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I think this -- unlike the font problems which are a huge risk for every update -- might actually be fixable with clearing the cache. Then again, you probably already tried that.

If there are open source forums, that is DEFINITELY worth looking into! Good idea!

Hello Samuel:

Yes, I tried it already, and for me it was the same as a couple of days ago. Anyway... this IS bugged software!

Here is a link to an opensource forum (I and you may recommend to _Kim_, for a look):


Note I have no financial interests in or ties to it; it is open source and free; and I know of it only because it is also used on assembly-language programming forums I frequent.

And note also that it may be a problem to change this, especially for people with ME. If anyone is interested, though, I can take a look at it (when feeling a little fresher than just now) and see e.g. what programming language the source is in, and formulate an opinion for this forum.

In any case, the sort of bugs the present suppliers allow should not be present in commercially released software. And besides, I do like open source, if only to look whether I can find the cause of
the bug. And besides, it is the best way to develop good software.


P.S. I can be privately mailed on this: maartens@xs4all.nl, but your title should support the inference that it is about ME or me, and is not spam.