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Jan  1, 2019 Nederlog 2018: Updates for the new year

Crisis: Resistance & Faith, On Assange, Remove Trump, Women At Home, Open Internet
Jan  2, 2019 Crisis: Chomsky on Brazil, and Human Life, Brazil's Neofascist, Bernie Sanders, The US Democrats
Jan  3, 2019 Crisis: The Guardian's Lies, US Federal Employees, On Bolsonaro, On Neofascism, Hartmann & GOP
Jan  4, 2019 Crisis: NBC/MSNBC Journalism, The "War on Terror", House Democrats, Impeachment, Nader
Jan  5, 2019 Crisis: Funding The Wall, Neocons, On Elizabeth Warren, Big Money & Politics, Being A Radical
Jan  6, 2019 Crisis: Corporate Bribery, Decent U.S. Tax, Psychiatry & Trump, Building Of The Wall, On The EU
Jan  7, 2019 Crisis: Facebook To Court, Neoconservatives, 10 Climate Cataclysms, De Niro, Capitalism Is Killing
Jan  8, 2019 Crisis: Election Circus, Democrats & Identity, Borderline Insanity, Pelosi´s Powers, On Corporations
Jan  9, 2019 Crisis: Popular Delusions, Mainstream Femnism, Voting Rights Bill, Corporate Pillage, Russia-gate
Jan 10, 2019 Crisis: The Crisis, William Arkin, Trump´s Presidency, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Robert Reich
Jan 11, 2019 Crisis: State of Emergency, Bill McKibben, US Military Bases, Corporate Media, Green New Deal
Jan 12, 2019 Crisis: On Angela Davis, The Opioid Crisis, Michael Cohen Testifies, Nancy Pelosi, On Truth
Jan 13, 2019 Crisis: The FBI & Trump, Trump & the FBI, The Green New Deal, On Fact-Checking, British Spies
Jan 14, 2019 Crisis: Ocasio-Cortez In The NYT, Striking Iran, The Environment, Green New Deal, On ¨Fascism¨¨
Jan 15, 2019 Crisis: On ´Private Governments´, FBI vs. Trump, IRS Aids The Rich, U.S. Democracy, Dictators
Jan 16, 2019 Crisis: The crazy Bolton, May Crushed, Next Economic Crisis, A Basic Income, EXIT Free Internet
Jan 17, 2019 Crisis: Three Articles On Brexit, The Pentagon´s Many Lies, Sleepwalking Into Catastrophe
Jan 18, 2019 Crisis: Impeach the Motherfucker, Lost Children, On Surveillance Capitalism, Ehrenreich, Sanders
Jan 19, 2019 Crisis: My modem seems to be broken ((it was: a new one works on Jan 21, 2019)
Jan 22, 2019 Crisis: Culture of Death, Corrupt Medicine, On Islam, On Billionaires, The Rule of Law
Jan 23, 2019 Crisis: On "Russia-gate", Economic Apartheid, The Extremely Rich, Pence vs. Trump, The Internet
Jan 24, 2019 Crisis: Plastic Nanoparticles, No Billionaires, Political Absurdity, New Tax Plan, Powerful Oligarchs
Jan 25, 2019 Crisis: Warren & Ultra-Millionaires, Tyranny, Coup in Venezuela, Nuclear Apocalypse, Corporations
Jan 26, 2019 Crisis: Trump´s Shutdown, On Venezuela, 9/11 & Illegal CIA Operations, Brexit, Temporary Jobs
Jan 27, 2019 Crisis: The USA vs Venezuela, An Axis of Evil, Nuclear War in Space, Nuclear War & Safety, Conquest
Jan 28, 2019 Crisis: Trump vs The Courts, Facebook´s Frauds, Right-wing Outrages, Green New Deal, On Iran
Jan 29, 2019 Crisis: The World to Come, Trump & The Guardian, Venezuela, Totalitarianism, Wall Street
Jan 30, 2019 Crisis: Ocasio-Cortez, Venezuelan Juan Guaidó, U.S. Public Workers, The GOP´s Greed, Billionaires
Jan 31, 2019 Crisis: USA vs Maduro, USA Most Corrupt, No More Philanthropy: Taxes, On Schultz, Human Lives


