Monday February 5, 2018

Crisis: Crisis index for 2018 - 1808 and further

Crisis: Crisis Index for 2018: 1808 and further

This is a Nederlog of Monday, February 5, 2018.

This is a crisis index file for 2018. I have now found a more or less reasonable way of indexing my crisis files, that started on September 1, 2008. (This is Dutch, as were the first 82 of - presently - over 1800 files, but it is good, and all but the first 82 files are in English.)

1. Crisis: Index file: 1808 and further

This continues the following seven indexes of files in the crisis series:
The present file is the continuation of the above indexes and starts with 1808
for January 2, 2018. (And that is the 1808th file I wrote about the crisis, since the first one on September 1, 2008. They all can be accessed from the above indexes.) 

The present crisis index is compiled from the Nederlog index by deleting non-crisis items. These are the files I wrote
on the crisis in 2018, starting on January 1 of 2018. (You can see all the dates by hoovering over the titles.) The rest of the index will be compiled monthly in the same way.

January 2018


Crisis: Visionless Society, Duty To Warn, Fake News, Russia & Trump, "Russia-gate" (2018)
1809 Crisis: Silicon Valley, Spy Agencies, Seven Forbidden Words, Public Warnings, Climate Change
1810 Crisis: On Steve Bannon, "Russia-gate", North Korea, 60 Years Of CIA, Buying With Cash
1811 Crisis: On Dissent, Dissidence in the USA, Trump's Businesses, World From Hell, Totalitarianism
1812 Crisis: On James Risen, Mass Exodus(?), Trump's Dangers, Google & Facebook, On Journalism
1813 Crisis: "A Very Stable Genius"*2, Paper Libraries, Neoliberalism, Fuckbook Etc.
1814 Crisis: Sick Souls, ¨Stable Genius¨, Dangerous Trump, Overthrow Our Rulers, On Corporations
1815 Crisis: ´Fire and Fury´, On Trump´s Mind *2, An Obvious Madman, Is Trump Certifiable?
1816 Crisis: NSA Spying, On Steve Bannon, Trump´s Skills, Nader on Trump, Wars & Propaganda
1817 Crisis: On Trump´s Insanity, Washington Post, Monarchism,´Stable Genius´,  Nuclear Arms
1818 Crisis: Exit Privacy, Julian Assange, #MeToo, Watergate Moment?, ¨Russia-gate¨
1819 Crisis: Spying Powers, Nuclear Threats, Trump's Interview, Six Euphemisms, Goldwater Rule
1820 Crisis: "Fire and Fury" *3, Progress for Merkel, Challenging Trump's Language
1821 Crisis: Shithole Country, MLK Jr, Antarctic Trouble, Empathy, Whitehouse Liars
1822 Crisis: Pope Frances, Chelsea Manning, Net Neutrality, Assault on Reason, Nuclear Arms
1823 Crisis: USA's Many Wars, "Alternative Facts", Net Neutrality, Shithole States, Trump
1824 Crisis: Trump's Qualities, Middle Class, Ethics Experts, On Surveillance, Twitter Rock Stars
1825 Crisis: Trumpian Decline, FISA Reauthorization *2, Testability, A Fungus
1826 Crisis: Horrible Surveillance Law * 3,  Dictator Trump, The Morons of Facebook
1827 Crisis: Presidential Etiquette, Government Shut Down*2, Facebook & Google, Marijuana
1828 Crisis: Thought Police, Allen Frances, Cable News, Voice Reports, Destroying the GOP
1829 Crisis: On Dr. King, On Surveillance, On The Super Rich, On Apple, On Privacy
1830 Crisis: Impeaching Trump, Killer Drones, Amazon, Trump Not Trusted, Facebook´s Fakeries
1831 Crisis: Conservatism, Apple & China, Pope Frances, Michael Wolff, Mainstream Media
1832 Crisis: Supreme Court, On ¨Neoliberalism¨, Doomsday Clock, Conservatives, Rise of Fascism
1833 Crisis: Amazon, Dutch Spies, Sex and Violence, Facebook & Google, ¨Tribal¨ America
1834 Crisis:  Trump´s First Year,  Marijuana,  The Environment, Wall Street, Germany & Wealth
1835 Crisis: A Summary Of ¨The Century of the Self¨
1836 Crisis: Trump´s Idiocy,  American "Defense", On Obama, On Robert Parry, Trump´s America
1837 Crisis: The US War Machine, Multiverse Mania, ¨The Art of the Lie¨, The Worst, US Elections
1838 Crisis: Bernie Saders, Progressives, ¨Christian Evangelicals¨,  Democracy, Deep State


