Sunday, June 4, 2017

Crisis+Quotation: Climate, Cold War, Psychoanalyzing Trump, Truth + About Truth

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1. Summary
2. Quotation (about truth)
3. Crisis Files

This is a Nederlog of Sunday, June 4, 2017.

1. Summary

This is a crisis log but it is a bit different from how it was the last four years:

I have been writing about the crisis since September 1, 2008 (in Dutch) and about the enormous dangers of surveillance (by secret services and by many rich commercial entities) since June 10, 2013, and I probably will continue with it, but on the moment I have several problems with my computer, my modem, the company that is supposed to take care that my site is visible, and my health.

It may be that I'll be off for a few weeks, that is, I will publish nothing or little for a few weeks. I don't know yet, but I will keep you informed in Nederlog.

And what I will do for the moment - since I am still looking at 35 sites every morning - is to list the items I selected, but without any of my comments. Today I selected four items, and they are below and link to the originals, but on the moment I have no comments, basically because that takes too much work on the moment.

2. Quotation (about truth)

As I have said above, I am writing less these weeks for various reasons. This time my quotation in fact is a picture of a very recent demonstration, that is reported here Nationwide 'March for Truth' Events Take Aim at Trump's Destructive Fact-Free Rule (it's also in today's Crisis Files):


The reasons I provide this picture - that says:
- are as follows (sketchily):

It is next year 40 years ago that I heard the invited professor Brandt, who was invited by the Board of Directors of the University of Amsterdam to open the academic year 1978/1979, say literally, in translation, the following utter terroristic lie:
Everybody knows that truth does not exist.
This logically implies that everybody knows that there were no Jews murdered in the WW II; that there in fact was no WW II; that there were no concentration camps in WW II; and that all science is based on fantasies and desires, just as is the news and what ordinary folks think and say: all desires, all fantasies, all beliefs that cannot be based on any truth whatsoever, because
Everybody knows that truth does not exist.
Also, I felt fairly strong about that, because I had been specializing on real science since 1970; because my grandfather had been murdered in a German concentration- camp (but not truly in professor Brandt's postmodern opinions); and because my father had survived over three years and nine months, as a convicted "political terrorist" because he was in the resistance (like my grandfather) of four German concentration camps (but not truly in professor Brandt's postmodern opinions, for there is no truth according to him, and everybody knows this as well, in his opinion).

At that time (nearly forty years ago), I thought: "This is a university! This is utterly insane! You can't have real science without real truth!" and besides, I thought the man saying it - a mere historian - was an utter fool, and so I protested.

In the next nearly forty years (!!!)
I learned that:
  • I am a fascist and a terrorist because I do believe in truth and because I am not a Marxist [1];
  • 95% of the students and staff of the University do not believe in truth: They believe in money and profits;
  • In 1988, when I protested the truly awful "education" I had gotten in the University of Amsterdam very briefly before receiving my M.A. in philosophy, I was - completely illegally - removed from the faculty of philosophy, which meant I could not take my M.A. in philosophy any more (I think as the only person since the end of WW II);
  • I was screamed at by many students of philosophy that I was "a fascist, a fascist, a fascist", which I had first heard in 1977, which I was, according to them, because I was not a Marxist and believed in real science [2], and then also that I was "a terrorist, a terrorist, a terrorist" because I offended the degenerate parasites who "taught" me;
  • since then I dedicated a considerable part of my site - in Dutch, as "ME in Amsterdam" where "ME" refers to the disease I also have nearly forty years now [3] - to these events, but very few Dutchmen wrote in reply, from which I have inferred that
  • at most 1 in 20 Dutchmen believe in real truth or real science, and far fewer care that an ill person like I am gets removed from a "university" for speaking the truth (for there is no truth, as every Dutchmen "knows").
Therefore, while I still believe in real truth and real science, I know that the main- stream media (TV, cable and press) have become mostly liars and deceivers over the past 40 years, while I also know that real science is difficult and meanwhile also a minority-product at most universities, I am truly sorry, but for me (with two excellent academic degrees made while ill, an IQ over 150, two lifelong real communist parents, two lifelong real anarchist grandparents, and one communist grandparent [4]) this is true:
  • At most 1 in 20 people believe in real truth and real science, and the last can be rationally judged by fewer;
  • most believe in their wishes and their unscientific belief systems;
  • the universities are mostly dead as real universities (for I am sorry, but you cannot teach real science to people with an average IQ of 100 or so, but that was Blair's plan for "the universities": Everybody with an IQ of 100 or better can get "a degree", if he or she pays enough, and that plan got mostly realized);
  • the mainstream media (cable, TV, press) are now lying and/or deceiving the people they are supposed to inform most of the time; and
  • people who are both rational and reasonable, have a good mind and a real understanding of real science are less than 1 in 250.
I hope you see how optimistic I try to be, but indeed these are considerations that move me, at age 67, towards writing about the things that interest me, and far less about politics, about which I tend to think that the very few rich have won, and the only thing that will prevent a future neofascistic authoritarianism is a collapse of the economy - which indeed will happen at some point, but I do not know when, nor whether it will be deep enough.

