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I am reading through this thread and I must say that I find the tone of the conversation very aggressive and intolerant. Is this really necessary? We are all patients here, living in a hostile world in dire need for a safe, tolerant and supportive haven where we are accepted as we are. Let's make sure this forum stays that place.

I agree more than not, but I am one of the few on the forum with his own site (since 14 years, also), while I use an alias for a reason that has little to do with ME but with being threatened with murder in Amsterdam by Amsterdam drugsdealers protected by the Amsterdam authorities (who protect rich drugsdealers much rather than poor ill taxpaying citizens). Also, I have a diagnosis of ME/FM since 20 years, am ill since 32 years, and am being treated by a specialist on ME since 5 years.

Not only that: it is relatively easy to prove that I am who and what I say I am, apart from my last name, that is not "Maartensz", but that I use because it has been in print for me for over 20 years, and I needed it 20 years ago to write the truth about the decline of the universities, namely without being removed from it a fourth time for speaking the truth.

Now to the point:

We are all patients here, living in a hostile world in dire need for a safe, tolerant and supportive haven where we are accepted as we are.

I don't believe this is true. There are some - very respectable and likable - people on this forum who are not patients, and there are also some people on this forum who say they are patients but in my opinion are not - or if they are, they really have some psychological issues, unlike most real patients with ME (and note that I am a psychologist among other things, and quite old, and not at all naive, nor inclined to pretend even for a bit that I respect all human beings or that for me, wise man that I am, "everything is relative").

One problem - damned if you do, damned if you don't - is that this cannot be discussed on this forum without leading to grave problems, that I too wish to avoid. (And also the forum's rules forbid saying this about specific members of the forum, on the forum.)

So I just say this: In the context of the forum, with its large majority of functionally anonymous people, also without personal sites to make their stories credible, and as clearly dangerous in principle to the likes of Reeves and Wessely, who must face a class-action if there is found a biological cause of ME and there are organised patients-groups, it seems to be not unreasonable to surmise that some people writing on the forums are not quite who or what they say they are.

I have made up my own mind on this, and have written Cort about it, since I don't want to discuss this on the forum, and since I am morally certain at least 99% of the people writing here are honest and write the truth (as they see it, also if I disagree with them), I am also fairly certain a few are not.

And as I said, it seems silly to me to deny this may be the case, and unproductive to discuss this on this forum, for which reason my koan is

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P.S. How do I deal with these persons I suspect or know to be up to no good? I sidestep them, with aristocratic contempt also - and save them for my satirical powers on my site, if and when inclined. And that is also my advice to others: Ignore those you believe are up to no good, or take them apart outside the forums, if you feel like it and have the ability and a site for it, as I do.