Thursday May 2, 2019

Crisis: Crisis index for 2019 - 2177 and further


1. Crisis: Crisis Index for 2019: 2177 and further

This is a Nederlog of Thursday, May 2, 2019.

This is a crisis index file for 2019. I have now found a more or less reasonable way of indexing my crisis files, that started on September 1, 2008. (This is Dutch, as were the first 82 of - presently - over 2100 files, but it is good, and all but the first 82 files are in English.)

1. Crisis: Index file: 2177 and further

This continues the following seven indexes of files in the crisis series:
The present file is the continuation of the above indexes and starts with 2176 for January 1, 2019. (And that is the 2178th file I wrote about the crisis, since the first one on September 1, 2008. They all can be accessed from the above indexes.)

The present crisis index is compiled from the Nederlog index by deleting non-crisis items. These are the files I wrote on the crisis in 2019, starting on January 1 of 2019. (You can see all the dates by hoovering over the titles.) The rest of the index will be compiled monthly in the same way. 

January 2019


2177 Crisis: Resistance & Faith, On Assange, Remove Trump, Women At Home, Open Internet
2178 Crisis: Chomsky on Brazil, and Human Life, Brazil's Neofascist, Bernie Sanders, The US Democrats
2179 Crisis: The Guardian's Lies, US Federal Employees, On Bolsonaro, On Neofascism, Hartmann & GOP
2180 Crisis: NBC/MSNBC Journalism, The "War on Terror", House Democrats, Impeachment, Nader
2181 Crisis: Funding The Wall, Neocons, On Elizabeth Warren, Big Money & Politics, Being A Radical
2182 Crisis: Corporate Bribery, Decent U.S. Tax, Psychiatry & Trump, Building Of The Wall, On The EU
2183 Crisis: Facebook To Court, Neoconservatives, 10 Climate Cataclysms, De Niro, Capitalism Is Killing
2184 Crisis: Election Circus, Democrats & Identity, Borderline Insanity, Pelosi´s Powers, On Corporations
2185 Crisis: Popular Delusions, Mainstream Femnism, Voting Rights Bill, Corporate Pillage, Russia-gate
2186 Crisis: The Crisis, William Arkin, Trump´s Presidency, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Robert Reich
2187 Crisis: State of Emergency, Bill McKibben, US Military Bases, Corporate Media, Green New Deal
2188 Crisis: On Angela Davis, The Opioid Crisis, Michael Cohen Testifies, Nancy Pelosi, On Truth
2189 Crisis: The FBI & Trump, Trump & the FBI, The Green New Deal, On Fact-Checking, British Spies
2190 Crisis: Ocasio-Cortez In The NYT, Striking Iran, The Environment, Green New Deal, On ¨Fascism¨¨
2191 Crisis: On ´Private Governments´, FBI vs. Trump, IRS Aids The Rich, U.S. Democracy, Dictators
2192 Crisis: The crazy Bolton, May Crushed, Next Economic Crisis, A Basic Income, EXIT Free Internet
2193 Crisis: Three Articles On Brexit, The Pentagon´s Many Lies, Sleepwalking Into Catastrophe
2194 Crisis: Impeach the Motherfucker, Lost Children, On Surveillance Capitalism, Ehrenreich, Sanders
2195 Crisis: My modem seems to be broken ((it was: a new one works on Jan 21, 2019)
2196 Crisis: Culture of Death, Corrupt Medicine, On Islam, On Billionaires, The Rule of Law
2197 Crisis: On "Russia-gate", Economic Apartheid, The Extremely Rich, Pence vs. Trump, The Internet
2198 Crisis: Plastic Nanoparticles, No Billionaires, Political Absurdity, New Tax Plan, Powerful Oligarchs
2199 Crisis: Warren & Ultra-Millionaires, Tyranny, Coup in Venezuela, Nuclear Apocalypse, Corporations
2200 Crisis: Trump´s Shutdown, On Venezuela, 9/11 & Illegal CIA Operations, Brexit, Temporary Jobs
2201 Crisis: The USA vs Venezuela, An Axis of Evil, Nuclear War in Space, Nuclear War & Safety, Conquest
2202 Crisis: Trump vs The Courts, Facebook´s Frauds, Right-wing Outrages, Green New Deal, On Iran
2203 Crisis: The World to Come, Trump & The Guardian, Venezuela, Totalitarianism, Wall Street
2204 Crisis: Ocasio-Cortez, Venezuelan Juan Guaidó, U.S. Public Workers, The GOP´s Greed, Billionaires
2205 Crisis: USA vs Maduro, USA Most Corrupt, No More Philanthropy: Taxes, On Schultz, Human Lives


