Thursday, May 4, 2017

Explanations about the undoing of the renewal of my site

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1. On the undoing of the renewal of my site

This is a Nederlog of Thursday
, May 4, 2017.

Summary: This is a special Neder
log that is about the renewal of my site that was introduced on February 1, 2017

I stopped this today for the reason that follows:

1. On the undoing of the renewal of my site

The renewal I started in February of 2017 was caused by the following facts, that have been plagueing me now since the end of 2015:

Currently and for the past 1 1/2 years, "xs4all" (not really xs4all [1], but bought by the KPN around 2000, and since then absolutely awful in my - extremely wide - experience) refuses to properly upload my site as they did do from 1996 till 2015:

1996 till 2015 the uploading happened almost immediately, and certainly within a minute: I uploaded stuff, and then could see it immediately in my webbrowser.

Since the end of 2015 "xs4all" has changed this to - approximately, without any constancy and without ever giving any reason for this - once in a week.

This means that my site at "xs4all" gets refreshed at least 10,000 times slower than before, and it also means - and this is the point - that no one who visited my site at
"xs4all" the last 1 1/2 year got any of the material that was uploaded by me - invariably, every day - to "xs4all" (or else that they have to do several things ordinary surfers never do) in time.

I also fear that most people who did visit my site till the end of 2015 simply have been hunted away, but that I also do not know, for "xs4all" - in fact: the KPN - does not provide any statistics whatsoever to me (with a site of 500 MB), and never did.

The ONLY explanation I can think of is that someone with considerable computer power wants to prevent that my site is being read.

I do not know who this is, but it is very probably either "xs4all" or some secret service or else some combination of both.

I have now given up on this for the simple reasons that it didn't change anything while I am too ill to do every day the extra work that is required to run the renewal I have tried (for this takes from 5 minutes to 1 hour every day, depending: I am sorry, but my present health is not up to that, every day).

I am sorry. I did the best I could. (More to follow, but not today.)


[1] I am insisting "xs4all.nl" is NOT AT ALL xs4all.nl, although they have the same name, simply because I became a member of the REAL xs4all in 1996. That xs4all was quite good, quite polite and quite knowledgeable, and it was a joy to be a member of them.

But they got sold somewhere between 1998 and 2000 to KPN, which I did not understand then, and turned out later, indeed in the time I was uploading and creating a lot on my site, to be very bad, very impolite and - especially between 2002 and 2009 - to be extremely ignorant (but completely unwilling to admit it).

It has been a plague for me ever since 2004 to be a member of xs4all. The reasons I remained there is that I had a properly named site, that was growing quite well-known in the early 2000s, and besides I was ill then as well, and more so than now.

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