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I am listening, I am listening.

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Listen up Maarten. This house has no strict rules, but we do try to keep things understandable and reasonable for the majority of people. An good objective parameter for this is the fluctuation of traffic on this site.

Altough i agree with you on the subject of miracle healing, i don't necessarily put it out on the forums into long philosophical posts. I prefer to discuss these issues with the people involved trough pm or directly via chat. It's my goal to try and make this place as pleasurable as possible for those who are struck the hardest by this disease. So i'm asking you politely to try and keep your posts as short as possible and also to not use the French language any longer. (English is the language we use on this forum). If you don't trust us and you're worried about your posts being changed, you are always free to stop posting or to ask one of the site leaders for the removal of all of your previous posts. You can also contact different site leaders for other issues. You can find us at http://www.forums.aboutmecfs.org/showgroups.php . I thank you.

Well... most, possibly all in your post seems a matter of personal taste or personal priorities.

As it happens I am an intellectual, and I write in my own way. People who don't like it can skip it, as applies to anybody's posts. Most of the French gets into my posts because I've got it in French, rather than another language, and I think the quote is appropriate. In my time, intellectuals in Hollland had to learn, in their preparatory education for universities 3 or 5 foreign languages. I read 10 fairly to very easily; I haven't been bothering people here with my superfluity of knowledge, but I am not going to dumb down or denaturalize my style, so as to make it fully comprehensible for the least gifted most fatigued.

Also, I have been told quite a few like my posts, without necessarily agreeing with me, which is very fine with me. Some of these are very intelligent and highly educated, as it is my burden to be.

I write here because I have ME since 32 years, and because on these forums there are, at long last, a considerable number of very intelligent and highly educated people. If either were not the case, I would not be here.

And I write for truth with style, in what seem to me at least decent arguments. I do not want to make my posts short and dogmatic: I want to give reasons. If you think that is not done on this site or should not be done on this site, half or more of the 600+ members who write must cease.

Once more: Those who have difficulties with my posts are invited to skip them. (I respect what you described as your goal - pleasurable posts for people with severe ME - but this is not the goals of these forums as I understood them, and it is not mine, though I agree a forum without short posts for people with severe ME also falls short.)

You misunderstood me about trust. I wrote as I wrote because I do not comprehend Jodi's post, and if she or anybody else is going to sanction me, they should know before doing so what I let pass and what I do not let pass.

Next, I don't agree with several "site-leaders" and one - not Jodi - has deeply offended me in a private mail, on purpose also, if he has the academic qualifications he boasts. I certainly did not elect him to be my "leader", and I don't accept his moderation.

Also, what you should realize (and others too, since I have repeatedly said so, because many see it differently also, in these post-po-mo times): I simply do not accept all people are equally good, equally intelligent, equally knowledgeable etc. I accept guidance and advice by people who can convince me that they are intelligent, knowledgeable and benevolent (all in my terms, for I do my own thinking and feeling).

I am willing to do much for several on the forum (Kim, Dr. Yes, Cort) and to trust them in much they say. This is not the same for others, but then they did less or I know less of them. (There are quite a few quite remarkable people on this forum I have not named in this or any post.)

Finally, I really am an intellectual aristocrat, and so would you be with my genes and my personal history and background, that you can read, since you can read Dutch. Beautiful women usually know they are beautiful, and tend not to be shy about flaunting it. Being a straight male, I appreciate that. Being human, I understand that. Being smart, I easily am smart and may on occasion flaunt it. And this then may lead to problems with other (so called) intellectuals, though rarely or never with really smart ones, for great minds think alike, also if they differ.

I think I have answered your points, but I promise I will try to avoid French in my posts. Alas, it so happens I love Chamfort, and I have him only in French, except for a first chapter I translated, and Chamfort often thought similarly as I don and had a remarkably fine mind and way with words.

Best regards,


P.S. Being an aristocrat: I am of the kind that weighs rather than counts, so internet-traffic numbers per se don't matter much to me. (If this is a consideration, the forum should have some porn, I suppose. No, thank you kindly.) What matters, for an American forum especially, is that it has bright Americans like Dr. Yes and Kim and quite a few more, who write really good stuff about ME. I am here because there are people of that quality here and not in my country or your country - I am sorry to say (for which reason I welcome your plan to internationalize the forums).