1839 Crisis:  Nuclear War, State of the Union, Mass Surveilance, Big Fight, Trump Not Normal
1840 Crisis:  Strongmen, Lead-Crimes, On Twitter, On Trump's Mind, Trump's Financial Arsonists
1841 Crisis:  Nunes Memo, On Mueller, Trump vs. Deep State, Net Neutrality, "Equal Justice"
1842 Crisis:  Law Enforcement, Surveillance State, War & Crash, 20 False Promises, Guantánamo
1843 Crisis:  Constitutional Crisis, Kennedy III, Trump's Strategy, On Privatization, On Robert Parry
1844 Crisis:  On the "left", Dow Jones Fell, On Paul Ryan, U.S. War Machine, Deep State Veterans
1845 Crisis:  Mass murderers, Trumpocalypse, A New OS (?), Low-quality News, Nuclear Age
1846 Crisis:  GOP & Retirements, Endless Wars, Trump A Plutocrat, On Nunes' Memo, Bernie Sanders
1847 Crisis: The Western "Left", Drug Prices, Dow Jones Drops, Trump's Wars, Buybacks
1848 Crisis:  Secret Negotiations, Memo Blocked, War with Iran (?), Trump & Reading, Democrats
1849 Crisis:  The Republicans, Higher Education, Facebook & Youtube, NSA Agents, China
1850 Crisis:  On Oligarchs, Spies as "Journalists", U.S. Intelligence, Trump vs Deep State, Sinclair
1851 Crisis:  Trump's Budget, About Trump, Gift To Rich, Stealing, On Russian Hacking
1852 Crisis:  South Africa, Julian Assange, Financial Crises, Sanders on Trump, The Worst
1853 Crisis:  South Africa, Prognosis, American Sub-Humans, Intel-for-Hire, Trump's Budget
1854 Crisis:  Scoundrel, Trump's Mind, Korean Diplomacy, Facebook & Google, On Julian Assange
1855 Wat over mijn communistische achtergrond
1856 Crisis:  On Traitors, On Ramaphosa, On Wall Street, On Nuclear Arms, Mueller Charges
1857 Crisis:  Wikileaks, Classified Intelligence, Paranoid USA, Mueller, America's Meaning
1858 Crisis:  On Fascism, About Trump, A Fairer World, On U.S. Intel (3), No Justice
1859 Crisis: The Corrupt USA, Trump Supporters, Trump's Economy, 4th Worst, Mueller Indictments
1860 Crisis: On "The Media", The Common Good, U.S. Hegemony, Trumpian Theology, U.S. Empire
1861 Crisis: Trump´s War (?), Spying On Millions, US Elections, Nunes´ Opinions, Bombing Syria
1862 Crisis: On ¨Russia-gate¨, CIA-Director, Biggest Watergate Story, Common Good, Opioids
1863 Crisis: On Opioids, On Russia-gate, On Trump's Murders, On American "Education"*2
1864 Crisis: On "Russia-gate", On Trump, On Mueller, On U.S. Mental Health, The Coming War(s)
1865 Crisis: Guns & Liberty, Xi Jinping, Feinstein, Selective Justice, Computerized Worker Controls
1866 Crisis: Castro's Cuba, Koch Brothers, From Russia, U.S.-Iran Hostilities, A Moral Movement
1867 Crisis: Kushner, Xi Jinping's Powers, USA's Secret Services, U.S. Unions, Asylum Seekers


1868 Crisis: Chinese Censors, Indefinite Detention, The NYT, On Economics, On Healthy Bees
1869 Crisis: Snowden Documents, SIGINT Seniors, On Kushner, Big Pharma, Totalitarian China
1870 Crisis: The Kushners, Activist C.E.O.s, Trade Wars, More Billionaires, Missile-gate
1871 Crisis: Chinese Censorship, Putin's Speech, Trump's Presidency*2, McGovern on Putin
1872 Crisis: On Legal Tyranny, Merkel, USA Ignorant, Kushner's Conflicts, On The Guardian
1873 Crisis: Xi Jinping, Trump & Ayn Rand, MSNBCs Failures, Medicaid, Wall Street "Democrats"
1874 Crisis: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
1875 Crisis: Gary Cohn, US Health Care, Democrats' Shamming, The "Resistance", Daniel Ellsberg
1876 Crisis: Gary Cohn, Businesses = People, Blowback, US Infrastructure, ¨Russia-gate¨
1877 Crisis: On Korea, Ellsberg & Gun, ¨Democracy¨, Printed Newspapers, Killing Democracies
1878 Crisis: On Women, The Koreas, Democrats & Trump, War Minus Casualties, Deregulations
1879 Crisis: Criticism in China, Michael Cohen, Arms Talks, Shkreli Problem, Trump´s (In)capacities
1880 Crisis: American Press, USA & Peace, Google, War on Terror, Deregulating Wall Street
1881 Crisis: Drug Dealers, U.S. Meddling, Stormy Daniels, ¨Social Media¨, Destruction Of Education
1882 Crisis: Exit Tillerson, Torturer Haspels, Senate Democrats, TSA Practices, Some Philosophy
1883 Crisis: ¨Bloody Gina¨, Torture Crimes, CIA As Torturers, The Millennials, Warren´s Opposition
1884 Crisis: Nazi Defense, Armageddon, Haspel´s Torturing, Billionaires, The Big Five
1885 Crisis: Iraq Death Toll, ¨Social Media¨, Trumpian Corruptions, Haspels, Torture
1886 Crisis: Trump+Facebook, John Bolton, Corporations As Persons, Facebook Spies, Madman
1887 Crisis: Facebook, Exit Freedom, Cambridge Analytica, Muddying Elections, Jared Kushner
1888 Crisis: Facebook + Surveillance + Privacies + Manipulation, Buybacks, CLOUD
1889 Crisis+More: Facebook, Scahill, Democracy, Retirements, Cambridge, More: ME/CFS + 22.III.68
1890 Crisis+More: On Facebook *4, On Fox News, Trump As Dictator, $32 Million Per Hour, May ´68
1891 Crisis: Big Data Psy-Ops, 15 Years Iraq, #DeleteFacebook, Maximum Wage, On Facebook
1892 Crisis: Bernie Sanders, Bolton, ¨Democracy¨, Psychographics, Facebook+Hartmann
Crisis: Facebook & Google, Torturers, John Bolton, Journalism + ¨Elites¨, Karl Marx
1894 Crisis: The New Serfdom, Facebook, Stormy Daniels, Gina Haspel, "The Media"
1895 On ME/CFS in 2018 - 1: After 40 YEARS (!!!) my ex and I are really ill, in Holland
1896 Crisis: Facebook & Brexit, Piketty, Stormy Daniels, Trump´s Wars, Facebook Thefts
1897 Crisis: Big Brother, Julian Assange, Rigged Census, John Bolton, Military Control of USA
1898 Crisis: Inverted Justice, Facebook Regulated?, Trump Is The Worst, On John Bolton*2
1899 Crisis: Stephen Hawking, Malpractice, Criminal Trump, Jimmy Carter, Elections


