Same here: No 'New Posts' nor 'What's New?' and a logout if I return from a failed 'What's New?'. Something similar was the case in January.

I think the solution then was to move back a version. Obviously, I can post, but it needs some persistence to get logged in, but it now is so whacky that moving back seems (again) the right thing to do, since an internet-forum where one cannot see what's new and post only with difficulties isn't a proper internet-forum, and these sorts of software-bugs don't just disappear, and shouldn't be there.


P.S. Also like in January, I can get 'What's New?' when I am logged out but not when I am logged in. So this may be some workaround to see 'What's New?'. But I am in favour of reinstalling the previous version. It seems this software has at least CFS and clearly dysfunctional belief systems and practical routines that badly need retraining...