenden buitenlandse zakenlieden hier in een paar maanden tegen tienduizenden dollars p.p. aan een MBA te helpen (in feite alleen een diploma-vel in kwasi gecalligrafeerd Latijn + een uitermate mal petje dat "mortarboard" heet, tegen het bewijs dat het aspirerend academisch intellect dubbel kan boekhouden en $ 30.000 gestort heeft op de UvA-rekeningen) - met als Unique Selling Points of the UvA (1) de nabijheid van Europa's grootste en meest bekende hoerenbuurt en (2) de gemakkelijke verkrijgbaarheid van door de gemeentepolitie ingevoerde en op kwaliteit gecontroleerde cocaine.

Tesamen met de toezegging van een MBA in drie maanden tot een half jaar

"of intensive studies, that will concern all your humanity - intellectually, hedonistically and chemically, in the beguiling and exotic climate of Amsterdam's municipal University, the internationally renowned Erotic Study Centre (in the world-famous Red Light District, run by the personal friends of Mayor & Aldermen of Amsterdam and better known to many professors of the UvA than any other area in the whole universe), and with freely available magic powder for eager corporate noses, that will broaden their minds and fire up their appetites, the University of Amsterdam has a truly competetive all-in professional packet for the corporate businessmen from all over the world who want to increase their status, boost their credit, and enjoy their gonads".

Nietwaar? Maar ik wijk af, in mijn citaat uit het prospectus van de UvA-van-de-21ste-Eeuw. (Naar begin)

Terug naar de moraliteit, het waarheidsbegrip en de integriteit zoals mij geleerd aan de UvA, a la mode Neerlandaise socialiste totalitaire, selon Foucault, Derrida etcetera:

Er zijn geen morele normen. Er is geen waarheid. Er bestaan geen objectieve feiten - 1+1=2 is evenzeer een illusie als Auschwitz is evenzeer een illusie als een puberliefde. Er bestaat alleen tekst en duiding. Alles wat is is tekst of interpretatie. Alles kan en alles moet mogen. Niets is onwaar en niets is verboden. Alle idealen zijn dwaasheid en iedere toekomst is fantasie gelijk alle verleden. Het enige dat werkelijk telt is de uiterlijke indruk die men maakt in een gemeenschap van gelijkwaardigen. Want waar geen normen en geen waarheden zijn, zijn alleen afspraken tussen gelijkwaardige individuen; geldt het democratisch meeste stemmen gelden; is niemand beter of slechter dan enig ander in enige opzicht, en is zelfs de suggestie van de mogelijkheid daarvan kwaadwillige discriminatie; terwijl het enige wat er toe doet zijn (1) de indruk die men maakt: het masker dat men opzet, de persona die men talentvol huichelt (2) het netwerk van gelijkgestemde gelijkgeorienteerde gelijkwaardigen genegen elkaar een kontje te geven uit welbegrepen eigenbelang en (3) de status, macht en geld die men door poses en netwerken weet te bereiken.

Wie alle vermeende waarheid, alle zinloze idealen, alle gefantaseerde feiten van zich geworpen heeft bereikt bijna de grootheid van een latere Nietzsche of Foucault: de mens gereduceerd tot wat hij/zij/het (m/v/bi) uiteindelijk is: naakte drijfveer en puur natuur niet langer vervalst door waan van de dag - maar pure geilheid, zuivere machtswellust, echte hebzucht, en eerlijke hoerigheid, pretentie, pose, en rollenspel ter bevrediging van de individuele egoistische natuurlijke aandrriften, die draaien om sex, macht, bezit en sociale schijn, om manipulatie en conformisme.

En de waarachtige post-modernistisch angehauchte Denker is ook het perfect materiaal voor een waarachtig post-modern politicus/burofascist (m/v/bi): een man of vrouw ganz "ohne Eigenschaften", zonder werkelijke inhoud - puur pose, puur uiterlijkheid, zuiver hypocrisie (acteertalent) - in staat en gewillig de vele beschikbare miljoenen gewillig dom kiesvee voor te liegen, voor te apen, te bespelen, te misleiden, en te gebruiken en uit te melken voor eigen doelen en eigen belangen, altijd in naam van de hoogste idealen, altijd in dienst van de laagste belangen.

Opnieuw is het enige wat telt onze zoologische natuur en sex, macht, bezit en sociale schijn, manipulatie en conformisme, en het enige wat hier voor politici aan toe te voegen valt zijn Machiavelli en De Sade: hoe macht te verwerven en waar het allemaal voor dient, voor de waarlijk moedigen die hun principiele principenloosheid tot het genotvolle bot durven uit te leven. Soms is Nederlands een zeer descriptieve taal: Machtswellust en statusgeilheid zijn inderdaad de operatieve termen.


Of heeft Nationale Ombudsman mr. Fernhout nooit behoorlijk om zich heen of in de spiegel gekeken?      (Naar begin)

Ik heb het allemaal heel goed begrepen - zoals mij ook, kennelijk als enige aan de hele UvA, duidelijk en bekend was dat dit soort verziekte en egoistische sadomasochistische kul, die inderdaad uit de koker van Nietzsche en Foucault stamt, en twintig jaar de dominante politieke en morele leer aan de UvA was, en voor een goed deel nog is, al door Plato weerlegd is, en al door Multatuli, Burckhardt, Ortega y Gasset, Benda en Huizinga doorzien en weerlegd is.