Crisis: Trumpian Cult, On John Bolton*2, On Julian Assange, The GOP Tax Law
1901 Crisis: "Basic Income", Snyder, "Jobs-for-All", Europe & "Privacy", War Criminals
1902 Crisis: Chinese Communism, Bernie Sanders, Facebook Etc., On The Climate, Dr. King Jr.
1903 Crisis: John Bolton, Martin Luther King*2, Bayer- Monsanto Merger, High Finance: No Ethics
1904 Crisis: Facebook, Russia Madness, Martin Luther King, Zuckerberg, Clinton's Propaganda
1905 Crisis: On "Authoritarianism", Cellphones Unsafe, "Christians", Shell & Climate, Facebook
1906 Crisis: Stopping Trump, Lula da Silva, Facebook & Twitter, Mueller's Path, Lunatic Bolton
1907 Crisis: Trump & Bolton, The Corporations, The Drug Dealers, The Democrats, On Facebook
1908 Crisis: Exterminating Muslims, Fox & Friends, North Korea, John Bolton, Trump´s Madness
1909 Crisis: Greenwald On Lula, Wozniak, Assange, Stormy Daniels, Wealth-Deprived Americans
1900 Crisis: On Facebook * 3, On Trump, On Doomsday Machines
1910 Crisis: On Zuckerberg and Facebook * 4,  On 21st  C  Tech and Media Monopolies
1911 Crisis: James Comey, Paul Ryan, Facebook & Rohingya, What´s ¨A Fascist¨, Big Data´s Robbers
1912 Crisis: Facebook*2, Cambridge Analytica, Massive Evictions, On US Oligarchs
1913 Crisis: Trump & Syria, Russia-gate, Norman Finkelstein, Holocaust in USA, Attacking Syria
1914 Crisis: On War, Comey´s Interview *2, China vs. Trump, Congress and Facebook
1915 Crisis: Michael Cohen, Democrats & Wars, Public Schools, Trump´s Mob Rule, Comey´s Talk
1916 Crisis: Killing The Left, Trump & Cohen, Comey, Climate Crisis, Big Pharma´s Impunities
1917 Crisis: Internet Apologizes, Trump & War, U.S. Oligarchs, Doomsday, The Kochtopus
1918 Crisis: Clinton Prosecuted, Dumb Americans, Trump´s End?, Third Party? Agaist Torture
1919 Crisis: On Brazil, Carbon Poisoning, National Renewal (?), ¨Monsters¨ & ¨Animals¨, Corruption
1920 Crisis: War Powers, Plastic Pollution, Interest Rates, Robert Mueller, Comey Interviewed
1921 Crisis: Ecology & Power, More Wars, The American CEOs, On May ´68, Plastic Pollution
1922 Crisis: Privacy Regulations, Big Brother, Trump, Net Neutrality, On May ´68
1923 Crisis: On The DNC, Wall Street & Profits, Trump A Traitor, Melting Ice, Chomsky Interviewed
1924 Crisis: GOP & Senate, Nondisclosure Agreements, Plutocracy, Trump & The Press, On Sadism

Crisis: On The Democrats, On Psychology, The AUMF, Next Big Crash, Humanity Doomed
1926 Crisis: PAC Money, Chinese Journalism, Korean News, Trump's Manias, The JFK Files, The Press
1927 Crisis: About Facebook, Hacking Laptops, Plastic Particles, Internet for Corporations, Trump
1928 Crisis: Poor & Black, Gaza, Next Crash, "Fake News!", About 9/11, The Trap


