May 26, 2010


ME + me: The Phoenix Forums: Briefly and courteously, with due respect


   Human beings are rationalizing animals, ideological apes - or so they would be, if they had not, by the good grace of our dear Lord, a rational soul. It is by means of this rational soul that men find what small measure of happiness is allotted to them, since it enables them to move their attention from solving real problems to indulging in the sweetest of dreams and delusions, thereby greatly contributing to their felicity if not their well-being.
    -- A disrespectful philosopher with an
        unrespectable '
disease', full to the brim
        with dysfunctional unrespectable beliefs

As I wrote yesterday, I am OFF the Phoenix Forums and since I came to explain why to day in well-trained, nicely modulated, properly educated, much practised, very well-known brief and courteous terms with all due respect to all (*) I may as well repeat them here with a few brief and courteous additions

I suppose the brief courteous explanation is that (i) it is better this way (ii) it happened because I asked for it on May 23 and indeed insisted my name and posts be removed because (iii) I disagree with the (modes and manners of the) moderation and administration of PR.

These are facts and the value-judgment (i) is based on my only having one life in bad health and no taste for the level of 'discussion' and intelligence and morality I have experienced, mostly in PM, mostly by some moderators, that seemed repeatedly aimed at such a result as now has been achieved, also without honestly saying so.

The reason to withdraw my name and posts are that I was afraid the moderators might edit my posts (they did, without my knowledge, against my consent) and that I don't want my name associated with a site where I have to fear that and other things I am defenseless against, since those doing it are anonymous and I am not allowed to protest in truthful terms.

My site explains me, ME, ME in Amsterdam and a lot besides; my posts are now on my site (but are still in need of some better editing, albeit quite readable and linked in a nice series); and Nederlog of May 3, Nederlog of May 4, Nederlog of May 5, and Nederlog of May 25 indicate some of my reasons, though not all.

And as The Owner Of The Forum Himself wrote two days ago;

Like any community we have to have rules to provide a livable environment for those willing to abide by them. This type of Forum may not be for everybody.

And as as The Owner Of The Forum's New Rules has it now:

We reserve the right to edit posts, remove offensive posts without notice. Also while these rules cover most common situations, they cannot anticipate everything. Consequently we reserve the right to take any actions we deem appropriate to ensure these forums are not disrupted or abused in any way.
Critiques of individuals or organizations should be done in the spirit of constructive discourse; simply dumping on a person or organization is not conducive to the kind of conversation we strive for.

I could say much about it, in various tones, styles and vocabularies also, and may do so, but for the moment only observe that the last quotation of The Owner Of The Forum's New Rules...

... makes me look forward very fondly, and with the utmost respectful joy and anticipation, to the days that The Phoenix Rising's Forums - at long last! RSN! - shall respectfully give an equal number of equally respectful bits to the evenhanded polite and respectful praise of professor Wessely, The Lightning Process, the NICE Guidelines, and the various forms of CBT and GET that the CFIDSAA approves of, tacitly or with professor White's outspoken very respectful support, and that while members of the Phoenix Forums are referring respectfully to them, and in such respectful bits of respecful - non-personal, non-sarcastic, non-ironical, non-adversive - polite and well-spoken kind 'critiqueing' that the moderators may allow, if balanced by equal amounts of constructive personal respectful suppport, namely +for all those most respectable most well-intending psychological scientists, healing osteopaths, Nijmegian psychotherapists and London's most respectable and well-intentioned most moral and noble psychiatrists, that the rest of our proud human most excellent and respectful race has ever had the good luck to live in the same epoch with, and that I have personally also have come to respect almost as much as mrs. Criona Wilson does, properly speaking, and with great respect, ever since reading that most disrespectful professor Hooper, who had the offensive impertinence and brutality to effectively predict such events - which clearly must show how demented and dysfunctional my hardly respectable mind must be. (**)

As the links in the previous paragraph show, and as the moderators have pointed out to me (and others) in unmistakably respectful dulcet tones and most respectful terms, I am no longer in place on the Phoenix Forums, if I ever was.