Feb  1, 2019 Crisis: On Facebook, On Chomsky's Ideas, On Plutocracy, On Extreme Wealth, On Economics
Feb  2, 2019 Crisis: Apple's Censorship, A Border Story, Hearings By Congress, Psychiatry & Trump, Neutrality
Feb  3, 2019 Crisis: Age of Surveillance, GOP's Tax Cut, A Wealth Tax, Trump's Failures, The CIA Then and Now
Feb  4, 2019 Crisis: Schumer & Sanders, Nuclear Arms, Socialism, On 70% Tax, The Morally Necessary
Feb  5, 2019 Crisis: On The Dollar, The State of the Union/Disunion, Terrorists From Google, On The Democrats
Feb  6, 2019 Crisis: State of the Union, On Facebook's Degeneracies, On Wikipedia, Netflix, Nuclear Dangers
Feb  7, 2019 Crisis: Abolish Billionaires, Liar-in-Chief, Workers Rebellion, Doomsday Machines, Good Journalism
Feb  8, 2019 Crisis: On Socialism, Authoritarian Trump, Leftist Defense, Ken Clarke On Tories, Green New Deal
Feb  9, 2019 Crisis: The Surveillance State, Green New Deal, Kidnapping 1000s, Medicare, Capitalism's New Clothes
Feb 10, 2019  Crisis: American Patriotism, Residential Racism, Trump's Dangers, Amazon & Subsidies, New Deal
Feb 11, 2019 Crisis: New Arms Race, On Carbon Tax, Legalizing Cannabis, Net Neutrality, Green New Deal
Feb 12, 2019 Crisis: Cartoon War, Bezos & Global Surveillance, On Brazil, Collapsing Insect Populations, Reich
Feb 13, 2019 Crisis: End of Ice, One Minute, Inequalities of Place, Ocasio-Cortez Is Right, A US Tax on Wealth
Feb 14, 2019 Crisis: The Green New Deal, Israeli Lobbyists, Profit From Online Data, Warren, U.S. Senate
Feb 15, 2019 Crisis: Trumpian Emergency, FBI vs. Trump, Green New Deal, More Emergency, Some Rich People
Feb 16, 2019 Crisis: On Amazon, Phony Emergency, Trump's Emergency, Dictator Trump, Unstable Trump
Feb 17, 2019 Crisis: Trump's Power Grab, Amazon & New York, John Oliver, The FBI & A Coup, Green New Deal
Feb 18, 2019 Crisis: No Plan for Brexit, Most Dangerous Weapon, Facebook & Google, U.S. Emergencies I & II
Feb 19, 2019 Crisis: Electronic Images, Population Growth, Failing Capitalism, On Psychiatry, Digital Gangsters
Feb 20, 2019 Crisis: Sanders for President, Amazon's Sickness, One True Choice, Bernie is Back, More on Sanders
Feb 21, 2019 Crisis: Trump's Nuclear Deal, National Emergency, The USA, Constitutional Crisis, Medicare for All
Feb 22, 2019 Crisis: On Trump's Madness, A Climate Denier, Go Fuck Yourself, On E-Mails in the USA, Republicans
Feb 23, 2019 Crisis: On Bernie Sanders, '60s Counterculture, Biodiversity, Sanders/Warren 2020, On Diderot
Feb 24, 2019 Crisis: The Green New Deal, America Socialist?, Right-Wing Outrages, On Trump's Insanity, Sachs
Feb 25, 2019 Crisis: On Venezuela (I & II), Pharmaceutical Corporations, "Realists", Plastic & Health
Feb 26, 2019 Crisis: Extinction Rebellion, On Brazil, No More Clouds, Trump's Wall, The Rule of Law
Feb 27, 2019 Crisis: On Centrism, On Incarceration, Firing Trump, On Bernie Sanders, Survival of the Richest
Feb 28, 2019 Crisis: Michael Cohen vs. Trump, Cohen's Testimony, Climate Change, A Conman & Liar, Brzezinski


