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I think all this arguing sums up why ME forums are sometimes dangerous places to be for MEer's. Maarten you clearly don't have the time of day for this kind of therapy, you haven't tried it, but are willing to scare the hell out of everyone else who may be contemplating it.

I don't have to try Maoism, Fraudianism or BS to be able to dismiss it rationally, Coxy, and I happen to have the qualifications Phil Parker lacks.

I have been round and round in circles over the years buying supplements, trying this trying that. I have jumped at trying anything that more than a couple of people on a forum have recommended, only to find i was out of pocket and there was no change for me or the children in some cases.

I have been there too, except for children, since my wife - also a psychologist, or better, in her case: a neuroscientist - and I fell ill before getting as far as that.

Maybe ME and CFS are 2 completely different illnesses, who knows. All i know is that all 3 of us had every ME symptom on the list between us over the years. obviously some people were lucky enough to be well informed early on in their illness to stop it progressing to a severe state, we were very luckily. Having said that, when children can't go to school at all and have to do online learning, i think that's pretty severe for a child!!


I guess you'll be excusing me of working for the LP next, that seems to be standard procedure for anyone who talks positively about it!!!!!!!!!!

No, I believe you. In fact, I have met quite a lot of people temporally enlightened - they thought, perhaps still think - by what I and other psychologist consider so much nonsense. (I live in Amsterdam, that has LOTS of "alternative" this and that since 1965 or so, of all kinds and flavours.)

I have seen persons I knew fall for Bagwan, for Mahariji, for macrobiotics, for Jesus' Children, for .... God knows what, and ALL of them were initially ecstatically happy with their findings.

I have seen the same persons grow resp. insane, hooked on heroine, with wasted health, and again insane after 3 to 15 months. At least two of these were very good friends for a while - and I am summarizing here about a decade of Amsterdam experience (and could mention much more).

So... I hope you are cured of whatever ailed you, and you certainly have been freed of a lot of money, that will motivate you to believe that it was not spent in vain (look under "Cognitive Dissonance" on the net).

I really hope it wasn't spend in vain, but - unfortunately - if you or your children have what has ailed me (and my ex) for 32 years now, my expectation is that you'll find eventually that you may be mistaken.

In any case, I recommend that you'll be careful with spending more money on LP, and in documenting, preferably in photocopy etc., what they told you, prescribed you, promissed you, had you sign etc. just in case you find in a year's time a reason to show the same to a lawyer.

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