Crisis: On Marx, The Koreas, Central Bankers, On Fascism 1, On Fascism 2
Crisis: Big Pharma Etc., US Military Detention, Boosting Wall Street, On Aslan, On Mueller
1931 Crisis: Cambridge Analytica, ¨Human Rights¨, Trump As God, Zuckerberg, Nader, Corbett
1932 Crisis: A New Internet, Eugene Debs, The Kochs, Hannah Arendt, On The USA, DeleteFacebook
1933 Crisis: On Truth, ¨New Democrats¨, Global War, On Amazon, On The British Press Liars
1934 Crisis: Eyeglasses, Marx in Trier, Marx & the Gig Economy, Marx Unreadable, Marx´s Relevance
1935 Crisis: Leadership Cults, ´Bloody Gina´, Illiberal Britain, Monopolization, On Marx
1936 Crisis: On Haspels, Trump´s Riches, Trump´s Friends, On News Suppression, On Dying
1937 Crisis: The Media & Trump, Iran Nuclear Deal *2, The Torturing CIA, 1968: Counter-Revolution
1938 Crisis: Gina Haspel *2, Facebook´s Surveillance, Iran Nuclear Deal, Trump´s Caliphate
1939 Crisis: Scahill, Nader on War, Haspel & McGovern, The Coming War, On Net Neutrality
1940 Crisis: Amazon's Alexa, Following Orders, Haspel, Gangsters of the CIA, Europe & Resistance
1941 Crisis: Spies & Journalism, On Sen. McCain, Net Neutrality, ´Bloody Gina´, Noam Chomsky
1942 Crisis: On Gaza, Billionaires & Doomsday, The GOP, Idiocy, ¨Making American Great Again¨
1943 Crisis: More Haspel, On Gaza, On The Pentagon, Legalize All Drugs, Central Banks
1944 Crisis: On Feminism, ¨Personal Data¨, Gaza, On Nazism, The USA and War
1945 Crisis: On Julian Assange, Sadist Gina Haspel, Gaza, Net Neutrality, U.S. Imperialism
1946 Crisis: U.S. Sadist Haspel, On Gaza, American Poverty, Haspel A Criminal, Nader
1947 Crisis: Daniel Ellsberg, Advice to ¨the left¨, Facebook, Trump´s Chances, On Haspel
1948 Crisis: On Corporations, Trump´s Foreign Help, Exit Democracy, Trump´s Crimes, On Gaza
1949 Crisis: Coming Collapse, Finkelstein on Gaza, Trump´s Idiocies, Steve Bannon, Clinton, Extra
1950 Crisis: Bankers´ Desires, Re-electing Trump, ¨Evil Is Great¨, Facebook´s Lies, Supreme Court
1951 Crisis: Pompeo & Iran, Trump vs. The Law, World Temperature, Jeff Bezos, Real Corruption
1952 Crisis: U.S. Plutocracy, Mike Pompeo, Federal Jobs, Dying Democracy, Amazon, On Drugs
1953 Crisis: U.S. Propaganda, On Amazon, On Anti-Psychiatry, On Ayn Rand, Italian Reforms
1954 Crisis: Trumpian Degeneracies, Economic Neofascism, U.S. Torturers, Racist Trump, Pentagon
1955 Crisis: Edward Snowden, Neofascist ¨Democrats¨, Exit Insects, On Gina Haspel, Privacy
1956 Crisis: On Neoliberalism, Chomsky, The Koreas, On Facebook, America´s Chaos
1957 Crisis: Allan Nairn, 1968, Hedges, Trump´s Tax Cuts, America´s Megalomaniac, Extra Bit
1958 Crisis: Trump Resistance, Authoritarianism, Dealmaking, Paris: May ´68, Conservatism, Feynman
1959 Crisis: A Radical Left, Greenwald on Assange & Barr, DNC Lawsuit, On The Death of Truth


1960 Crisis: Jeremy Scahill, American Tariffs, On ¨Vietnam War¨, Big Pharma + Medics, Congress
1961 Crisis: Opioid Epidemic, Wall Street, Facebook´s Corruptions *2, Starving the USA´s Poor
1962 Crisis: Deep State, Hersh´s Memoir, Big Pharma, Maher & Sanders, Emperor Trump, ME/CFS
1963 Crisis: W.E.B. Du Bois, Facebook´s Lies, Trump IS insane, More Civil War (?), Economic Meltdown
1964 Crisis: Ceasar Trump *2, Deregulations, US Ambassadors, Lying Zuckerberg, Defeated Reason
1965 Crisis: On Facebook, Dictator Trump, Two-Party Scam, Police Killings, Plastic Pollution
1966 Crisis: On Kim Jong-un, Family Separations, The Census, Chomsky & Neoliberalism, Slogan Voters
1967 Crisis: Chemicals, Guantánamo, Ecuador & Assange, "Russia-gate", On The Nature of Reality
1968 Crisis: Elizabeth Warren, On Corporations, Wars, Trump Dictator?, Corporate Apologies
1969 Crisis: US Bail, Exit G-7, Armaggedon, Torturer Haspel, The Assange Case, Edward Snowden
1970 Crisis: On Iran, Trump's Destructions, Trump's States, Golden Age of Spying, Constitutional Crisis
1971 Crisis: Neoliberal Fascism, Nuclear War, Trump-Kim Summit, Financial Elite, On U.S. Politics
1972 Crisis: The Summit, What Happened, War Games, Hopes for Peace, The War Industries
1973 Crisis: On The Koreas, Chomsky Challenge, The Kushners, Dishonest Fake Belief, Psychiatry
1974 Crisis: The Koreas, Constitutional Crisis, American Greed, The Singapore Summit, Costs of War
1975 Crisis: USA´s Nukes, Trade War, Poverty In USA, 18 Months Of Trump, Singapore
1976 Crisis: The U.S. Economy, Domestic Violence, Poor People, Trump´s Tariffs, Utter Secrecy
1977 Crisis: On Bernie Sanders, Children In Cages, Mental Health, Trump Cult, ¨Vietnam War¨
1978 Crisis: Nomi Prins, Trump´s Lies, Six Dictators & Children, Julian Assange, On Trump
1979 Crisis: 100,000 Lobbyists, Caged Children, 1 Bomb Each 12 Minutes, Dictator Trump,  Nuclear War
1980 Crisis: $5.4 Trillion Attack, Family Separation, Hersh, Chomsky, Internet=neofascism
1981 Crisis: On Facebook, Separated Children, Trump & Nazis, The U.S. Courts, Starving U.S. Kids
1982 Crisis: Immigrant Children, On Cellphone Records *2, Psychiatric Drugs, On Trump's Failings
1983 Crisis: The Climate, EU & Migration, American Inequalities, Trump's Sadism*2
1984 Crisis: The Soldier's Tale, Deportations, Erdogan, Trump IS a Liar, GOP Farm Bill
1985 Pity the Nation (by Lawrence Ferlinghetti)
1986 Crisis: Wiretapping, Surveillance, Militarizations, 4th of July, Detained Children, George Orwell
1987 Crisis: Google + Facebook, Travel Ban, On Psychology, Killings on Killings, The Democrats
1988 Crisis: Disappeared Children, Ocasio-Cortez, Working, Mick Mulvaney, On The Democrats
1989 Crisis: Seymour Hersh, Trump A Psychopath?, Judge Kennedy, Psychiatrists, Robert Reich
1990 Paris: May 1968
1991 Crisis: On Trumpocracy, US Regime Changes, Ocasio-Cortez, Medicaid, Wars On Credit


