January 1, 2018

Nederlog 2018: Updates for the new year

In every human society, at any time, and any place, there have been rational and reasonable men and women. Alas, in every human society, at any time, and any place, they so far have were a small minority, that was often persecuted, and nearly always in danger.

MM - Comments on Chamfort's Maximes-1.27

If men in majority were good or intelligent, history would be completely different from what it is.

MM - Comments on Chamfort's Maximes-1.31


1. Nederlog 2017: Updates for the new year

2. Why do I write these Nederlogs
3. The numbers
4. Plans for 2018


It is the first day of the year 2018 A.D.

I provide the usual updates and starts for a new year. And I am copying most of the text from January 1, 2016, to make things easier for me, but I did make the relevant changes.

Also, there is one difference with the foregoing years from 2004-2015:
  • For the moment, and since the end of 2015, I do not have any statistics any more for either of the two large sites I have. I think this is a damned shame, but it is a fact.
And here is something about something I said precisely two years ago:
  • I might have tried to publish on paper in 2016 (having gained my pension by the end of 2015), but I did not even try.
I did not try mostly for lack of health, for I am still ill with M.E. and I still have problems with my eyes, although - quite thankfully - these have lessened more in 2016 and 2017 than since they started in 2012, which spared me rather a lot of pain and irritation in my eyes.

Nederlog 2017: Updates for the new year

2017 was the fourteenth year of my logging, for I started to do so in the summer of 2004, when I got the new site in Denmark. And it is the twentyfirst year of my site(s), for I started in November 1996 at xs4all, which at that time was an excellent provider. In any case, I have two sites since 2004, one in Holland, and one in Denmark. These are intended to be just the same.

The log I started in 2004 was called "Nedernieuws" because it was about Holland and in Dutch. In 2006, it became Nederlog, because I wanted to write about more subjects than just Dutch events, but I kept writing in Dutch (with some exceptions) until 2010, when it turned to English, mostly because of the report about XMRV. I have continued to write Nederlog mostly in English
- like nearly all of my site, apart from ME in Amsterdam - since 2010, simply to enable more people to read my files.

Next to Nederlog, which at present extends over 14 years and totals 320 MB (on my hard disk: it'll be rather less on my sites, but still will be around 275 MB), there are the following sections on my site, where you should also realize nearly everything is in html, with a few but not many images, and only a goodly amount of pdf files, none of which were written by me, in the ME-section:
Nederlog ...........290 MB of mostly daily files, extending 16 years
Philosophy..........185 MB of classics with my comments
Logic..................13 MB of papers on logic
Computing.,.........73 MB of materials on computing
ME....................108 MB of materials on my disease ME
MEinAmsterdam...100 MB of files on my discrimination in Holland

All of the above is written by me except for two classes of items: In Philosophy over half of the material consists of philosophical classics, in html, with the rest consisting of my comments, also in html, and in ME most of the material is by doctors of medicine and in pdf. Also, the above numbers are a bit larger than
they are on the site: Subtract around 15% to get at the numbers for my site.

The above links are to the main directories: There is a bit over 500 MB of material on my site, and there are over 30,000 items on it, mostly html-files.

The above lists the main sections, but there are some more:

          Help.................. 4 MB of help
          Images...............3 MB of images
          Zip....................70 Kb

I should say that these days I save images in the directories of the files in which they are used, and that the Zip on the moment is mostly empty.

Next, as usual in the beginning of the new year, I have an index of files and an analytical index for the previous year of 2016, and the last index consists of two parts:

Meanwhile, summing the fourteen years of Nederlog as they appear on my hard disk, probably with a little more than there is on the internet, the total for these years is 290 MB and that is mostly html and some but not many images. There are over 4000 html-files there, that (nearly) all were written on the day they are dated.

Merely the Nederlogs - apart from the rest of the site - is rather a lot of text, and I do not know anything like it. There are bound to be some other blogs or personal records that were maintained on a more or less regular basis for a long time, but they are probably much less outspoken, and also about far fewer things.

2. Why do I write these Nederlogs?

To keep a record of things; to state my opinions; and to have something that I can use to defend myself, if needed. Also, by now they are my means to list all main changes on the site.

I do not have any further end in view, and the main reason for that is the same reason as Nederlogs are written, rather than something else: I do not have enough health to write the things I really want, at least most of the time.

