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Thanks for the responses, Maarten, Gambetti, and Jonathan. A good start would be a translation of the table headings. TomK directed me to one of the Norwegian groups but they don't have an English translation.

And no, I didn't know that there were two different versions of Norwegian! That's the beauty of this site -- you get to meet people from different countries.
Is is anything like Chinese? The People's Republic of China has Mandarin deemed as the official dialect but there are many, many other dialects in China. My Mandarin isn't as good as my native dialect and once, where I was working, there was another scientist who was Chinese but had been raised in England/ Germany. We both knew our native dialects but our Mandarin wasn't good so we ended up conversing in English, which some people got a kick out of since we were both ethnically Chinese. (Luckily, the writing is the same.)

You are much more learned than I am: I just lived some years in Norway and Norwegian is something that seems to this Dutchman who also lived in England as intermediate between English and Dutch, for the feel of it, without learned linguistics. (So it is easy to pick up for one placed like me.)

And do I recall well you are a mathematician, or was that someone else? (I am F'ed, let's say, to keep my language clean from Wesselytisms.) Just interested... and you'll like the article, I guess.

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