Live and learn!

P.S. More on the reasons for why not:

And some relevant background knowledge (though awfully and inappropriately respectless)

"What are we, then, at present?"
"We find that at present the human race is divided politically into one wise man, nine knaves and ninety fools out of every hundred. That is, by an optimistic observer. The nine knaves assemble themselves under the banner of the most knavish among them, and become 'politicians': the wise man stands out, because he knows himself to be hopelessly outnumbered, and devotes himself to poetry, mathematics or philosophy; while the ninety fools plod off behind the banners of the nine villains, according to fancy, into the labyrinths of chicanery, malice and warfare. It is pleasant to have command, observed Sancho Panza, even over a flock of sheep, and that is why politicians raise their banners. It is, moreover, the same thing for the sheep, whatever the banner. If it is democracy, then the nine knaves will become members of parliament; if fascism will become party leaders; if communism, commissars. Nothing will be different, except the name. The fools will still be fools, the knaves still leaders, the result still exploitation. As for the wise man, his lot will be much the same under any ideology. Under democracy he will be encouraged to starve to death in a garret, under fascism he will be put in a concentration camp, under communism he will be liquidated. This is an optimistic but on the whole scientific statement (...)"
   (T.H. White: "The Book of Merlyn", p. 50-1)

P.P.S. By the way...

...should others do and think like me? Whatever they think, they have fewer possibilities than I have, and as I indicated before, for the purpose of finding information about ME and sharing ideas and experiences with likeminded folks - provided one keeps Our Benevolent Moderators happy, of course - the Phoenix Forums are still quite good (and may get even - A LOT! - better if God in His Goodness grants my wishes about some moderators I respectfully do not name).

Also, I have - except for one most respectful member of the forums, outstanding like a sore prick - no problem whatsoever with any member of the Phoenix Forums and indeed respect the vast majority, not without reason and brutally verbally imposed, but hionestly and personally acquired because of their courage and persistence in the face of much adversity and discrimination, and often years of pain and poverty.

But speaking for me personally, there is no room for me to be who I am where I must be lying, bowing and scraping to be respectful to what is most disrespectable for me, while I have a large site to come up for myself, and where people who want to can find me or read me.

And to counter one possible respectful reply: While I am satirical and sarcastic - not allowed anymore - of some who I respectfully think deserve it, I am neither satirical nor sarcastic about the vast majority of the Phoenix Forums, whose position I respectfully do not envy, what with moderators one cannot but must verbally respect, to be deemed A Respectable Member Of The Renewed Respectable Phoenix Forums.

(Really guys and gals: I am an adult, with certain human rights, that I shall want to exercise when and where I see fit, as long as they last! And while moderation is fine, in principle, anonymous censorship cued by anonymous complaints just is ethically despicable, also in principle, and in much more fundamental and better founded principle at that! (***))

As to ME/CFS (that I prefer to call ME):

1. Anthony Komaroff

Ten discoveries about the biology of CFS (pdf)

3. Hillary Johnson

The Why

4. Consensus (many M.D.s) Canadian Consensus Government Report on ME (pdf)
5. Eleanor Stein

Clinical Guidelines for Psychiatrists (pdf)

6. William Clifford The Ethics of Belief
7. Paul Lutus

Is Psychology a Science?

8. Malcolm Hooper Magical Medicine (pdf)

Short descriptions:

1. Ten reasons why ME/CFS is a real disease by a professor of medicine of Harvard.
2. Long essay by a professor emeritus of medical chemistry about maltreatment of ME.
3. Explanation of what's happening around ME by an investigative journalist.
4. Report to Canadian Government on ME, by many medical experts.
5. Advice to psychiatrist by a psychiatrist who understands ME is an organic disease
6. English mathematical genius on one's responsibilities in the matter of one's beliefs:
   "it is wrong always, everywhere, and for anyone, to believe anything upon
     insufficient evidence
7. A space- and computer-scientist takes a look at psychology.
8. Malcolm Hooper puts things together status 2010.

