Hello Cort,

You are a man I much respect, of great intelligence also. I just select two points I want to clarify, and thank you for your good and moderate and moderating post:

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This is a moderated Forum. It sounds like a bit more careful than Marteenz is on his site. That's just the way we are. We don't troll around looking for negative posts -generally we're alerted by someone and that's how a moderator gets involved. It is a very open forum except that we don't want personal slights to mushroom as they can on the internet; we basically want to keep the focus on the subject rather than personalities.

(Maarten) Here is MY rule in this respect for me and yoiu better respect it: If you feel fit to decide what should be read on this forum, you may delete my posts, if they don't fit your prejudices about what is politically correct on this forum and not, that you style "acceptable", because that sounds more anti-septic.

This is not accurate; we don't delete posts on 'political' grounds; we delete sections of posts - in rare occasions - when individuals on the forums are personally attacked. We're not worried about political correctness - we're worried about 'etiquette'!

Fair enough, but you missed that I wrote "If", "if". My minimal meaning is this: If anyone came to want to censure any of my posts, for the good of the forum, they may do so by deleting the whole post, if they have your authority (in the end, they must, I understand, until the forum gets to be inc. but this is by the bye). But I don't want to see my words with my internet-name in a castrated form on the internet - and I am not saying you would do such a thing: I describe and evaluate logical eventualities, because I really don't understand Jodi's language.

Things like this

I *really* wish you well Angela, and I don't mind that we think rather differently about philosophy, but IF we are to discuss I go for the truth by any stylistical means, and I don't think we are equals in the respects of philosophy, logic or written argument.

of course, are only going to inflame people.

Well, that is the literal honest truth, as I see it, also said fairly, I think. But OK: I will mail Angela privately (Dr. Yes just told me several really fine things about her, and Dr. Yes is an honourable men ;) (<-- my first smiley ever! Hi Doc!), so I will try to make up with Angela and am even willing to delete posts, if required.

So there! Doctor's advice, Dx and recipe, all gilded by excellent argument in fine prose. And I didn't know the many good things about Angela I know now. I only hope she is not insisting on a debate on po-mo on this forum, for no doubt she can do much better things and so can I.

Best regards,