Maar ja, dan hebben we het over mensen die werkelijk konden nadenken en schrijven, en zulke worden in PvdA-kringen en UvA-kringen systematisch niet gelezen of in de zeldzame gevallen dat een enkel deel van een enkel van deze au fond zeldzame individuen wel ter hand genomen wordt geheel niet begrepen wordt.

Wie ooit het onmachtige kromme en domme gruwel-proza van een Den Uyl of Van Thijn doorgeworsteld heeft, en dan beseft dat deze domme dwaallichten met deze gruwelijke ambtelijke apekool niet bewogen door enig intellect maar door machtswellust en geldingsdrang in hun partijen decaden-lang als nauwelijks verschillend van genieen werden bewonderd door duizenden idolate niet van aapachtigheid vreemde PvdA-partijgangers, begrijpt prompt ook meer van het Maoisme, het Stalinisme en het Fascisme (eveneens alle socialistische en collectivistische politieke ideologieen: de mens is - in grote meerderheid - een ideologische aap).


Ik realiseer me dat ik meer voor mijn website - http://www.xs4all.nl/~maartens/maartensz.htm - schrijf dan voor de Nationale Ombudsman, die natuurlijk even goed als ik begrijpt hoe het in zijn partij werkelijk toegaat - zoals hij ook een jaar of 9 geleden had kunnen nalezen bij prof.dr. Oerlemans, die Nederland terecht karakteriseerde als "een ochlocratie", en geen "democratie". Wel, mijn eigen diagnose is die van een parlementaire burocratie, maar inderdaad evenmin een democratie.

Overige lezers van dit fraaie Nederlandse proza verwijs ik dan ook naar mijn website, waar eerder 12 MB teksten van mijn hand stonden, en binnenkort weer, en meer, en zeer veel fraaier gepresenteerd en geformatteerd. (Alles MITS mijn gezondheid enigszins in stand blijft!)

Het is voor de nieuwsgierige lezer(es), indien academisch bekwaamd en niet terecht echt-Nederlands bescheiden en relativerend over de eigen talenten aan te raden mijn in 1988-89 gepubliceerde satirische stukken tegen de UvA eens na te lezen, als "Hoeren van de Rede", "Yahooisme en Democratie", "Echte wetenschap", "Ik wil gelezen worden", "Waarheid en Waarde", "De ideologische aap" en ander fraais.

Overigens: ik heb indertijd al tegen mijn hoofdredacteur gezegd, die mij vroeg te schrijven gezien mijn conversatie (die precies zo is als ik schrijf, wat maar weinigen lukt) dat ik verwachtte alleen voor IQs boven de 150 te schrijven.

Het is helaas niet anders - maar waar ik niet geslaagd ben het verval van de UvA te keren, of mijn menselijke rechten gevrijwaard te blijven van terreur te handhaven, in Onze Prachtige Polderdommocratie, ben ik er toch wel in geslaagd een klein aantal in het geheel niet domme studenten te bewegen naar buitenlandse universiteiten te gaan, is mij gebleken. En dat doet me enig plezier.

Er zijn intelligente mensen. Er zijn behoorlijke mensen. Niet alle intelligente en behoorlijke mensen zijn daarmee intellectuele of morele genieen. Intelligentie en morele behoorlijkheid zijn echter veel zeldzamer dan de conformistische nauwelijks gecultiveerde doorsnee ideologische aap denkt - iemand als Shakespeare verhulde zich niet voor niets tot iets vrijwel onzichtbaars, en merkte zeer veel op dat geen enkel ander menselijk individu scherper gezien of beter verwoord heeft. Zijn inschatting van menselijke eerlijkheid en integriteit is deze: "As men go, one in tenthousand".

Dat lijkt mij een empirisch al 500 jaar overeind staande inschatting - maar wel logisch strijdig met het socialistische en totalitaire gedachtengoed van PvdA-Ombudsmannen (m/v), dat zonder twijfel in de beste PvdA-traditie georienteerd is rond de pygmeese wensdenkerij dat "alle mensen gelijkwaardig en even lang zijn, als je het pygmees Politiek Correct beschouwt".

Maar ik zal Uedele Hoogmogendheid behoudens enkele eerder beloofde later komende vragen niet langer lastig vallen met zeer leesbaar, hoogst ongebruikelijk en origineel Nederlands, dat uw geest verlicht en uw maag doet meevoelen, en moet u overigens mijn mogelijk welgemeende dank doen voor de zoveelste belangrijke empirische bijdrage in mijn nu 25 jaar durende empirisch en sociaal-filosofisch onderzoek naar het wezen van het buro-fascisme. Bewijsplaats nummer 10000-zoveel van de morele lamlendigheid in het Nederland van nu. Het zal wel genetisch zijn, mr. Fernhout, dus troost u - en volgens PvdA-moraalleer zal het uw schuld niet zijn dat u het niet in u heeft Einstein of Mandela te zijn, zoals het volgens diezelfde PvdA-moraalleer ook wel de schuld van Hitler niet zal zijn dat ie het niet in zich had Schweitzer of Gandhi te zijn.

Toch? Is nivelleren en totalitair Politiek Correct conformeren niet het alfa en omega van een echte PvdA-socialist? Nou dan!

En ik kan bij Ombudsmannelijke voorkeur bij voorkeur zo spoedig mogelijk doodvallen, had ik reeds begrepen, en moet het van wat resteert van mijn eigen vermogens en talenten doen.

Het is niet anders, in Onze Polderdommocratie.

Maarten Maartensz
8 maart 2000

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