Mar  1, 2019 Crisis: Trump & North-Korea, On Michael Cohen (I & II), On Nethanyahu, On Victor Serge
Mar  2, 2019 Crisis: On The (sick) NYT, Surveillance Capitalism, Big Tech vs Democracy, Scheer, Ocasio-Cortez
Mar  3, 2019 Crisis: Trump & Foes, On Michael Cohen, 14 Trump Crimes, A Psychoanalyst, Cohen & Trump
Mar  4, 2019 Crisis: On Health Care, Ocasio-Cortez, Boosting American Wages, Democrats vs Trump, On Brexit
Mar  5, 2019 Crisis: Nuclear Arms & Saudi Arabia, End "Forever Wars", On Israel, Bernie & the DNC, On Trump
Mar  6, 2019 Crisis: Tyrannical Surveillance, On Anti-Semitism, New Brexit Vote(?), John Oliver, On the NSA
Mar  7, 2019 Crisis: On Some Myths, On Facebook´s Lies, Climate Catastrophy, Trump´s Lies, On Maximum Wage
Mar  8, 2019 Crisis: How Mad Is Trump, Cornel West on Sanders, Nuclear Arms, On Propaganda, Ankle Monitors
Mar  9, 2019 Crisis: On Elizabeth Warren, On Anti-Semitism, Russia-gate, Trump Knew, Corporate Rule, ME/CFS
Mar 10, 2019 Crisis: Sanders & Socialism, Warren & Big Tech, Nuclear War, Medicare for All, On Facebook
Mar 11, 2019 Crisis: Medicare-for-all, No Renewables, Zero Republican Votes, On The Printed Press, Neoliberals
Mar 12, 2019 Crisis: Israel & The USA, NYT vs Sanders, Trump´s Major Cuts, Warren vs Big Tech, The Big Cheat
Mar 13, 2019 Crisis: Trump´s Tax Returns, On Brexit, On the U.S. Deficit, Trump´s Budget, On Tim Berners-Lee
Mar 14, 2019 Crisis: On Meritocracy, The Green New Deal, Conway´s Husband, The VIPS & Mueller, On War Powers
Mar 15, 2019 Crisis: On Erik Prince, Impeaching Trump, Cohen´s Dangers, Trump´s Authoritarism, Chris Hedges
Mar 16, 2019 Crisis: Hollywood & Racism, Terror Attack, USA´s Economy Rigged, Visa Bann on ICC, Bernie Sanders
Mar 17, 2019 Crisis: Trump Cornered, On Terrorism, The ¨Gifted¨ Rich, On Heroic Capitalism, May & Brexit
Mar 18, 2019 Crisis: Global Economy, ´Socialist´ Bogeyman, Zuckerberg, Children in Politics, The Probable Future
Mar 19, 2019 Crisis: The New Inquisition, On Republicans, On Psychosomatics, On Unions, On How Not To Write
Mar 20, 2019 Crisis: USA & Authoritarianism, On The Green New Deal, On ¨Freedom¨, On The Conways, TYT
Mar 21, 2019 Crisis: The Torture Machine, Climate Authoritarianism, Twitter´s Terrorism, US Military, Censorship
Mar 22, 2019 Crisis: Facebook´s Crimes, On Brexit Delay, Medicare-for-all, Net Neutrality Bill, On The Internet
Mar 23, 2019 Crisis: On Medicine, Mueller Concluded, DCCC For Corruption, Big Oil´s Real Agenda, Mueller Report
Mar 24, 2019 Crisis: Threat Within, On Nuremberg Trials, Brexit Rethink, Democrats´ Undemocracy, On The ICC
Mar 25, 2019 Crisis: No Evidence of Collusion, Ferlinghetti 100, On Russia-gate, Barr´s Summary, Victory for Trump
Mar 26, 2019 Crisis: On The Mueller Report, Russiagate & WMD, On Information, Greenwald & Johnston, On Trump
Mar 27, 2019 Crisis: The Golan Heights, Trump & Collusion, Russiagate Fixation, Trump Contagion, Mueller Report
Mar 28, 2019 Crisis: On Google & China, Purdue Pharma, Ralph Nader, On Theresa May, On Trump´s Crimes
Mar 29, 2019 Crisis: After Mueller, Ocasio-Cortez, The Opioid Crisis, Trump & The Military, Trump's 2020 Budget
Mar 30, 2019 Crisis: Senate Vote on Climate Plan, Chelsea Manning, Mueller Report, Surveillance Capitalism, Slane
Mar 31, 2019 Crisis: American Prisons, Sanders & Medicare-for-All, Human Nature, Killer Robots, On Russiagate