1992 Crisis: The "Democrats", "Fascism", "Socialism", The Supreme Court, The WTO
1993 Crisis: Failed State, "Dr. Strangelove", On Trump, Nomi Prins, The No-Deal President
1994 Crisis: On Mexico, U.S.'s 2000 kidnappings, On "Fascism", On Geithner, On U.S. Poverty
1995 Crisis: Asylum Seekers, U.S. Embassador, Future Trumps, On Tear Gas, German Politics
1996 Crisis: Democracy Dies, On Conservatism, On Trump, On Corporate Rule, On The U.S. Voters
1997 Crisis: Scott Pruitt, Detained Mothers, Trump's Anti-Journalism, Corrupt Computers, The ECU
1998 Crisis: On Trump, On The Supreme Court, On Privacy, On The Rich, On The Surveillance State
1999 Crisis: Poor People, Family Reunifications?, Nuclear Disarmament, Protesters, An Email
2000 Crisis: On "Diversity", On Medical Corruption, No Deals, On Dodd-Frank, "Democratic Socialism"
Crisis: MSNBC´s Lies, China´s Surveillance, Children´s Rights *2, ¨Liberal Partisan Politics¨
2002 Crisis: On Kavanaugh *2, Three ¨Addictions¨, Trump´s Many Lies, On Trump´s Failure
2003 Crisis: On NATO, Sick Sadism, Scheer´s Objections, On Nuclear War, The Rich Benefitted
2004 Crisis: A Judicial Coup, Rich Ex-Obama Officials, The New Deal, Wall Street, On The BBC
2005 Crisis: Trump vs. May, Martin Luther King, Ray McGovern, Normalizing the Abnormal, Scoldings
2006 Crisis: On Dissent, The NYT, Trump´s Mendacity, Nationwide U.K. Protests, Evidence & Russia
2007 Crisis: War on Assange, De León, Indictment of Russians, Narcissist Trump, Jimmy Carter
2008 Crisis: US Media, Greenwald vs. Circincione, New York´s Totaliarian Intolerance, Roundup
2009 Crisis: Robust Debates, Facebook Etc., Trial Runs, U.S. Special Forces, Trump-Putin Summit
2010 Crisis: Death of Truth, Trump´s Costs, Net Neutrality, On Propaganda, On Medicare
2011 Crisis: 8 1/2 Million Starving, Mainstream Media, Wikileaks & Assange, Traitor?,  $10 Trillion
2012 Crisis: Migrant Children, Trump on Tape, On¨Social Media¨, On Trump, War on the Poor
2013 Crisis: On Julian Assange, Europe, "Democracy" & CIA, Seymour Hersh, Liberals, ME/CFS
2014 Crisis: On Julian Assange, Private Messages, Israel, Social Media, Neoliberalism(?)
2015 Crisis: U.S. vs. Iran, Israeli Injustice, Neofascism in USA, Corporate Democrats, Limit Wealth
2016 Crisis: Medicaid in Maine, NY Daily News, People's Budget, Democratic Socialism, On Crisis
2017 Crisis: Ending Money Bail, On 8 Myths, On Non-voters, Security Clearances, War with Iran
2018 Crisis: Facebook's Profits, 900 Migrant Children, "Socialism", The NYT & Assange, Bullies
2019 Crisis: Political Intelligence, Chomsky on "Family Separation"*2, No More Privacy, Assange
2020 Crisis: Chomsky on Russia, The "Socialist Left", Hope, The Temperature, Failing Experiments
2021 Crisis: Michael Cohen, Rentier Capitalism, Permanent Lie, New York Times, Ahed Tamimi
2022 Crisis: Amazon & War, Afghanistan, Human Survival, Tortures + Kidnappings, U.S. Wages


2023 Crisis: On Israel, Surveillance State, The Constitution, On Assange, Trump In Trouble, Prozac
2024 Crisis: Google in China, Trump, Facebook & Surveillance, On Manipulation, VIPS on Iran
2025 Crisis: Climate Change *2, ¨Neoliberal Fascism¨, Trump´s Lies, More on Trump
2026 Crisis: Google & China, On Rich & The NYT, Mexican Journalist, U.S. Pensions, Neonicotinoids
2027 Crisis: Google & Neofascism, Noam Chomsky, Nomi Prins, Elections in U.S., Health Matters
2028 Crisis: Idiotic Trump, Sea of Deception, Extreme Views, On Julian Assange, U.S. Democracy
2029 Crisis: Ahed Tamimi, Reich & Trump, Neofascist Facebook, Infinite Wars, Trump & Hitler
2030 Crisis: On Legal Immigrants, Threatening Catastrophy, Trumpism, Julian Assange, On Apple
2031 Crisis: Totalitarian Google, Justice in U.S., Trump & Wars, Children´s Detention, Monopoly
2032 Crisis: ¨Harmless Torturers¨, A.P.A., Iran Sanctions, ¨Democracy¨ in USA, Facebook Censors
2033 Crisis: Google Censorship, A Trillion Dollars, Watergate, Haspel, One Question, ME/CFS
2034 Crisis: Financial Crisis, Profits & Media, Trump´s Gift, Corporatist Government, Ray McGovern
2035 Crisis: US Democracy, Two US Parties, New Serfdom, Climate Change, Republican Powers
2036 Crisis: ¨The Best People¨, Mass Graves, Iran & the USA, Deregulations, Facebook´s Threats
2037 Crisis: Neoliberal Economics, On Google, ¨Russia-gate¨, On Social Security, Propaganda
2038 Crisis: Security Clearances, Separating Families, On Austerity, Warren's Plan, Affordable Care
2039 Crisis: Google in China, On Catholicism, On Brennan, The Constitution, No More Cash
2040 Crisis: Google & China, Manipulators, Trade Wars, McCain, 565 Kidnapped Children, ME/CFS
2041 Crisis: Truth-Testing Trump, Supermen, British Hacking EU, Netanyahu & Corbyn, U.S. Unions
2042 Crisis: Planet Earth, Dutch Memorial Day, CEO's Incomes, More Carbon, Feminism & Revolution
2043 Crisis: On Privacy, Catholic Sex Abuse, On Censorship, On The Climate, 10 Years Of Crisis
2044 Crisis: Anti-Corruption, Cohen Guilty, Manafort Guilty, On The Press, On U.S. Politics, ME/CFS
2045 Crisis: A Comparison, Warren & Anti-Corruption, Trump´s Survival, Money & Politics, A Good Day
2046 Crisis: Mainstream Media, Sanders vs. Bezos, Mueller & Cohen, Irresponsible GOP, 500 Children
2047 Crisis: James Risen, ¨Anti-Semitism¨, Annulling Trump, American Fascism, Noam Chomsky
2048 Crisis: Trump & Justice, Bannon & Morris, James Risen, Facial Recognition, Bernie Sanders´ Tax
2049 Crisis: Becoming Serfs, Trump & The Mob, The Climate, The Democrats, Julian Assange, ME/CFS
2050 Crisis: New Socialists, On John McCain, On Privacy, Surveillance Capitalism, Corporate Media
2051 Crisis: Google & China, GOP & Violence, From 1968, On Narcissists, On Trump As Narcissist
2052 Crisis: Trump & Deluge, U.S. War Crimes, Fake Videos, Russian Hacking Deception, U.S. Censors
2053 Crisis: German Neo-Nazis, Kidnapped Children, Fraud & Tax Cuts, VIPS & Brennan, Spirit of '68

