Saturday, July 8, 2017

Crisis: "Health Care", German Dystopia, Trump*2, French Dystopia - Update on 14.04

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1. Summary
2. Crisis Files
    A. Selections from July 8, 2017 
A - Current? - Problem with 14.04

This is a Nederlog of Saturday, July 8, 2017.

1. Summary

This is a crisis log but it is a bit different from how it was the last four years:

I have been writing about the crisis since September 1, 2008 (in Dutch) and about the enormous dangers of surveillance (by secret services and by many rich commercial entities) since June 10, 2013, and I probably will continue with it, but on the moment I have several problems with the company that is supposed to take care that my site is visible and my health.

As I explained, the crisis files will have a different format from July 1, 2017: I will now list the items I selected as I did before (title + link) but I add one selection from the selected item to give my readers a bit of a taste of the item linked.

So the new format is as follows:

      Link to an item with its orginal title, followed by
      One selection from that item (indented)
      Possibly followed by a brief comment by me (not indented).

This is illustrated below, in selections A.

2. Crisis Files

These are five crisis files that are all well worth reading:

A. Selections from July 8, 2017

The items 1 - 5 are today's selections from the 35 sites that I look at every morning. The indented text under each link is quoted from the link that starts the item. Unindented text is by me:

1. More Dumb Things Politicians and Political Appointees Say About Health Policy

This is by Roy M. Poses on Health Care Renewal. This is from the summary:

Whether to maintain our current - admittedly Rube Goldberg-esque - system of financing health care, or to radically change it is a serious question.  The answer will affect the wellbeing, health, and even lifespan of many people.  The question should not be taken lightly.

So what to make of so many politicans and political appointees making pronouncements on whether to keep, or "repeal and replace Obamacare" that are based on major factual errors and logical fallacies?  The last time I took this on, I speculated whether health care policy has sunk into a swamp of postmodernism generated by years of exposure to the post-modernist stance of many in academia.  That may have been fanciful.
No, this was not "fanciful" at all. I met postmodernism in 1978 in the fascist "University" of Amsterdam, when I and everybody else attending the opening of the academic year 1978/1979 were told the utter and extremely sick fascist [1] lie that
Everybody knows that truth does not exist
I think now that may have been the defense of the fact that the power in the fascist "University" of Amsterdam then was shared by the communist ASVA and three fascists from the "Social Democrat Party", that a bit later emerged as the Narko-Nazi Party: They made Holland into the Columbia of Europe as regards illegal drugs: Selling them as if legal in Holland, and spreading soft and hard drugs throughout Holland.

But OK... the rich fascists have won, and politically they come now from nearly everywhere, for all it needs is corruption, relativism, egoism, greed and postmodernistic fascist attitudes.

Also, I checked out what Roy M. Poses means by postmodernism. He meant this:
Postmodernism is 'an attempt to question the fundamental philosophical and political premises of the West.   It argues that many of the concepts we take for granted—including truth, morality, and objectivity—are culturally ‘constructed’'  To postmodernists, truth is just what the powerful say is true.

Now it seems that post-modernist "thought" has escaped the confines of left-wing humanities departments, and infiltrated political discourse, and for some unfathomable reason, seems to particularly affect some of those who profess to be conservative. After all, in January, KellyAnne Conway, a senior White House adviser, defended the administration's arguments as "alternative facts." (Look here.)
In fact, I quite agree. It is - as Hannah Arendt said - another name for the fascism from the risk, that has been triumphing since 1980. (I was one of the about 5% who protested. In thanks, I was falled "a fascist" and "a terrorist" between 1977 anf 1989; was removed from taking the M.A. in philosopht of 1988; and was and am continuously disicriminated from 1977 till 2017.

Almost everybody in the fascist "University" of Amsterdam disagreed with me and was a communist or - a bit later, from 1984 onwards - a postmodernist fascist. [2]

2. Dystopian Nightmare: Eyewitness Decries Police Repression at G20 Summit as 100,000 Take to Streets

This is by Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! and starts with this introduction:

Mass demonstrations have erupted across Hamburg, Germany, as world leaders gather for the G20 summit, where President Donald Trump is meeting with other world leaders. About 100,000 protesters took to the streets and have staged sit-ins in an attempt to disrupt the first day of the summit. Police fired water cannons, pepper spray and stun grenades to disperse protesters. Key issues on the G20 agenda include climate change, trade and North Korea. Protesters who gathered say the G20 has failed to solve many issues, including climate change and global economic disparities. We speak with philosopher Srećko Horvat, who is taking part in the G20 alternative summit, known as the Global Solidarity Summit. He is the co-founder of the Democracy in Europe Movement, also known as DiEM25.

Watch Part 2 || Srećko Horvat on 'Democracy in Europe Movement' & Uniting Leftists Against Failed Policies of G20

There were also over 20 people seriously wounded when some sort of tower collapsed.

3.  Blaming the Working Class for President Trump Is a Myth That Suits the Ruling Class Just Fine

This is by Paul Street on Truthdig. This is from near the beginning:
This storyline has been repeated over and over and taken for granted in the mainstream media and even in much of the progressive left—including by me (see this Truthdig essay, in which I unfortunately referred to “Trump’s conservative, white working-class base”). And it is false. The narrative is flatly contradicted by the data. As Lehigh University political scientist Anthony DiMaggio noted three weeks ago:

Support for Trump … is largely concentrated among more affluent Americans. Trump voters were significantly more likely to be older, white, Republican conservatives—a group that has been quite privileged historically speaking. Trump voters were not more likely to be unemployed, compared to non-Trump voters. Income-wise, the single largest group of Trump supporters was comprised of individuals hailing from households earning incomes of more than $100,000 a year—which made up 35 percent of all his voters. Those earning between $75,000 to $100,000 a year accounted for 19 percent of Trump voters, meaning that 54 percent of the president’s supporters came from households earning over $75,000 a year. Another 20 percent of Trump supporters earned between $50,000 to $75,000 a year, putting them over the national median household income, which has long hovered around $50,000. In sum, approximately three-quarters of Trump voters were from households earning more than the national median income, while just one-quarter earned less than the median.