Apr  1, 2019
Crisis: Don't Give to the DCCC, The Trump Slump, On Health Care, O'Hehir on Mueller, Deport Children
Apr  2, 2019 Crisis: On Struggling, Breaking Up Big Tech, U.K. in Crisis, Trump's Remorse, On the Green New Deal
Apr  3, 2019 Crisis: U.S. Censorship, A Rigged System, On Nancy Pelosi, On Facebook, On The New Economy
Apr  4, 2019 Crisis: On The Draft, A Global Recession?, On Criminal CEOs, On the Wealthy & Taxes, On Assange
Apr  5, 2019 Crisis: On Surveillance Capitalism, On Turkey, On NATO, On Assange, On The Republicans
Apr  6, 2019 Crisis: White Supremacy, Warren, Climate Catastrophe, Artificial Intelligence, "Socialism"
Apr  7, 2019 Crisis: The U.S. Kidnappers, Atheism in Asia, Nuclear Power, Decrease of Standards, Big Pharma
Apr  8, 2019 Crisis: Green New Deal, "Fascism Is Left-Wing", Yellow Vests, On Meritocracy, "No More Judges"
Apr  9, 2019 Crisis: War on Terror, 70 Years NATO, American Lies, Sanders & Right-to-Work, Insect Apocalypse
Apr 10, 2019 Crisis: Kirstjen Nielsen, Sanders & Fox News, Runaway Inequality, On "Socialism", Brexit and May
Apr 11, 2019 Crisis: On Academic Freedom, Nethanyahu's Win, Brexit Extended, Trump's Legacy, U.S. Abortions
Apr 12, 2019 Crisis: Assage Arrested, Assange & Press Freedom, Assange as Martyr, Assange & Freedom, More
Apr 13, 2019 Crisis: Assage's Arrest, Three Fundamental Points, End of Freedom, Corbyn & Assange, Deceptions
Apr 14, 2019 Crisis: Snowden & Assange, Warren, Assange's Arrest, Assange's "Conspiracy, Dirty Dealings, ME/CFS
Apr 15, 2019 Crisis: Ecuador & Assange, Criminalization, Ellsberg & Assange, On McConnell, Ordinary People
Apr 16, 2019 Crisis: Assange Is Harmed, Humans & Pollution, Bernie Sanders, On Marijuana, Assange's Judge
Apr 17, 2019 Crisis: First Assange, Climate & Computers, The VIPS, The Left vs. the "Left", Reich & Inequality
Apr 18, 2019 Crisis: Extinction Rebellion, Public Banking, Power & Powell Jr., U.S. Elections, Hey Democrats...
Apr 19, 2019 Crisis: Greenwald & Mueller, Hasan & Mueller, Chomsky & Russia, Chomsky & GND, Corrupt Pentagon
Apr 20, 2019 Crisis: Greenwald vs. Johnston, Palestinians, Pentagon Spending, Amazon as Thief, Fourth Reich
Apr 21, 2019 Crisis: Purity Tests, British Liars, On The Pentagon, Literary Criticism & TV, On The Mueller Report
Apr 22, 2019 Crisis: Barr & Mueller, Comedian wins Ukraine, Myths & Taxes, Mueller & Trump, More Public Banks
Apr 23, 2019 Crisis: U.S. Police State, Student Debt, On Assange's Demise, Reich on Trump, On Plastic
Apr 24, 2019 Crisis: Right-Wing Vigilantes, Chomsky on Trump, The Ukraine, The Supreme Court, Impeaching?
Apr 25, 2019 Crisis: Stiglitz on Various Things (1 & 2), Democrats Prefer Trump?, Savagery & Security, On AI
Apr 26, 2019 Crisis: Fraud Joe Biden, Millionaires & Tax, Death Sentences, On Bernie Sanders, On Impeachment
Apr 27, 2019 Crisis: On Assange's Arrest, Facebook's "Factchecking", On Assange, On Capitalism, Arms Treaty
Apr 28, 2019 Crisis: On Trump & Women, "The Middle Class", On Elizabeth Warren, How Bad?, On Assange
Apr 29, 2019 Crisis: Health Care Corruption, Socialists, Collective Suicide, Taking Down Bernie, On Real Science
Apr 30, 2019 Crisis: The Crees, Profitable But No Tax, Trump & Health Care, Climate Change, Good News