2054 Crisis: Greenwald & Gomes, Well Educated Poor, Capitalism & Deregulation, Corruption, The Crash
2055 Crisis: The German Neo-Nazis, Chemnitz, U.S. Defense Budget, The Next Crash, Evidence Deleted
2056 Crisis: Net Neutrality, Dark Web, 40-Hour Work Week, Trump Vs. Marijuana, "Trump Deathwatch"
2057 Crisis: Slaves Rebel, 10 Years Of Crisis, Lying About Prisoners, Ruling Class Trump, Anti-semitism
2058 Crisis: Total Surveillance, Kavanaugh, Final Phase of USA, Trump on Woodward*2
2059 Crisis: Inside "Resistance", Health Care, Democrats, Stupid Americans, "Epochal Shift"
2060 Crisis: Anonymous Official, Kavanaugh *2, Plutocracy Now!, Is Trump Unravelling?
2061 Crisis: Trumpian Horrors, Michael Moore, Trump IS dangerous, Kidnapped Children, Bill Clinton
2062 Crisis: War On Terror, America Murdered, The Rich Democrats, On Deregulation, On Capitalism
2063 Crisis: Trump's Decomposing, The GOP, On Torture, David Ray Griffin, Publicly Owned Banks
2064 Crisis: The Next Depression, The Crisis, Kavanaugh, Donald Trump, Noam Chomsky
2065 Crisis: Trump & Venezuela, John Bolton, Wall Street = Ponzi Scheme, Known Known, Aquarius
2066 Crisis: The U.S. War Machine, Vegetation, Kavanaugh, Tax Competition, The Truth on 9/11
2067 Crisis: Google & China, Trump, Central Banks, Progressive Power, Nazis, Internet Is Soon Dead
2068 Crisis: 2008-2018, ¨Great America¨, Stupid Trump, Boom Only For Rich, Break Up The Banks
2069 Crisis: On The Con-Men, Sick Rightist Facebook, On Bush Jr., On ¨Central Banks¨, Radicalism
2070 Crisis: On Programs, On Kavanaugh, Trump & "Resistance", Three Lessons, More Resistance
2071 Crisis: Hate & Religion, Spying on Journalists, Kavanaugh, Bolton & War  Criminals, Cooked Books
2072 Crisis: Trump Vs. China, Next Downturn, Cooperatives, Kavanaugh, The Capitalist Manifesto
2073 Crisis: On Kavanaugh, Michael Moore, Maximum CEO-Wage, Trump's Presidency, Plutocrats
2074 Crisis: For-Profit Prisons, Comfortable Lies, Tax Scam, Missing Reporters, Wall Street Deregulation
2075 Crisis: Last Free Generation, Insane Trump, Fahrenheit 11/9, Google In China, Internet Tyranny
2076 Crisis: Kavanaugh, Fahrenheit 11/9, On The New York Times, On Germany, Orwell and the ILP
2077 Crisis: Trump vs. China, Privacy & Control, Brexit & Labour, Millenials, Anti-Democracy
2078 Crisis: American Anomie, American Oligarchy, Kavanaugh, The "Left", Gabriel Interviewed
2079 Crisis: Trump & Globalism, Michael Moore, Facebook, Trump & Working Class, Visionary Report
2080 Crisis: On Kavanaugh, Trump & Laughter + China, On Julian Assange, 9/11 Unmasked
2081 Crisis: Kavanaugh, Google's Privacy Law, Amazon's Exploitations, A Dying Empire, The Future
2082 Crisis: Noam Chomsky, Women & Kavanaugh, Facebook, Kavanaugh & Ford + Character
2083 Crisis: Nader on Kavanaugh, The Climate, More Kavanaugh, Sanders, Tim Berners-Lee


