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Yesterday there was on Dutch radio (I have no TV since 40 years) ("Met 't oog op morgen", Toos) an interview with A Psychologist and A Patient (with FM), from which it emerged (as it did from some other things), that it seems the Wesselytes are changing their BS a little, here in Holland and maybe in the UK.

The game played here was: "Multi-Disciplined Research" into "Illnesses Without Explanation". That is, patients are granted that they are ill or - you know, in 'scientific objectivity' "ill" - but alas medical science has 'No Explanation' for this, or which reason you have to submit to this "Multi-Disciplined Research" as a patient, in the course of which you are told, but more subtly than a few years before, that if you have A Medically Unexplained Disease then you think yourself ill, Modern Science (Evidence Based) Has Found (for - clearly! - Medical Science and all these really nice, highly gifted Dutch Medical Geniuses would have found the cause meanwhile, of course, donchy'all know.)

The psychologist handing out the BS on the radio had her sales-patter down well (the point of all this "Multi-Disciplined Research" for "A Medically Unexplained Disease" is the money it brings to psychologists and doctors, and to diagnose ill people as having thought themselves ill, if Our Science Cannot Explain It, when it All Is Scientifically Explained, once more); the patient meant well, but being not highly educated fell for part of the crap, and mostly for the continued false suggestions of the psychologist that she Really Took The Patients Suffering Serious. The journalist did well, and may have read some of the stuff on my site.

But really it is frigtening stuff, well analyzed by Orla on the Liverpool-shrinks thread, and - in my Dutch psychologist's eyes - pure conmanship, crafted for public consumption, directed at the democratic majorities of folks, and using the fact that ordinary people find it difficult to say 'No' to health-professionals' crap and poses.

The only good thing about this apparently changing game is that it may be caused by impatient outspoken scientifically savvy patients 'With - alas - Unexplained Diseases'.

Also, from my own extensive Dutch experiences with Dutch academics: They really don't like to be satirized effectively, especially not by someone who knows and understands their congames, and knows full well how stupid, dishonest and phony most of them are, and how little they really know.

Finally, by my lights judicially speaking we with ME have a strong case, for these medical and psychological frauds are changing the accepted rules & norms (Universal Declaration of Human Rights, WHO-classification of ME, Hippocratic & other medical moral norms & codes, lots of bio-medical scientific evidence) for treating ill people, in such a fashion that you are not ill until you have passed a Multi-Disciplined Team Of Scienteefeecally Trained Specialist Leeches to declare you are bureaucratically genuinely ill (with a dysfunctional belief system, alas, Modern Medical Science has established).

See my own take on the willfull destruction of my human rights in Holland (English & Dutch)

-- http://www.maartensz.org/log/2010/NL100119b.htm

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P.S. O yes, for clarities sake: It is designed so as to LOOK reputable & caring & scientific, and it might be, purely formally speaking, for some real diseases, a right approach (in abstract principle, that is) to get some real help to patients, but as it is the cards are heavily and cleverly stacked from the beginning for two outcomes that (1) all the Medical Professionals get paid well for Their Contributions in the Our Multi-Disciplined Team That Is There For You Poor Patients, and that (2) will establish that Medical Science has Proved that you think yourself sick (though Our Psychological Specialists are kind enough to take real loving pity on you, that you have been fooled by Evil People on the internet, into falsely believing you're really physically ill. No dearie, no: you have developed dysunctional beliefs in your diseased mind after - yes, it IS true dearie - picking up some bug or virus in your body, that Our Medical Multi-Disciplned Team has found is no more found in you, with Really Objective Scientific Assays too.)