May  1, 2019
Crisis: On Venezuela, Trump as Dictator, "Wall Street Dems", VIPS on Assange,  Impeach Trump!
May  2, 2019 Crisis: On Human Complicity, On Venezuela, On "Capitalism", U.S. Infrastructure, On The Money
May  3, 2019 Crisis: Impeaching Trump, George Monbiot, Barr vs. Pelosi, On The Pentagon, On Twitter
May  4, 2019 Crisis: People's Human Rights, On Billionaires, Trump's Economy, Nader on Trump, Russia-gate
May  5, 2019 Crisis: Landmark UN Report, An Open Letter, English Local Elections, On Germany, Impeach Trump
May  6, 2019 Crisis: On The Crisis Series, Democrats vs Trump, On Brexit & 2nd Referendum
May  7, 2019 On The Crisis Series: Part 2 + Creeping Towards Tyranny (Hedges)
May  8, 2019 On The Crisis Series: Part 3 + The Divider-In-Chief (Reich)
May  9, 2019 On The Crisis Series: Part 4 + Selections + Changes in Nederlog
May 10, 2019 Three Crisis Articles + On Writing html (Part a.)
May 11, 2019 Three Crisis Articles + On Writing html (Part b.)
May 12, 2019 Three Crisis Articles + It Is M.E.-Day Today (May 12)
May 13, 2019 Three Crisis Articles
May 14, 2019 Four Crisis Articles
May 15, 2019 Four Crisis Articles
May 16, 2019 Three Crisis Articles + Dr. Johnson
May 17, 2019 Four Crisis Articles + May 17: Norway's National Day
May 18, 2019 Four Crisis Articles + Some Remarks on Ubuntu: 1
May 19, 2019 Four Crisis Articles
May 20, 2019 Four Crisis Articles
May 21, 2019 Three Crisis Articles
May 22, 2019 Problems with my computer - 1
May 23, 2019 Crisis: Legalizing Marijuana, How Republics Die, Interviewing Lula, Internet in China
May 24, 2019 Crisis: On Julian Assange (1) & (2), On John Bolton, Nader: Who Gave Us Trump
May 25, 2019 Crisis: On the Assange Indictment, On Theresa May (1) & (2), On The War on Journalism
May 26, 2019 Crisis: Assange & Espionage, Ellsberg on Assange, USA's Political Crisis,  CEOs vs Workers
May 27, 2019 Crisis: The European Elections, Impeach Trump?, Corporatism & the Law, On Democracy
May 28, 2019 Crisis: The Mass Media + Chomsky on Democracy, the Green New Deal, and Nuclear War
May 29, 2019 Crisis: Assange's Indictment, Socialism in the USA, More Assange, On Oligarchy in the USA
May 30, 2019 Crisis: On Mueller on Trump, Science & the Planet, Is Assange Ill?, Assange Is Persecuted
May 31, 2019 Crisis: Brexit + British Trumps, Free Speech Threatened, Society in Decay, No "Free Trade"


