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Mar 3, 2010





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Hey Maarten,

I think you make really good points about how we come to know and trust people over time but new people do not have that benefit. And, you are so right, newbies can also be misjudged.

And, I know that you would never speak lightly of such treachery - nor would clever and brave Parvo, nor our dearest Kim, nor any of us, really. We have shown ourselves to wish, more than anything, to include. This community is remarkable for its warmth and inclusiveness and its willingness to embrace and accept with intelligence. It is our greatest strength and yet it can be our weak spot. Maybe it is always thus.

It is sure to be interesting as we move forward, is it not?!

It is, Koan, it is. And this forum is the best thing happening to me as regards ME ever since I have it, 1.1.1979.

AND there are very interesting things happening around ME in real bio-medical science, so there REALLY is realistic hope for all with ME:

From real science, and from this excellent forum.

"Never, ever give up!", as Dr. Myhill is fond of quoting:

-- http://www.maartensz.org/log/2009/ME-spirit.jpg


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