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Mar 3, 2010




Religion, War, Totalitarianism

Hello Alesh,

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Hi Maarten,

it's invigorating to see another atheist on this board

I think there are more daredevils of that kind here (and see e.g.

Title: Pascal's Wager
Link: http://www.maartensz.org/philosophy/...7s%20Wager.htm)

I think there would be one plausible explanation of the so called "shell shock" of the WWI. Phosgene was introduced during this war. The primary mode of its lethal effect was time delayed virtual destruction of lungs. But it certainly had another physiological effects on CNS. I have read stories about the phosgene affected soldiers who for several days presented with elevated mood, euphoria, mania or extreme agitation before the signs of lungs affection occurred and death supervened.

Indeed - homo homini lupus, in frighteningly insane battles. As I said somewhere else on the PR forums: Reginald Hill's "The Woods Beyond" is quite evocative of private Farr's horrific plight. (Good light reading, also...)

And I think what Wessely says about the illnesses induced by the fear of chemical weapons is nonsense.

Yes, of course: It's quite rational to fear poison that may in bio-medical fact horribly mutilate and disfigure one! Wesselly just plays his usual con-games with a Catch 22:

(Style de messieur le professeur W)

'You must feel "physically ill" because of your own sick neurasthenic wimpish and weak false illness beliefs about the so-called "bio-medical fact that chemical weapons horribly mutilate and disfigure". Shame on your malingering self that refuses to accept that what you suffer from are merely your own sinful self-generated dysfunctional illness delusions! Believe me: I am a multi-tled KCL-professor of psychiatry, and you must be mad to think that I must be mad to think that you must be mad! Go GET or I section you! KCL-scientifically-warranted!'

Alesh again, on another kind of mad totalitarianism:

I remember that when I was a kid living in a communist (or pseudocommunist) Czechoslovakia we often had to attend compulsory exercises that simulated chemical attacks from the "imperialists"-it included running with a gas mask (officers from the Ministry of Defense would come regularly to each classroom and measured the face of every kid so that a gas mask that would fit be obtainable for everyone), protecting airtight all parts of the body from Tabun, Sarin and Soman, that could leak through the skin and instantly cause horrible death-so we were told (and it is true BTW). I remember we and our teachers enjoyed it very much, it was a pleasant "adventure" and a possibility to escape the school, not at all a source of any anxiety or a disease.

Interesting, Alesh! I once was only NOT thrown out from the communist DDR ("German Democratic Republic": East Germany 1945-1989) because my communist father had been in the Nazi-concentration camp Sachenhausen with one or several DDR ministers of state.

Did you read any Zamyatin ("We"), Orwell ("Animal Farm", "1984"), Zinoviev ("Yawning Heights")?

VERY interesting, and highly recommended to anybody who wants to find out more about totalitarianism.

Best wishes,


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