2206 Crisis: On Facebook, On Chomsky's Ideas, On Plutocracy, On Extreme Wealth, On Economics
2207 Crisis: Apple's Censorship, A Border Story, Hearings By Congress, Psychiatry & Trump, Neutrality
2208 Crisis: Age of Surveillance, GOP's Tax Cut, A Wealth Tax, Trump's Failures, The CIA Then and Now
2209 Crisis: Schumer & Sanders, Nuclear Arms, Socialism, On 70% Tax, The Morally Necessary
2210 Crisis: On The Dollar, The State of the Union/Disunion, Terrorists From Google, On The Democrats
2211 Crisis: State of the Union, On Facebook's Degeneracies, On Wikipedia, Netflix, Nuclear Dangers
2212 Crisis: Abolish Billionaires, Liar-in-Chief, Workers Rebellion, Doomsday Machines, Good Journalism
2213 Crisis: On Socialism, Authoritarian Trump, Leftist Defense, Ken Clarke On Tories, Green New Deal
2214 Crisis: The Surveillance State, Green New Deal, Kidnapping 1000s, Medicare, Capitalism's New Clothes
2215  Crisis: American Patriotism, Residential Racism, Trump's Dangers, Amazon & Subsidies, New Deal
2216 Crisis: New Arms Race, On Carbon Tax, Legalizing Cannabis, Net Neutrality, Green New Deal
2217 Crisis: Cartoon War, Bezos & Global Surveillance, On Brazil, Collapsing Insect Populations, Reich
2218 Crisis: End of Ice, One Minute, Inequalities of Place, Ocasio-Cortez Is Right, A US Tax on Wealth
2219  Crisis: The Green New Deal, Israeli Lobbyists, Profit From Online Data, Warren, U.S. Senate
2220 Crisis: Trumpian Emergency, FBI vs. Trump, Green New Deal, More Emergency, Some Rich People
2221 Crisis: On Amazon, Phony Emergency, Trump's Emergency, Dictator Trump, Unstable Trump
2222 Crisis: Trump's Power Grab, Amazon & New York, John Oliver, The FBI & A Coup, Green New Deal
2223 Crisis: No Plan for Brexit, Most Dangerous Weapon, Facebook & Google, U.S. Emergencies I & II
2224 Crisis: Electronic Images, Population Growth, Failing Capitalism, On Psychiatry, Digital Gangsters
2225 Crisis: Sanders for President, Amazon's Sickness, One True Choice, Bernie is Back, More on Sanders
2226 Crisis: Trump's Nuclear Deal, National Emergency, The USA, Constitutional Crisis, Medicare for All
2227 Crisis: On Trump's Madness, A Climate Denier, Go Fuck Yourself, On E-Mails in the USA, Republicans
2228 Crisis: On Bernie Sanders, '60s Counterculture, Biodiversity, Sanders/Warren 2020, On Diderot
2229 Crisis: The Green New Deal, America Socialist?, Right-Wing Outrages, On Trump's Insanity, Sachs
2230 Crisis: On Venezuela (I & II), Pharmaceutical Corporations, "Realists", Plastic & Health
2231 Crisis: Extinction Rebellion, On Brazil, No More Clouds, Trump's Wall, The Rule of Law
2232 Crisis: On Centrism, On Incarceration, Firing Trump, On Bernie Sanders, Survival of the Richest
2233 Crisis: Michael Cohen vs. Trump, Cohen's Testimony, Climate Change, A Conman & Liar, Brzezinski