2083 Crisis: On The Supreme Court *2, The Victims, Women On Corporate Boards, On Bullies
2084 Crisis: Lynching the Past, Money & Politics, Kavanaugh Incompetent*2, Chomsky on Facebook
2085 Crisis: Kavanaugh & Oliver, Chomsky, Trump´s Shamming, USA & Wall Street, Kavanaugh & Luria
2086 Crisis: The Trump Circus, Kavanaugh *2, On The Rich & Bezos, Propaganda Blitz: The Media
2087 Crisis: Do NOT Confirm Kavanaugh, Trump´s Tax Evasions, On The FBI, Male Privilege, Advertising
2088 Crisis: US High Court Down, Brazil & Dictators, America & Fascism, Exit Democracy, Anti-Semitism
2089 Crisis: Kavanaugh Confirmed, Moore Reviewed, Amazon, The Catastrophe, Fraudulent Wall Street
2090 Crisis: On Kavanaugh, Climate Report, ´Impeach Kavanaugh´, Trump´s Fortune, Jeff Bezos
2091 Crisis: Homeless America, Brazil´s Bolsonaro, Supreme Court, Kavanaugh, The New ¨Impartiality¨
2092 Crisis: Fossil Fuels *2, Brazil´s Eroding Democracy *2, On Kavanaugh´s Rise
2093 Crisis: ¨Pampered Princelings¨, Preserving The Planet, Climate Change, Antitrust, Kavanaugh
2094 Crisis: On Fascism, Sanders, Hysteria, Hedges & Talbot, On Class War
2095 Crisis: Google & China, Henrietta Lacks, Trump & China, Capitalism, On Trump´s Powers
2096 Crisis: ¨Russia-gate¨, Germans v. Trump, ¨The Market¨, Facebook & Google, American Politics
2097 Crisis: ¨Progressive Democrats¨, A Miracle, Trump & NAFTA, Trump & Taxes, Ralph Nader
2098 Crisis: On Israel, On The Internet, Family Separations, Trump´s Economy, Capitalism
2099 Crisis: Authoritarian USA, Vanishing Insects, Trumpianism,  Ocasio-Cortez, On Max Boot
2100 Crisis: On Nader´s Rats, On Fascism 1, On Fascism 2, On Corporations, On Deep-Fake Videos
2101 Crisis: On DeVega & Browning, On Browning Himself, On Facebook, On Kashoggi
2102 Crisis: Rigged  Economy,  Recycling Plastic,  Lying Facebook, On The APA, On The Free Press
2103 Crisis: Greenwald On Brazil, On Anonymity, On Nukes, On The U.S. Millenials, PEN Sues
2104 Crisis: ´War on Terror´, Fascism Rising, Nuclear Arms, Trump´s Great Economy, ¨Russia-gate¨
2105 Crisis: On The Uber-Rich, Trump´s Lies, Nuclear Arms, Fascist Bolsonaro, On The Democrats
2106 Crisis: American Democracy, Fascist Threat, Medicare For All, On Some Lives, Hedges Interviewed
2107 Crisis: ICE & Amazon, Bombs, ExxonMobil´s Fraud, Bolsonaro & Bannon, Privacy Is Dead
2108 Crisis: Gorbachev, Trump & The Media, Trump & National Security, Nuclear Arms, On Journalists
2109 Crisis: Bashing Migrants, Divided USA, Voting Machines, Trump Is Un-American, Censored Internet
2110 Crisis: Nuclear War, U.S. Corporations, Eco Crisis, About Wikileaks, A Tragedy
2111 Crisis: Bolsonaro Won, Trump´s Corruption, Orwell´s Big Brother, Voter Suppression, Social Contract
2112 Crisis: Trump´s Cult, Greenwald on Brazil, More Brazil, On Theresa May, On Stephen Bannon
2113 Crisis: The Killing Internet, Anti-Semitism, On U.S. Warfare , On Ellsberg, Trump´s Economy


2113 Crisis: 60% Of Wildlife Wiped Out, American Fascism, Billionaires, On Brazil, Deborah Lipstadt
2114 Crisis: Trump & Fascism, Exit Healthcare, Domestic Fascism, Trump´s Promises, Berners-Lee
2115 Crisis: On The Crash of 2008, On Lee Camp, On 2018, John Bolton & Neofascism, On The Internet
2116 Crisis: On The Jews, Chomsky On Trump, The Film "Rigged", On Russia-gate, Consumer Privacy
2117 Crisis: American Elections, Reich On Voting, On Kant, American Billionairs, On Julian Assange
2118 Crisis: Scum vs. Scum, Chomsky, U.K. Scientists Risk Prison, Congress Collapsed, U.S. Poverty
2119 Crisis: The Insane USA, Julian Assange, Liberal Democracy, Concentration Camps, Self-Annihilation
2120 Crisis: 2018 Midterms, On Trumpism, Oceans Heating Up, Pro-Democracy, A Political Philosopher
2121 Crisis: About Chris Hedges, Impeaching Trump, Ocasio-Cortez, Constitutional Crisis, Totalitarianism
2122 Crisis: Humanism vs. Trump, Doctored Video, Very Many Killed, Important Issues, Jeremy Corbyn
2123 Crisis: U.S. Billionaires, Vietnam War, On Philosophy, WTF White Women, The Holocaust, 22 years
2124 Crisis: Large Corporations, U.S. Billionaires, Brennan & Clapper, Net Neutrality, Masked Money
2125 Crisis: On Julian Assange, Amazon, Exit Wilderness, Trump Grades F, Surveillance Capitalism
2126 Crisis: On Nancy Pelosi, Amazon's Degeneracy, Facebook's Idem, Psychiatrist Frank, On China
2127 Crisis: Creeping Fascism, U.S. Postal Service, On Assange, The Next Crash, Wall Street Democrats
2128 Crisis: Impeaching Trump, On Pelosi 1 & 2, Amazon's Riches, "The Intelligence Community"
2129 Crisis: Julian Assange, Wikileaks & Press Freedom, Schumer, Facebook, On Free Speech
2130 Crisis: Trump & Davis, On Pelosi, Trump & The Press, On Schumer, On Comments Sections
2131 Crisis: On Julian Assange, New Leaders, Trump's Powers, On Not Playing Nice, "Cultural Marxism"
2132 Crisis: Constitutional Crisis, Rebel Democrats, SCOTUS, Trump vs. The Press, Progressives, Oliver
2133 Crisis: Trump & Mueller, New Press Rules, Laws & The Future, Philosophy & Trump, On Cannabis
2134 Crisis: On Facebook etc., Costs of War, Ellsberg & the Cold War, Nader on Congress, On Working
2135 Crisis: Chomsky & Bolsonaro, Law, Sanders' Agenda, Ecuador & Assange, Chomsky & Depravity
2136 Crisis: Noam Chomsky, The Plastic Planet, The Republican Party, Climate Report, On Facebook
2137 Crisis: Noam Chomsky, On Selfishness, On "Fake Facts", The "Green New Deal", On Mueller
2138 Crisis: Trump's Lies, Paramilitarized USA, Julian Assange, On Facebook, The Green New Deal
2139 Crisis: On Neoliberalism, Amnesty vs. Google, Trump's Lies, On Ayn Rand, On Silicon Valley
2140 Crisis: Guardian vs Assange, On Jack Ma, On The Rainforest, The US Democrats, Disbelief In Facts
2141 Crisis: On Tear Gas, Non-desegregated USA, Climate Talks, On The U.S. Congress, On Brexit
2142 Crisis: Cohen Lied, U.S. Senate & War, U.S. Voter Turnout, "The Whole Internet", On The Pentagon


