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Apr 2, 2010




fr(DS)en(DB) a.k.a. Dreambirdie,

As your Fraudian pastor, Dreambirdie, I am sure glad you gave up the other green guy, and being a PYCtoral diviinity I can understand your desire for a divine mate, but surely (speaking as a Fraudian, amongst ourselves, knowing Das Ewig Weibliche (*)...


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If I ever do get married, doc, then it will have to be someone who has all the wholesome and traditional values of this guy... the green one, that is.

... it's his schnozzle , that moves you so deeply, isn't it? There being so many other gods, also, admittedly not so divinely gifted in just (t)his way?!

I mean: it's there for all to see, isn't it? O you women!!! Where IS your Spirituality?

And you are not the only one, o Dreambirdie! While Our Beloved Pastor reverendly calls for



A re-awakening of our sense of wholesome, traditional values.

Like the Sacred Institution of Marriage

you seem to be obsessed by divine schnozzles, whereas Our Choir Mistress, instead of going to her Pastor, who would - and should! - receive her with infinite kindness and loving awareness, dreams of primary schnozzling (and guzzling, woozling, spooning and what not: I am, after all - as ye all know or should now - a mere Ockhamistic hermit of the Epicurean order of Sextus, I mean Empiricus: What can I possibly understand of women?) in a highly unbecoming way, in public and without any moderation too!

Warning: Sexually Explicit Material




Of course, Beloved Sisters & Brothers of Our CoFibs, I am a mere Ockhamistic hermit of the Epicurean order of Sextus, I mean Empiricus (wash that skeptical grin from your mouth, ye small of faith!!): What can I - of all Choir Members of Our Church of False Ilnnes Beliefs a.k.a. CoFIBS - possibly understand of women?)


What Has Our Fine Church Come To?!
What are all these loony gals & women thinking of?!

I mean: it's there for all to see, isn't it?
O ye Women!!! Where IS your Spirituality?



Do ye not ken that if ye marry not, ye shall burn?!

Aahh well... as The Great Fraud taught us weak o so weak sinners:



Das Ewig Weibliche bleibt immer ein Geheimnis

Or - to explain at least this Useful Bit Of Therapeutical Wisdom for those weak on foreign languages, also in the best of Ockhamistic Fratrial traditions:



P.S. (yodeling loudly): "Kim wo bist du geblie-ie-ie-ben...?"

And for those who really do need enlightenment (Fratres Ockhamiensis know The Need!)
Title: Mysticism - a clarification

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