Lost in the hoopla over Trump’s alleged “working-class base” is an all-too-easy-to-forget fact that a higher percentage of Trump’s voters (35 percent) than Hillary Clinton’s (34 percent) were from the one-fourth of Americans who live in households that “earn” over $100,000 a year .

Actually, I have myself lost - a full 47 years ago - all faith in "the working class": Whatever "class" someone belongs to, he or she can and very probably will be intentionally deceived by the lying politicians and the lying, fraudulent betrayers who own the mainstream media, both the printed ones and the internet ones. 

4. Macron Cracks Down on French Liberty

This is by Jonathan Marshall on Consortiumnews:

French President Emmanuel Macron — the “great hope” of Europe — told French legislators a few days ago that he plans to extend his nation’s draconian and counterproductive state of emergency for a sixth time later this month — to give his government time to prepare a tough new anti-terrorism law to replace it.

In a breathtaking display of doublespeak, Macron claimed that his plan will “re-establish the freedoms of the French people.” But enshrining into law the essence of France’s harsh anti-terrorism decrees will limit the nation’s hard-won liberties while doing nothing to curb police incompetence, which has repeatedly allowed known extremists to carry out their heinous acts.

Civil liberties and human rights groups have denounced Macron’s blueprint for augmenting the central government’s police powers. His draft law would give local representatives of the Interior Ministry the power to declare security zones, define who can enter or leave them, use electronic tags to restrict the movement of people considered a national security threat, close mosques and other centers of worship, and — with only limited judicial oversight — search private property.

“These measures would trample individual and shared liberties and would lead us toward an authoritarian state,” France’s League of Human Rights declared. “Far from relating only to terrorist acts, these measures would be applied to a wide range of offences. Anyone could become a victim of arbitrary decisions.”

Amnesty International recently condemned the government’s abuse of anti-terrorist emergency powers that restrict freedom of movement and rights to peaceful assembly.

“Under the cover of the state of emergency, rights to protest have been stripped away with hundreds of activists, environmentalists, and labor rights campaigners unjustifiably banned from participating in protests,” said Marco Perolini, Amnesty International’s researcher on France.

I more or less agree, and I also never trusted Macron, but I do remind you that the alternative was Le Pen.

5. In Less Than Six Months, President Trump Proves He's Unfit

This is by Michael Winship on Common Dreams (and originally on Moyers & Company:

A tune was running through my head all this past Fourth of July weekend, and it wasn’t “I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy.” No, the earworm that afflicted me was the opening number from the 1980 musical Barnum, a Broadway extravaganza that glorified the master showman and consummate humbug P.T. Barnum, born July 5, 1810. The song begins like this:

“There is a sucker born every minute
Each time the second hand sweeps to the top
Like dandelions up they pop,
Their ears so big, their eyes so wide.
And though I feed ‘em bona fide baloney
With no truth in it
Why you can bet I’ll find some rube to buy my corn.
‘Cause there’s a sure-as-shooting sucker born a minute,
And I’m referrin’ to the minute you were born.”

All these years later, that show, with music by Cy Coleman and lyrics by Michael Stewart, is long overdue for a revival, although it easily can be argued that there’s no need — P.T. Barnum is alive and well and living in the White House.

Donald Trump is the con man huckster of all time, and in his sway are the many descendants of those suckers who back in the day provided a steady livelihood for good old P.T.

in other words, most people judging politics, from the right and from "the left" base their confident illusions on a combination of stupidity and ignorance.

B. A - Current? - Problem with 14.04

Yesterday I told my readers that I have successfully updated my system from Ubuntu 12.04 tot Ubuntu 14.04.

Everything worked unproblematically, but today I find that every site I download from somewhere else in my Firefox blacks out (it also turns black-and-white, from colors), blocks all input from my mouse and my keyboard, and then, after a little wait, restores itself again.

I say.

I do not know the explanation, but it very probably is from one or several of the tens of fascist terrorists who try to track me - for indeed, having been declared "a dirty fascist" and "a terrorist" by the Stalinist and "Social Democratic" fascists who took over the "University" of Amsterdam; having been tortured by them for three years with very little sleep in a student flat (and a trial I won, since when the "University" of Amsterdam refused to answer any of my letters or mails, since 1988) and five years later another three years with very little sleep and very many threats by the fascist illegal drugsdealers that were given permission by the mayor of Amsterdam from the bottom floor of my house, and not from his house, where I also have been gassed, literally, and have been forced to live for over three years in an extremely dangerous house without a working chimney, that was shown to be extremely dangerous - as I had said - on February 10, 1992, after which the City of Amsterdam refused to answer all my letters and all my mails; having seen that the Dutch police is completely drugscorrupt, like the Dutch politicians and the Dutch judges; and having in fact the most anti-fascist background of anybody I have ever known, except my brother, who is lucky enough not to live in the fascist terrorist narko-nazistic country were I am forced to live, by ill health and extreme powerty, I decided, after 40 years of being accused by the fascist terrorists from the "University" of Amsterdam and from the City of Amsterdam, I decided to speak the truth about those who denied and deny my human rights and my legal rights and who are moved by personal greed, personal sadism and postmodernism.

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