Crisis: The Senate & Wars, Trump & China, Bernie Sanders Speaks, On The Internet, Subpoenas
2144 Crisis: The USA vs China, Mueller vs Trump, Medicare for All, Trump and Prison, "The Free Press"
2145 Crisis: On The Crisis, Einstein & God, Insane Leaders, The Rich & The Poor, Facebook, Reich & Oliver
2146 Crisis: The Israel Lobby, Hungary, Bernie Sanders Interviewed, Trump & Mueller, On Psychiatry
2147 Crisis: On Hillary Clinton, Trump & GM, The Guardian & Assange, Children in Politics, On SCOTUS
2148 Crisis: On Facebook, On Sandberg, On Manafort, On Psychiatry, On Bush Sr.
2149 Crisis: Republicans vs Democracy, On China, On Sanders, On 1968 and 2018, Facebook Lies
2150 Crisis: Republican Usurpers, Climate Goals, Wall Street´s Corruption, Sanders, Wealth Inequality
2151 Crisis: Shell Oil, Trump & Fraud, Democratic Norms, Chomsky on Understanding, Climate Change
2152 Crisis: Criminal Presidency, Impeachment(?), On Psychology, Trump As Traitor, ¨Yellow Vests¨
2153 Crisis: Google & China, Mueller & Trump, White Christianity, On Financial Inequality, On the EU
2154 Crisis: Google & China, ¨Moral Capitalism¨, The Democrats, A New Political Party, China Tariffs
2155 Crisis: May Survives, Cohen In Jail, Facebook Sells Your Data, On Brexit, On Privatization
2156 Crisis: Kerry & Climate, On Ayn Rand, On Jared Kushner, On Robert Parry, On The 1%
2157 Crisis: China´s Economy, Australian Gag Order, Reign of Egoists, Net Neutrality, Russia & Trump
2158 Crisis: Paris Agreement, Facebook & Privacy, On Corporations, Self-Censorship, On Atheism
2159 Crisis: Warren & Blackness, Green New Deal, Climate Change I, Child Prisons, Climate Change II
2160 Crisis: On Trump, Google & China, Ralph Nader Interview (*2), Trump & Public Interest, Marijuana
2161 Crisis: Facebook´s Thefts, Trump & Courts, Pentagon´s Spending, The 1 Percent, A Maximum Wage
2162 Crisis: On Trump, On Facebook, On Amazon & War, On Zuckerberg, On Crises
2163 Crisis: Exit Jim Mattis, NAACP ¨boycotts¨ Facebook, Putin & Nuclear Arms, Democrats, Consumers
2164 Crisis: Trump´s Shutdown, On Jim Mattis, Trump´s End, Jeremy Scahill, Michael Winship
2165 Crisis: Trump & Insanity, Two Kinds Of Democrats, Trump As Gift, Science vs Religion, Reich
2166 Crisis: On Trump & Mattis, On Paul Ryan, On Ocasio-Cortez, On Tumblr, On Democracy
2167 Crisis: Hypotheses on cf+ss: corporate fascism and the surveillance state
2168 Crisis: Hedges & Hersh, Intercept Summaries, Truthdig Originals, Chomsky & Social Media, Assange
2169 Crisis: Trump & The Planet, Megalomania, On Economics, Removing Trump, Financial Panic
2170 Crisis: Impeaching Trump, Facebook's "Moderations", 10x More Dying(?), The Republicans, The DNC
2171 Crisis: On The Cold War, On Trump's Shutdown, Chris Hedges, Green New Deal, Mock Democracy
2172 Crisis: Trump's Lies, Mass Extinction, 10 Good Things, Facebook's Secret Censorship, Manipulation
2173 Crisis: Minimum Wage, Pay Freeze, Democracy Reform, Declining Insects, Maximum Wage
2174 The summaries of 2018 - Part A
2175 The summaries of 2018- Part B
2176 me+ME: End of year notice: The world, the people, the disease


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