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I've just started to try an anti-depressant for pain. It's Doxepin and I've got it in liquid form. I took one drop the other night, a very tiny drop and I had a new kind of debilitating dizziness the entire next day which finally wore off that evening.

Is anyone else here micro-dosing ADs and if so can you please share your experiences with them? A micro-dose is 5 mg or less.

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FWIW: I have been taking fluoxetine - Prozac - for years, which did get me out of a depression I couldn't reason myself out of (which was quite an amazing experience, also because I was fairly skeptical about whether it would work).

But this was for depression, against which it worked, in my case, at 20 mg. a day (and I am 1.95 m i.e. tall). Presently, I take a sort of maintenance dose which works out as around 5 mg a day, and that simply because not taking it at all worsens my mood (I've tried repeatedly).

Also, in my case fluoxetine did not do anything for or against my muscle aches etc. It simply did not do anything for that, except that it is true that a better mood makes it a bit easier to cope with such pains as one has. (Incidentally, the "better mood" is a statistical effect: it's not a direct and automatical one of the order 'I take a pill and then I feel better'. It's rather in the order of 'if I don't take those pills, I find that over the weeks my mood gets darker'.)

And I was also very sorry to read you are in a wheelchair, which I hadn't realized, Teej, while I hope to get the beginning of my planned MEdical Resources on my site very soon. (Don't expect too much for the moment, for I ain't worth much physically on the moment, although I count my blessings that I am not in a wheel chair.)

Anyway... if I were you I should take a look at e.g.

-- http://www.drugs.com/mtm/doxepin.html

for possible interactions with other drugs you may use. Personally, I'd prefer fluoxetine/Prozac if I wanted to improve my mood, but then I know this worked for me and my system handled it unproblematically.

Finally, I've found this rather spectacularly effective against deep depression, and quite useful in not getting depressed (again), but not helpful at all with the symptoms that characterize ME, other than that not being depressed and having a tolerable mood makes it somewhat easier to cope with them.

HTH a little - and finding a good anti-depressant in a good dose may well be a personal thing i.e. the effective type and (more or less safe and tolerable) dosage may vary a lot between persons. But Prozac definitely has helped me, and I didn't opt for "a more modern one", since it worked for me also without side-effects.

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