2234 Crisis: Trump & North-Korea, On Michael Cohen (I & II), On Nethanyahu, On Victor Serge
2235 Crisis: On The (sick) NYT, Surveillance Capitalism, Big Tech vs Democracy, Scheer, Ocasio-Cortez
2236 Crisis: Trump & Foes, On Michael Cohen, 14 Trump Crimes, A Psychoanalyst, Cohen & Trump
2237 Crisis: On Health Care, Ocasio-Cortez, Boosting American Wages, Democrats vs Trump, On Brexit
2238 Crisis: Nuclear Arms & Saudi Arabia, End "Forever Wars", On Israel, Bernie & the DNC, On Trump
2239 Crisis: Tyrannical Surveillance, On Anti-Semitism, New Brexit Vote(?), John Oliver, On the NSA
2240 Crisis: On Some Myths, On Facebook´s Lies, Climate Catastrophy, Trump´s Lies, On Maximum Wage
2241 Crisis: How Mad Is Trump, Cornel West on Sanders, Nuclear Arms, On Propaganda, Ankle Monitors
2242 Crisis: On Elizabeth Warren, On Anti-Semitism, Russia-gate, Trump Knew, Corporate Rule, ME/CFS
2243 Crisis: Sanders & Socialism, Warren & Big Tech, Nuclear War, Medicare for All, On Facebook
2244 Crisis: Medicare-for-all, No Renewables, Zero Republican Votes, On The Printed Press, Neoliberals
2245 Crisis: Israel & The USA, NYT vs Sanders, Trump´s Major Cuts, Warren vs Big Tech, The Big Cheat
2246 Crisis: Trump´s Tax Returns, On Brexit, On the U.S. Deficit, Trump´s Budget, On Tim Berners-Lee
2247 Crisis: On Meritocracy, The Green New Deal, Conway´s Husband, The VIPS & Mueller, On War Powers
2248 Crisis: On Erik Prince, Impeaching Trump, Cohen´s Dangers, Trump´s Authoritarism, Chris Hedges
2249  Crisis: Hollywood & Racism, Terror Attack, USA´s Economy Rigged, Visa Bann on ICC, Bernie Sanders
2250 Crisis: Trump Cornered, On Terrorism, The ¨Gifted¨ Rich, On Heroic Capitalism, May & Brexit
2251 Crisis: Global Economy, ´Socialist´ Bogeyman, Zuckerberg, Children in Politics, The Probable Future
2252 Crisis: The New Inquisition, On Republicans, On Psychosomatics, On Unions, On How Not To Write
2253 Crisis: USA & Authoritarianism, On The Green New Deal, On ¨Freedom¨, On The Conways, TYT
2254 Crisis: The Torture Machine, Climate Authoritarianism, Twitter´s Terrorism, US Military, Censorship
2255 Crisis: Facebook´s Crimes, On Brexit Delay, Medicare-for-all, Net Neutrality Bill, On The Internet
2256 Crisis: On Medicine, Mueller Concluded, DCCC For Corruption, Big Oil´s Real Agenda, Mueller Report
2257 Crisis: Threat Within, On Nuremberg Trials, Brexit Rethink, Democrats´ Undemocracy, On The ICC
2258 Crisis: No Evidence of Collusion, Ferlinghetti 100, On Russia-gate, Barr´s Summary, Victory for Trump
2259 Crisis: On The Mueller Report, Russiagate & WMD, On Information, Greenwald & Johnston, On Trump
2260 Crisis: The Golan Heights, Trump & Collusion, Russiagate Fixation, Trump Contagion, Mueller Report
2261 Crisis: On Google & China, Purdue Pharma, Ralph Nader, On Theresa May, On Trump´s Crimes
2262 Crisis: After Mueller, Ocasio-Cortez, The Opioid Crisis, Trump & The Military, Trump's 2020 Budget
2263 Crisis: Senate Vote on Climate Plan, Chelsea Manning, Mueller Report, Surveillance Capitalism, Slane
2264 Crisis: American Prisons, Sanders & Medicare-for-All, Human Nature, Killer Robots, On Russiagate

