I know (now) you are a lovable woman...


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Just wanted to to say thank you all VERY MUCH for your lovely good wishes and virtual presents: beautiful cards with my name on, a cake, wrestling kittens, TWO burning bras, scared cows, balloons and stretchy hugs, and even a brief glimpse of feminist ladies (I saw them Dr Yes!) : )

A wonderful bounty of gifts, which made me grin all day.

Thank you all again you LOVELY people! : )

...but please will you not defame The Sisterhood? Thank you!

(Takes off his very own very stilish mod hat.)

My best wishes, and a happy and healthy long life to you and your daughter,


P.S. Dr. Yes - as one of your fem. intelligence surely knows - often has dysfunctional beliefs, just like me. Please excuse him & me - we are mere males, after all, and often severely cognitively challenged - not mathematically but - in truly understanding the evidently Higher Beings that hail from Venus, with the appropriate loving awareness, that is. (We can't help it: Innate failure in the Y-gene: we question things too much based on false premisses! So sorry! But the Doc & I are doing the best we can, with our poorly equipped befuddled brains. With some patience with his & my Dysfunctional Beings things often work out for the good.)