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1. Goodnight, Mickey
2. Mickey Nardo: Tangled up in Life
3. A Voice for Reason - Dr Mickey Nardo

4. Nieuwe Noorse studie naar de pathologische mechanismen bij
     ME (2017)

5. Scientist Ron Davis Tells How We Are "Fast-Tracking" ME/CFS

 6.  How to Run a Rogue Government Twitter Account With an
       Anonymous Email Address and a Burner Phone
 7. George Takei on 75th Anniv. of Internment of Japanese
       Americans & Why Trump is "The Real Terrorist"
 8. "For-Profit President": A Look at How Trump Is Pushing
       Wholesale Corporate Takeover of the Gov't
 9. Beware of the World Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook Are
       Making, The Observer Warns
10. The Lies Donald Trump Told in His First Month As President
11. A Professor's Lesson: 'American Democracy Is Now
       Confronting an Abyss'
12. Morbid Inequality: Now Just SIX Men Have as Much Wealth as
       Half the World's Population


This is a Nederlog of Tuesday
, February 21, 2017.

Summary: This is not a normal crisis log. It has three subjects, each with several links:

First, Dr Mickey Nardo died on February 19, 2017. He was around 77 (I do not know
precisely: He got pensioned in 2003. He may have been older.)

Who was Mickey Nardo? He was: (i) a mathematician who planned a research career in medicine, and who started studying medicine, namely internal medicine and immunology; (ii) after an intermission in the Air Force, he changed his career and studied psychiatry and psychoanalysis and practiced that till somewhere in the 1980s in American universities; (iii) then also psychiatry had changed a lot through the DSM-III of 1980, and Dr Nardo got into some conflicts with Dr Nemeroff (one of the many multi-millionaires and psychiatric frauds) which stopped Dr Nardo's university work, and started his private practice in psychiatry.

Later (after 2003) Dr Nardo found (quoted from item 2 below), with Dr Nardo writing:
I began to read up on the psychopharmacology literature and couldn’t believe what I found. I had been oblivious to the gross invasion of academic psychiatry by the pharmaceutical industry, cloistered in my psychotherapy practice. I had already been a blogger, but the more I learned, the more the blog [] turned towards the dreadful state of affairs in psychiatry.
And this is where I found him, I think in 2012 but certainly in 2013.

, I am - after a "mere" full 38 years of truly enormous discrimination (but not only because of my disease, though that always played the main role because it was never admitted) - at loooooooong last finally declared to be really ill.

It is a considerable surprise to me, for I had doubted I would ever know what really ailed me, and both my ex and myself have ME/CFS since January 1979. Until now, most medics who saw us (sometimes after a brief examinations) simply concluded we are insane, that is in "medical" terms: psychosomatizers, which we are (according to them) because they could not find anything while most loved blaming the victim. ("No, no, you are not ill: I know because I am a medical doctor. What you really are is a psychosomatizer." Their more less literal words in tens of cases.)

In fact, it turns out we are not - according to 17 Norwegian doctors; some extremely famous biochemists in the USA; and - even - now according to quite a few English medical doctors, who are setting up a new research laboratory in Norwich (to repeat Fluge's experiments in Norway).

Here is the main reason why my ex and I are - after a mere 38 years of truly stunning continuous discrimination - really ill:
This - at loooooong last is very good research, which shows that patients with ME/CFS have many very significant differences in quite a large number of amino acids, that fully explain the lack of energy and the muscle aiches patients with ME/CFS suffer constantly form. (It is also strongly biochemical, and not at all easy to read and comprehend.)

There is meanwhile a whole lot more, and people with scientific interests are especially referred to item 5 below, which is an interview with one of the world's best biochemists, professor Ron Davis, from Stanford and Harvard Universities, who is trying, together with many other top people, to find out the cause and a remedy against ME/CFS, which Professor Davis said (see below):
"It is a horrible disease. It is one of the most horrible diseases I've ever seen".
(Sir professor Simon Wessely, a psychiatrist who insisted that everyone with ME/CFS is insane, since 1980, probably very much would like to call all the medical doctors, biochemists and engineers who now are very hard at work to explain the disease now insane, but this is merely a side remark. Fortunately, he is only "famous" in England, while he is utterly incompetent in real medicine, and very dangerous for people with ME/CFS. He also has - as yet - a very great lot of power in Great Britain.)

