Hi Coxie,

I really believe you mean well, and that you met people with such claims, and I certainly understand why someone like you would be desperate for a cure - I am, albeit within restraints, and have no children to take care of.

However, Coxie... the stories I told briefly in a previous post are true, and very bitter if you were to know all, and indeed involved two of my (former) friends, both dead now.

My recommendation is as before: Be happy for yourself, but document whatever is relevant for your rights, and don't believe all you're told by people who ask money for telling you these stories, now or later.

For you can be sure of this: My advice has been gratis, and I am not out to deceive you in any way, and am not secretly aiming at your remaining cash reserves.

I am just writing this because I got irritated with Sir Bob, and because it seems to me my psychologist's duty to call: Whoaaah! This is rot, and it stinks - and to discuss it as Sir Bob wants is merely to get it better known, give it more Google points, and make more riches for Parkerites, and that is not what this forum is for or about.

Also, an underlying point for me is that I feel that this forum is being trolled by quite a few, including at least one moderator, and that for that reason I'll be moving myself to my own site mostly, since on this site too many people are cleverly sucked into discussions they are not really qualified for, because they are honest and deceived by a very reasonably looking nice bait kept in front of their noses by totally worthless crooks.

That's also why I ask for qualifications, and why I will move to my site mostly:

This forum falls too easily prey to anonymous people posturing as if they know something, but who don't, but are and remain covered by their anonymity and their "honest" assurances they "mean well".

I have no cures to offer, except that one like me is far more effective by not having to spend time on Sir Bob's feelings or those of others, who don't fear to thread where they have no business threading (he said optimistically, dreaming of the LP yearly turnover), simply because on a forum like this one gets anonymous access and then can say what one pleases as soon as one somehow has impressed a few people one has ME - which is an easy thing to do for a psychiatric or psychological pro with bad ends, since on a forum like this so much depends on good faith, as it is called. And on a forum like this, where the Wesselites can freely troll, many are afraid to be found out by Wesselites, and rightly so, and I have been yesterday offended in a very pro way by a very pro, that I want to do a little skinning of, without lots of people I like telling me "No, no, no: for skinning you need The Full Proof". (No thanks: I don't.)

So I will be soon writing again more for my site than for this, simply because I am FAR more effective there than here, where I am gagged by would be goodies who are real phonies, and who can remain anonymous while pleading loudly and as if offended that they ought not to personally criticized, or should be free to discuss any topic they please in any way, without being called to prove their qualifications to do so reasonably and honorably.

I think you have been deceived, Coxy, if you have what I and my ex have, and you should take strength from the fact that many extra-ordinarily clever folks have been hoaxed by pros. Just think of Madoff, the Phil Parker of private investment banking...be glad you didn't fall for his spin, for then you would have been financially even worse of (seeking a silver lining ) and you and your children might be begging for food, homeless in the streets of Beautiful Blarified Thatcherized England.

Best wishes,


P.S. Who has a website since 14 years - www.maartensz.org - which proves as clearly as anything can be personally proved on the internet, that he is what he says he is.