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  Apr 29, 2010




In praise of Vanderbilt and maths & internet safety

Hi Rebecca,

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Well, I'm glad to hear that at least some researchers are sympathetic to us.

So am I and while it must be a coincidence there also is a really good mathematician at Vanderbilt's (a Dutch name incidentally): Eric Schechter whose homepage is here:


The reasons to mention this off topic subject here is that (i) there are more people with mathematical interests on the forums (hiya ;) (ii) Schechter wrote a really good "Handbook of Analysis and Its Foundations" (iii) he is at Vanderbilt (iv) on his homepage there is a really good selection of free software that (more or less) relates to maths I found quite helpful


and (v) he has also some nice quotes and saying about truth such as

Mathematics is truth in its purest form.

Finally, apart from my thinking him a very interesting pure mathematician who wrote some excellent mathematics, here is a main reason to write this post, that is related to what I said in this post (and thread):

On some of the dangers of internet

for which the following large set of very useful links related to using the internet sensibly and safely, found and sorted by Schechter may be helpful:

Internet security

Most of this collection is free, a considerable part is open source, some of it may be no longer available, but a lot is. I found it very useful.

Best wishes,


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