2265 Crisis: Don't Give to the DCCC, The Trump Slump, On Health Care, O'Hehir on Mueller, Deport Children
2266 Crisis: On Struggling, Breaking Up Big Tech, U.K. in Crisis, Trump's Remorse, On the Green New Deal
2267 Crisis: U.S. Censorship, A Rigged System, On Nancy Pelosi, On Facebook, On The New Economy
2268 Crisis: On The Draft, A Global Recession?, On Criminal CEOs, On the Wealthy & Taxes, On Assange
2269 Crisis: On Surveillance Capitalism, On Turkey, On NATO, On Assange, On The Republicans
2270 Crisis: White Supremacy, Warren, Climate Catastrophe, Artificial Intelligence, "Socialism"
2271 Crisis: The U.S. Kidnappers, Atheism in Asia, Nuclear Power, Decrease of Standards, Big Pharma
2272 Crisis: Green New Deal, "Fascism Is Left-Wing", Yellow Vests, On Meritocracy, "No More Judges"
2273 Crisis: War on Terror, 70 Years NATO, American Lies, Sanders & Right-to-Work, Insect Apocalypse
2274 Crisis: Kirstjen Nielsen, Sanders & Fox News, Runaway Inequality, On "Socialism", Brexit and May
2275 Crisis: On Academic Freedom, Nethanyahu's Win, Brexit Extended, Trump's Legacy, U.S. Abortions
2276 Crisis: Assage Arrested, Assange & Press Freedom, Assange as Martyr, Assange & Freedom, More
2277 Crisis: Assage's Arrest, Three Fundamental Points, End of Freedom, Corbyn & Assange, Deceptions
2278 Crisis: Snowden & Assange, Warren, Assange's Arrest, Assange's "Conspiracy, Dirty Dealings, ME/CFS
2279 Crisis: Ecuador & Assange, Criminalization, Ellsberg & Assange, On McConnell, Ordinary People
2280 Crisis: Assange Is Harmed, Humans & Pollution, Bernie Sanders, On Marijuana, Assange's Judge
2281 Crisis: First Assange, Climate & Computers, The VIPS, The Left vs. the "Left", Reich & Inequality
2282 Crisis: Extinction Rebellion, Public Banking, Power & Powell Jr., U.S. Elections, Hey Democrats...
2283 Crisis: Greenwald & Mueller, Hasan & Mueller, Chomsky & Russia, Chomsky & GND, Corrupt Pentagon
2284 Crisis: Greenwald vs. Johnston, Palestinians, Pentagon Spending, Amazon as Thief, Fourth Reich
2285 Crisis: Purity Tests, British Liars, On The Pentagon, Literary Criticism & TV, On The Mueller Report
2286 Crisis: Barr & Mueller, Comedian wins Ukraine, Myths & Taxes, Mueller & Trump, More Public Banks
2287 Crisis: U.S. Police State, Student Debt, On Assange's Demise, Reich on Trump, On Plastic
2288 Crisis: Right-Wing Vigilantes, Chomsky on Trump, The Ukraine, The Supreme Court, Impeaching?
2289 Crisis: Stiglitz on Various Things (1 & 2), Democrats Prefer Trump?, Savagery & Security, On AI
2290 Crisis: Fraud Joe Biden, Millionaires & Tax, Death Sentences, On Bernie Sanders, On Impeachment
2290 Crisis: On Assange's Arrest, Facebook's "Factchecking", On Assange, On Capitalism, Arms Treaty
2290 Crisis: On Trump & Women, "The Middle Class", On Elizabeth Warren, How Bad?, On Assange
2290 Crisis: Health Care Corruption, Socialists, Collective Suicide, Taking Down Bernie, On Real Science
2290 Crisis: The Crees, Profitable But No Tax, Trump & Health Care, Climate Change, Good News


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