Jun  1, 2019 Crisis: Julian Assange, Israel & Zionism, Alabama's Laws, Snowden on Mass Surveillance
Jun  2, 2019 Crisis: Google & Anti-Trust Laws, On Israel, Impeaching Trump, Chomsky Interviewed
Jun  3, 2019 Crisis: Grim on the Democrats, Google & Amazon, Bernie Sanders, Aquinas on Sinning
Jun  4, 2019 Crisis: War with Russia, Philosophy of Totalitarianism, Russia Totalitarian, Media and Assange
Jun  5, 2019 Crisis: On China, On the Democratic Party, Assange Not To Sweden, On The Gig Economy
Jun  6, 2019 Crisis: The Lobbying Tech Giants, Trump´s Insane Lies, On ¨The Law¨, Democrats vs Trump
Jun  7, 2019 Crisis: On ¨Cultural Marxism¨, On Climate Change, On the Corporate Media, On ¨Socialism¨
Jun  8, 2019 Crisis: China & The Internet, Americans & Innocence, U.S. Supreme Court, Bolsonaro & Brazil
Jun  9, 2019 Crisis: The USA´s Global Hegemony, The USA & ¨socialism¨, On Congress, On Ecological Genocide
Jun 10, 2019 Crisis: Greenwald on Brazil, Medical Frauds, On Trump´s Lies, ¨What Fascists Do¨
Jun 11, 2019 Crisis: Cult of Trump, Google and the Press, On ¨Socialism¨, George Conway on Trump
Jun 12, 2019 Crisis: The Thought Police, On Doublehthink & Orwell, On Trumponomics, US Foreign Policy
Jun 13, 2019 Crisis: The U.S. Census & Elections, On Brazil, Hacking the U.S. Elections, Kiriakou & Bolton
Jun 14, 2019 Crisis: Hong Kong Protests, American Dream in China, Exit First Amendment, On Propaganda
Jun 15, 2019 Crisis: Facebook & Privacy, Secret Surveillance, Mainstream Media, On Psychiatry & Bandy Lee
Jun 16, 2019 Crisis: Everyone is Equal (?), On Hong Kong, Everyone Is An Idiot (?), Pilger on Assange
Jun 17, 2019 Crisis: On Saudi Arabia, On Hong Kong, On Bernie Sanders' Proposal, On Bernie Sanders' Chances
Jun 18, 2019 Crisis: Trial of Assange, The NSA, Sanders & ¨Socialism¨, Hong Kong Protests, George Carlin
Jun 19, 2019 Crisis: The Assange Indictment, Facebook´s Currency, An Economic Crash, A Political Tragedy
Jun 20, 2019 Crisis: Big Tech & Your Money, American Inequality, Trump´s Corrupt State, On ¨Socialism¨
Jun 21, 2019 Crisis: Chomsky on Propaganda, The Democrats, A Possible Economic Crash, Nader on 5 Threats
Jun 22, 2019 Crisis: On the Progressive Base,  On Facebook, On Psychiatry, On Whistleblowers
Jun 23, 2019 Crisis: The USA & Slavery, U.S. Congress & Wars, VIPS Memo, The ¨Center" Of Politics
Jun 24, 2019 Crisis: Turkey´s Elections, On John Stewart, On Sanders as ´Existential Threat´ (1) and (2)
Jun 25, 2019 Crisis: Guantánamo & Torture, E-Commerce's Manipulations, Sanders & Student-Debts, The CIA
Jun 26, 2019 Crisis: British Politics, Less than a Millisecond, Facebook + Libra, Breaking Up Big Tech
Jun 27, 2019 Crisis: Rapist Trump, Solving the Climate Crisis, On Jeremy Corbyn, America's Economic Problems
Jun 28, 2019 Crisis: On Elizabeth Warren, The USA & Russia, Nader on "Socialism", Trump's Secret Tax
Jun 29, 2019 Crisis: On Gerrymandering, On Dying Languages, On Physics and Philosophy, On Nuclear War
Jun 30, 2019 Crisis: On James Murdoch, On Concentration Camps, On the Republicans, Chomsky on Trump


Jul  1, 2019
Crisis: On Bernie Sanders, On Kamala Harris, Trump & Kim, No Child Migrant Jails, On ME-Agenda
Jul  2, 2019 Crisis: Hedges on Lenin, The Undemocratic Democrats, Trump & Corporate Profits, On Children
Jul  3, 2019 Crisis: No Citizenship Questions, Trump's Tax Returns, Abolishing Billionaires(?), On Facebook
Jul  4, 2019 Crisis: Cruelty & Neofascism, Facebook's Earnings, On the Democrats, On Political Terms
Jul  5, 2019 Crisis: Independence of Leaders, Beautiful USA, Frederick Douglass on the USA, American Tanks

There were no more additions to my site

because I got a TIA on July 5 2019.

There is a little more below. I am

relatively OK, but have slept very

little since, although this starts

improving since last night.

Jul 14, 2019 I have had a TIA on July 5

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