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A psyche made of glass can be shattered however ridicule would be my weapon of choice.

I do not know whether he is a narcissist in the strict sense. Note also that whatever is wrong with him in a psychiatric sense he probably knows how to compensate quite welll. (I do agree with you he likes to play a public part, but that is quite common.)

But I agree on the quote - ridicule, sarcasm and satire are the way to deal with him, mostly at least, and thankfully professor Malcolm Hooper did the science for the benefit of all of us patients with ME, while professor Wessely did not challenge it in a court, which is sufficient proof, for anyone who read it, that he or his lawyers do not want to meet professor Hooper in court.

And in this context, and given his background (family formerly called Weisel), I find it most peculiar that in all the pictures I saw of Wessely - for example, check out the link Knackered provided:


- he seems to wear a small Hitlerite moustache. Did somebody paint this in, or does he really sport it? And note please that someone with my background, site and proven talent for satire can do a lot with this, so I really like to know:

Does anybody know - and when I write "know" I mean "know", not "guess", "surmise" etc. - whether professor Simon Wessely, whose father sat in the train to Treblinka, but survived the war, who knows with what lesions and traumas, does or did wear a small Hitlerite moustache in real life?

Outside neo-nazi circles, he must about the only one to do so, in the West, since 1945.

Anyway... you being Welsh (I suppose is the right term, having known Welshmen and Scotsmen) and a psychologist may know people who may know whether Wessely does or did wear this secondary male characteristic. (It is very odd if he did or does, and I can base a whole tome of psycho-analysis on it, in a period I am a bit fitter than now, and my satire-glands itch. And I have known a considerable number of Jewish people - or of Jewish background - of my parents' generation who did survive concentration-camps: Noone of then wore a moustache, let alone a Hitlerite moustache, and that was definitely not done, morally speaking.

I'd much like to know the facts about the moss on Wessely's upper lip, and use it if it is so: Psychiatrically, it is a major symptom, for a man with his background, and for such a one it is decidedly odd.