Third, there also are five items in the crisis series, but I had too little energy and too much to do about ME/CFS to review them. You do get the choice I made for today, and
I can recommend them, but you have to supply your own comments.
As for today (February 21, 2017): I have changed my site on February 1, 2017 to make it easier that it might be read, because it now happened for most of last year that both of my sites are not uploaded properly:

On it may be days, weeks or months behind to show the proper last date and the proper last files (in the last 4 years always on the date it was that day), and it was this morning correct again (but yesterday it was not); on it may be shown as December 31, 2015 (and often was!!!) and was also correct this morning but also not yesterday; and indeed I am sick of being systematically made unreadable and therefore changed the site to allow most readers to find it more easily.

I say! (This is "better" than it was since over a year.)

For more explanations, see
here - and no: with two different sites in two different countries with two different providers, where this has been happening for a year (and not for over 20 and over 12 years before) now I'm absolutely certain that this happens and that it's not due to me.

Incidentally, if you reached February 1, 2017 on one of my sites you are in the new set-up and from there you can find the latest Nederlog, and all others from there.
A. About Dr Mickey Nardo

1. Goodnight, Mickey

This is a link to Mickey Nardo's site. He was one of the very few psychiatrists who really knew science; who really understood statistics; and who wrote really well. I have daily attended his site, certainly since 2013 (and his site was the first of 35 sites I link to and check for news on politics, psychiatry and M.E. every day, that then get reported in a Nederlog, like the present one).

He was a very good and very intelligent man. I enjoyed his site, and I am quite sad he
died, but he did get to be around 77 and had a fairly long and - quite rarely, also - a very decent, rational and scientific life.

I agreed with nearly everything he wrote, but from a rather different position than his:

I do have excellent degrees in philosophy (B.A. - and I was denied the right to take an M.A. as the only Dutch student this happened to since 1945) and in psychology (M.A., with extremely high marks, but indeed mostly on mathematics, physics and logic, because I had given up psychology as a real science by 1980); and also because I am quite ill since 1979 with ME/CFS - about which I learned two days ago that ... it is a real illness - which means that I was for 38 years discriminated as a psycho- somatizer, i.e. a mad person, according to the vast majority of some 35 doctors I saw.

(For yes, my ex, who also has ME/CFS since 38 years, was called "a psychosomatizer" for the first time in April 1979, although the same "medical doctor" - he had his degree, but was an utter incompetent - had found she and I had Epstein-Barr since January 1979. That judgement was repeated by around 25 other "medical doctors" who all blamed the victims (namely us) because they could not find anything medically wrong with us. We have both been ill for over 38 years now, but this is the first time it is admitted we are really ill (except for three earlier medics, but they did have no proof, although I also was very much helped by one of them doctor Heleen van Proosdij-Fertigova, who was my excellent GP from 1986-1999, and then stopped doing medicine).

I never mailed dr Nardo, because he did very fine work and helped very many people, both medical doctors and patients; because I also am a very private person [0]; and because I could not contribute to his studies, at which he was much better than I am, simply because he was a real psychiatrist, with excellent statistical understanding, and a very fine mind.

2. Mickey Nardo: Tangled up in Life

This is a link to the site of dr. David Healy, who after Mickey Nardo's dead is the only
working psychiatrist I know of whom I do respect. His site also was the second site I checked every day since 2013.

I like dr. Healy as well, and he probably will not mind if I say that I like and respect what he does, but think he is not quite as intelligent as dr. Nardo was (but yes, dr. Healy is also both very intelligent and quite courageous).

3. A Voice for Reason - Dr Mickey Nardo

The third 
item is by Roy M. Poses MD who runs the site Health Care Renewal. I do not think he is a psychiatrist, but he is a medical doctor; he is very worried - since quite a long time - about US health care, in which he is quite right; and he wrote, quite correctly, that Dr Mickey Nardo was
a voice of reason, a defender of truth in health care.

His site was the seventh site I checked daily since 2013. It is good.

B. About me + ME/CFS

I am seriously ill since January 1, 1979, though not as ill as some:

I still can take care of myself, and still can do my weekly shoppings, and I may be able to cycle for half an hour on some other day in a somewhat healthy week (though not from 1993- 2013: Too ill), while people with serious M.E. have been laying in bed for 5 or 10 years, in a darkened room, and only capable of whispering, and I am at least lucky enough never to have fallen so deep, probably in part because I am a man and not a woman: For more see here, where this distinction gets explained - though indeed in terms of pretty complicated biochemistry:

This is by dr. Oystein Fluge plus 16 other medical doctors and biochemists and was published on January 3, 2017.

My GP agrees with him, which changes my position quite dramatically, although I am realistic enough not to expect any medication against ME/CFS for some years, at least, indeed in good part because hundreds of psychiatrists have been insisting since 1980 that "No, ME/CFS is not a real disease; yes, people with ME/CFS are insane (psychiatric bullshit term: "psychosomatizers"); and no research whatsoever is necessary into ME/CFS: The psychiatrists know all about it and will cure patients with exercise".