"Ah me! alas, pain, pain ever, forever!

No change, no pause, no hope! Yet I endure.
I ask the Earth, have not the mountains felt?
I ask yon Heaven, the all-beholding Sun,
Has it not seen? The Sea, in storm or calm,
Heaven's ever-changing Shadow, spread below,
Have its deaf waves not heard my agony?
Ah me! alas, pain, pain ever, forever!
     - (Shelley, "Prometheus Unbound") 

    "It was from this time that I developed my way of judging the Chinese by dividing them into two kinds: one humane and one not. "
     - (Jung Chang)

See also: ME -Documentation and ME - Resources

Supplements on ME

  ME: On having severe ME
  ME: !! Seriour Health GET + CBT Warning !!
  ME: ME and Human Rights
  ME: Back to the Middle Ages with professor Simon Wessely
  ME: Back to the Middle Ages with professor Simon Wessely - P.S.

Studies in MEdical Sadism

  0: Studies in MEdical Sadism (overview + Kumar & Clark's Clinical Medicine)
  1: "Die Mörder sind unter uns" (the baseness of some medics and politicians)
  2: "101 Good Reasons" (clarification CBT+GET & 101 reasons by G. Crowhurst)
  3: "The evidence & the techniques" (current techniques of MEdical sadism)
  4: Intermezzo - Lucian (a very disrespectful most intelligent satirist)
  5: The amazing & great Kim & Dr. Yes (alas still not well-reformatted yet)
  6: Herr Professor & Frau Doctor Wessely (The Real Truth metavisually)
  7: Professor Simon Wessely's many mental issues (just so: a real sicko)
  7a: P.S.: Professor Simon Wessely's many mental issues (the logic of it)
  8 : Professor Wessely's crap completely clarified (visually) (DrSpeedy+profSW)
  9: Studies in MEdical Sadism - 9 : Dr. Yes maltreated
  ME-disch sadisme op wereldschaal: Zeer verbitterend nieuws
  ME: Waarom dokter Mengele medicijnen studeerde - 1
  ME: Waarom dokter Mengele medicijnen studeerde - 2
  ME: Uitstekende studie over ME en CGT en GET
  ME: !! Seriour Health GET + CBT Warning !!
  ME: Unsere Doktoren - Ohne Wörter - 2

P.P.S. ME - Resources needs is a Work In Progress that hasn't progressed today.


(*) I have the most unfortunate disrespectful dysfunctional belief - as per the now instituted Most Respectful New Speak on the Phoenix Forums - that some persons are better than others (for some ends and purposes, by some norms) and 30 years of exposure to it could not cure me from my bad habits of dysfunctional beliefs that way, caused by a most unfortunate combination of genetic disposition to disrespectful thinking for myself and an education that inculcated more of the same, most disrespectfully also of the great majority of the surrounding society of most ordinary Dutchmen.

I even tend to believe - honesty forces me to say, disrespectful as this must be to uncounted billions - that dr. Martin Luther King Jr. may have been a better man, and a more intelligent men, and a more learned man, and a more moral man, and a braver man, yes - if I may be so bold - a better man also than some members of the Phoenix Forums I could name! Perish the thought, on The Renewed Phoenix Forums, where only Respect For All Equally is appropriate, in these fine halcyon days of newly born universal respect of all for all! 

(**) One reason to write long sentences is that I do not like to be read by stupid folks. Another is that the sentence is the human unit of conscious thought, and my thoughts do not well fit into the advertiser's and journalist's favourite length (4 to 8 and at most 12 words per sentence).

(***) Articles 18 and 19.

Maarten Maartensz

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