Thursday, August 3, 2017

On my health and my Ubuntu

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1. Summary
2. On my health
3. On my Ubuntu

This is a Nederlog of Thursday, August 3, 2017.

1. Summary

This is not a crisis log but a brief update on my health and on my Ubuntu. There is a crisis file of today.

2. On my health

My health on the moment (and the previous month) is not good.

One possible reason is that I have been trying out lately several possible alternative schemes than the one that I started in 2012 and that did improve my health to something better than it had been from 1994 till 2012.

None of the alternative schemes really worked, while the schema I used in 2012 has the setback that I did not succeed in getting the proportion between methylfolate and kalium properly adjusted, which made me collapse several times, which was not pleasant.

Then again, I have now restarted the schema I used in 2012, and it may help, although this is not certain.

3. On my Ubuntu

In 2012 I not only found some - orthomolecular - medicine that helped me, but also was abled by the partial restoration of my health to install Ubuntu 12.04.

Basically, when compared to Windows, Ubuntu is the very much better system in any case, but 12.04 had an additional feature that saved computing for me the last five years: I could change the system colors - menus etc. - from black letters on a white background to white letters on a black background.

This saved computing for me the last five years, because my eyes also collapsed in 2012, and computing would have been completely impossible for me without this excellent feature on 12.04. (Incidentally, something like 20% of people over sixty have some sort of eye problems, so this was very helpful to many, I assume.)

But 12.04 was maintained for 5 years, and in April of 2017 it stopped being updated. What I did first was to go to the next system that would be maintained for 5 years, which was 14.04.

This took considerable trouble (which was not due to Ubuntu) but eventually succeeded.

But there were problems with 14.04. First, it did not have the the feature that shifted the system colors, which led to many more basically white menus, that are still rather hard on my eyes, although these have improved over the last five years. And second, it was extremely difficult to run DVDs with videos: This was most of the time blocked for some completely incomprehensible reason (while it still was all possible as before on 12.04).

So what I have done since installing 14.04 was using that installation to upgrade to 16.04 - there was a quite useful file on that explained how to do this - which was quite unproblematical (and a joy when compared to upgrading Windows).

I therefore am now running 16.04 that works well, and that will be maintained by Ubuntu till 2021. I very probably will have to transport the system to another computer, but on the moment it all works well (after exchanging the fairly dumb video-displayer for vlc, which is excellent).

The one problem I still have is that I cannot interchange black and white as was possible on 12.04, which was a very big help for me, and which still would have been very pleasant to have.

Since my eyes did improve from 2012 onwards, I can manage now - or so it seems, so far - but 16.04 is heavier on my eyes than 12.04. (It would be very nice if this was somehow added or repaired on 16.04, but I think the chances for that, even though this change would help many, are small.)

And no, I will never go back to Windows: operating systems that are not open are fraudulent.


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