And while I still do not know what I will do, I do know that I don't believe in people who are for "truth" when it supports their wishes, while they are against "truth" when it doesn't, which seems to be - still - the attitude that most politically interested folks (without degrees in physics, mathematics or chemistry) do seem to have.

3. Crisis Files

I have been writing on the crisis since September 1, 2008 (Dutch) and with considerably more attention since June 10, 2013 (English).

If you check out the
crisis index you will find that I wrote in over eight years nearly 1600 files, that nearly all consisted of a reference to one or more articles that were partially quoted and mostly commented.

I will continue with that, simply because I think the crisis is a very important social, political and economical event, but meanwhile I have turned 67 and need a little rest,
so what I'll be doing the coming weeks (at least), is selecting 3 to 6 files from the 35
sites I consult every morning to see what's happening in the world of politics and econonomics, and present them, but now without my comments.

Here is today's selection:
1. Top Climate Scientist, Journalist & Activists Blast Trump's
     Withdrawal from Paris Accord
2. Robert Scheer on the New Cold War and ‘Faux Redbaiting’ in
     Mainstream Media (Video)
3. Psychoanalyzing Donald Trump
4. Nationwide 'March for Truth' Events Take Aim at Trump's
     Destructive Fact-Free Rule
These are all well worth reading.


[1] Once again: The University of Amsterdam, like all other Dutch universities, was effectively handed to the students between 1971 and 1995, which was a completely unique event in the world; in Amsterdam many students became quasi-communists - real members of the Dutch CP, but not real communists when compared to my really communist parents - because this was popular and made studying very easy; and especially in philosophy it seems as if most students in the 1970ies were quasi- communist 20-year olds with rich parents and no real understanding of either communism, socialism or capitalism whatsoever. (But that didn't matter either, because they were in the majority anyway, and that was all that counted: Agreements on wishful thinking and totalitarianism.)

[2] And another major shortcoming of mine was that - since the Dutch universities were handed to the students, and there were elections every year - I also had initiated a student party that was against the - Stalinist communist - student party the ASVA, that had the absolute majority from 1971-1995, and mostly used this for secret deals with the Board of Directors, that probably made leading members of the ASVA richer, and certainly helped them making well-paid careers (where it also did not make one whit difference that they had been "communists", which had produced many difficulties for my really communist parents in the 1950ies).

[3] And this real disease, about which there now also is real evidence that it is a real disease, has been one of the money-making projects since 1980 (!!!) of many utterly corrupt and totally unscientific psychiatrists who only pretend they are real scientists and only pretend they care for patients: They care for loads of money for themselves, while I know of very few psychiatrists who really cared for patients.

[4] Incidentally, this is one of the reasons why I found it very offensive to be called many tens of times and possibly several hundreds of times "a fascist" by Stalinist quasi-communist deceivers in the University of Amsterdam, for in fact I do not know any Dutchman other than my brother, who is happy enough not to live in Holland, who has as real a - really - leftist background as I have. (By the way: All the Stalinist quasi-communist deceivers in the University of Amsterdam have long since given up their political opinions they had between the Seventies and the Nineties, and have exchanged their opinions, some quite a few times also, for more profitable opinions, for themselves.)

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