In fact, I probably would not have written anything like Nederlog if I had been healthy, but since I am not, and since I still find it easy to write, and have written very much since I was 20, and since I almost never take the trouble to make second etc. versions, it turns out that in 13 years I can pile up over 290 Mb of texts in Nederlog just by writing a few hours a day. [1]

And while I do not take most that I wrote in Nederlog very seriously - they were  usually written in haste, while I had little energy and nearly always was in some pain - there are quite a few things in it that I like, and I also like it that there is a record of my perspectives on various things, that now comprises over ten years
in over 250 Mb of html.

Therefore one of the things I am trying to do is to straighten Nederlog out, and also to straighten my site out, since that also has been compiled bit by bit over the course of 21 years now, and comprises quite a lot of good original thinking, especially in the philosophy-section, in my comments on classic philosophical texts. (Notably: On Leibniz, Hume, Mill, Russell and Aristotle. And on Multatuli, in Dutch. [2])

3. The numbers

I have this year no numbers for either of the sites I maintain: They are simply denied to me by both xs4all and now also by I think that is a completely ridiculous utter shame, but it also is a fact. Here are the numbers of the last year I had numbers, which was in 2015, and about the Danish site:

Site 2015:


- over 1,780,000 hits
- over 1,600,000 pages
- more than 172,000 visitors
- almost 23 Gb downloaded (
22960406 Kb)

Day (average over the year)

- nearly 4900 hits each day
- 472 visitors each day
- over 60 MB mostly text download each day

I am sorry, but for 2016 and 2017 I don't know anything: doesn't give them anymore even though the statistics it did give, since 2004 till 2015, were gathered with a good and completely free program.

But I am denied the use of it by (that probably was sold).

I wrote in 2011:

Also, my Site in Nederland certainly does a lot better, but it is difficult to say by how much, because ever since Dutch Telecom KPN bought what was once a fine provider called "xs4all" there is hardly any decent access there for me, and many things that are a matter of course for other providers do not exist at all for the hardly human idiots - I learned from the KPN "xs4all" staff - who are their clients with home sites.

This is just the same as it was in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. I have no numbers for the Dutch site, because "" (in fact: KPN) does not give any. Since I am Dutch, and started the site at when that still was a good provider (in the previous millenium) before it was taken over by KPN, I take it that the Dutch site pulls at least twice as many visitors as the Danish site - but this is a mere guess. 

Here is another repeat of 2011:

Anyway.... for one man with one site - with a mirror - and that man ill, poor and with no real help, that is not bad, especially if you also reckon with the facts that my ideas and subjects are neither easy nor popular, nor is my language, and that I do not try to please anyone but myself.

Just the same for 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 - and I can add that my Danish site has been read over 180 hours every 24 hours in 2015. (Again, this is probably due to my following the crisis closely. Of what my site has done in 2016 is now also denied to me by, precisely as it has been the case for 20 years at xs4all: What right does an author have to know anything?!)

Even if half of my site is serious reading, I find the numbers I had pretty amazing, indeed especially because I do not try to please anyone other than myself, and do not court popularity or seek internet traffic in any way: I write what I think and I upload it, and that's it. I never cared for popularity, and I lack both the health and the desire to live up to anyone's expectations.

Meanwhile, I am pleased that I am being read, indeed around 5 days for every day that I live and write (in 2015: since then all information about both my sites has been systematically denied by both providers).

4. Plans for 2018

I don't have plans for 2018, simply because my health is still not well enough to do so reasonably.

What I will do in 2018 is this:

  • Continue Nederlog (the most read part of my site: this file is a part of it) as was, including the crisis index, but spend less time on reporting daily crisis news. I guess this will work itself out as 2016 progresses. 
  • Re-upload all of my site (simply to be sure it is all updated and works).
That I can and will do, but otherwise it depends on my health, and I must see what is possible in 2018.


[1] Some clarifications: I've always found it very easy to write, and am a good typist. What makes writing Nederlogs doable for me is that they are not intellectually demanding to write; they are short; and I generally can write them in one go, after which it's done, except for corrections, that usually are made later. Also, I am someone who very probably has an easy access to flow states.

And there are three reasons for me not to write books: It is much more demanding, especially if I were to write the books I want to write, about philosophy or logic; such books would not make me any money, in all probability; and in any case any money I might make would be taken from me by the Amsterdam municipal authorities, with an additional financial and legal punishment.

This is now over since I have been pensioned and left the dole 27 months ago, but I have not yet done anything, simply for lack of health.

[2] The perceptive reader may ask: How come you could write these comments? The answer is twofold: First, normally I could not - the work was done in good periods, and was usually followed by a collapse, and second, and probably most important: I had done most of the work already, namely by having read the books and having written most of my notes at a time when I was healthy or at least less ill than I am since 1991.

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