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I'm wondering if somebody had a thought about this:

- if XMRV turns out to be the cause of CFS and other diseases
- and if it is so stable, it can be transmitted easily through body fluids (e.g.saliva)

what might happen to us then ? Will we be excluded from society ? My wife is a teacher, and seems to be infected too, will she be allowed to carry out her job ? If not, the disease will not kill her, but, excluding her to teach children will kill her. Teaching is her life.

I think, we will be excluded from society, people will avoid shaking hands etc... Look at what happens when people turn out to be HIV+ by means of ignorance ? I get a very bad feeling about this...

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Not to worry, I'd say:

(1) it's not yet certain XMRV is the cause of ME/CFS (but I like dr. Mikovits's science and stance)
(2) real science is about what the real facts are
(3) if the real facts are as bad as that one can get XMRV easily through bodily fluids (did you see dr. Kubrick's "Dr. Strangelove"?!) there sure is going to be some good bio-medical research funding to XMRV RSN.

So personally I'm pleased either way, whether or not XMRV is the cause of ME/CFS.

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P.S. Dr. Strangelove and his cronies are also here:

-- http://www.maartensz.org/log/2010/NL100406a.htm