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Help is on its way. I'am a foreigner, so don't bother my English. I would like to recommend de Becker e.a., VanNess, and Paul. I made this list - below. I would not recommend the ones with a ( ).
Maybe you could at least use de Becker, Lane, Paul. L. etc etc. I could sent you quotes also.


At your service!

No one will bother your English, as long as it doesn't crap on the carpet ;), and this is also a very helpful post.

Unfortunately - I confess, full of shame & horror - that I am a cloggie too - and see

-- http://www.undutchables.com/

for a fine, objective, honest, informed explanation of the Neerlanderthalian race in its full human glory - but a warm welcome to the Phoenix forums, where you'll find that the average intelligence (female, especially: I am a mere male) is almost incomprehensibly higher than that of the cloggies, even in university towns:

-- http://www.maartensz.org/meinadam/spman118.htm
(Warning: dangerous Dutch prose: May ruin Dutch illusions & Dutch careers!)

But it's nice to see more cloggies around, since those blessed with ME in Holland (and only those, Evidence Based Psycho studies have shown) seem to have been cured somewhat from too much unfortunate Dutchness. (Every cloud has a silver lining, even in Holland.)

Welkom! (<- Real Dutch, for foreigners)