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I should have answered sooner, but was "fatigued". Anyway... I like your hypotheses a lot, and this is the way to go. To grok it all (as the term is - understand and savour) I need to find my biochemical textbooks and time, and even then part will be beyond me, but then I did arrive at some parts you arrived at in 1986, but in less detail, and with far less relevant knowledge than you have.

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If you want to find out more details about this hypothesis, email me at richvank at aol dot com, and I will email you some papers and articles that go into it in glorious detail!

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I will mail you today, and will then try my best on the glorious and no doubt also gory detail, for that is precisely what I wanted to ask you and so far did not do.

But this IS the way to go, and - in case anybody says "XMRV" - you are concerned with actual processes that have a fair to very good chance of being involved in the problems of ME, which is on another level, and in no way contradicts the hypothesis that XMRV may be the cause ot it all, nor will it be upset if XMRV is not the cause (but e.g. a passenger).

And of course you know this, and I hope you will get research funding a.s.a.p. because your theorizing seems very rational and sensible to me, and deserve good funding and good testing. Also, if you are right - as you very well may be - some forms of appropriate therapy are just around the corner, and also not expensive, so that too is good AND an additional reason for having your research funded.

Thank you very much for all the hard work, solid real science and intelligence you invested into this! Very much appreciated!

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