That was all sadistic nonsense, bullshit and lies, but it also was the accepted reaction to at the very least 10 millon people who were ill (and are still ill, if they did not suicide, indeed, which many did, especially because of the psychiatric discrimination and the exercises that made them much worse) from 1980 till 2016. ("A mere 27 years" - which killed many, because of psychiatric lies, misinformation, and constant and systematic underfunding of any real medical research, and also because it turned out to be extremely difficult to find any decent medical doctor who really believed you were ill. I was lucky enough to find three in 38 years, indeed.)
4. Nieuwe Noorse studie naar de pathologische mechanismen bij ME (2017)

This is a link to a Norwegian video on Norwegian TV with Dutch subtitles. As it happens, I speak Norwegian and I speak Dutch. If you don't, I am sorry, but it is here because I am Dutch and this is a decent program.

 5. Scientist Ron Davis Tells How We Are "Fast-Tracking" ME/CFS Research

This is a link to a quite good video interview with the professor of biochemistry and genetics at Stanford University Ron Davis (<-Wikipedia). He is one of the greatest living biochemists. And he has put together a very fine team of biochemists, medical doctors and engineers to study ME/CFS, that now also includes James Watson (<-Wikipedia), who is one of the discoverers of DNA.

Ron Davis also said that Watson asked him two questions. The first was: "How much research money is there now available?" Davis' answer: "Hm.. at most 5 million dollars". The second was: "How many people have this disease?" Davis answered: "Somewhere around 2 to 3 million people in the USA."  And James Watson said "OK, I help". Davis added: "Because he saw it is a tremendously underfunded disease."

Davis also said

"It is a horrible disease. It is one of the most horrible diseases I've ever seen".

And he explained they are trying to do "everything on the fast track" and he added "What we don't want to do is using ordinary methods, which are extremely slow."

He also explained that the ordinary methods will take at least 1 to 1 1/2 years to get any money, and said "That's way too slow." He is trying to do everything as fast
as he can, as cheaply as is possible, and to publish everything as open science.

I say! Well... I have been ill for over 38 years now, and I can assure Ron Davis that
my ex and I have been saying these things to tens of Dutch medical doctors since 1979 (I did say it was the energy metabolism that didn't properly work since 1979; I did even propound my own  biochemical theory in 1987, before learning I have ME/CFS; I did say I lacked energy and could distinguish this from "fatigue"; I did complain about lactate as if I had been running for 10 or 20 km, and that continuously, for many years; and I was always honest and always fair and always rational, but alas:

Most of the medics said we were psychosomatizers (not: all, for some said "I don't know", which I never had any problem with, at least not until learning after 2010 that the disease had been very well described by doctor Ramsay in 1965, with these "medical specialists" ought to have found), and they washed their hands of us, but did demand payment (for we were not properly insured as students).

So... this does change my life and my outlook considerably, and I will write more about ME/CFS and less about politics, simply because I have little energy and am always in some pain, and never got any money for my sites.

I do want money from the City of Amsterdam or the City University of Amsterdam, because I do - still, and since 1980 - want to leave the Netherlands, but I cannot do this with a sub-minimal pension and a partially intentionally utterly destroyed health. (For I was forced to sleep much less than I needed in two periods that together amounted to 7 years, and both periods made me much worse, and the last for over twenty years.)

But more about this later (and I excised quite a bit today: I am being a bit diplomatic today).

C. About the crisis

Finally... the
crisis. This is the 1499th crisis file, but in fact there are 10 more (see here : Nr 226), so actually I wrote more than 1500 files just about the crisis, in which I reviewed at least 6000 articles by others.

Today you just get the selections, without any comments. Again, I do not yet know how I will continue the crisis series. I suppose I will (I strongly dislike neofascism, for one thing, and that seems to be the USA's current direction), but I do not yet know how.

It may be that I just continue, for I guess for the time being the City and the City University of Amsterdam will once again act as if I do not exist, as they have been doing since 1988, after illegally housing murderous soft drugs dealers in the house where I lived, and after denying me the legal right to take my M.A. in philosophy,
but then I will also assure them that if I am "a fascist" and a "terrorist" (as tens of philosophy students screamed in 1988, after a speech of mine, and since 1977), and since I have also learned that

  • "Everybody knows that truth does not exist"

in Holland (which was true in the UvA from 1977 till 1995 at least), I feel quite allowed to do just the same to them - which I never did so far, either, although indeed I do know of quite a few Dutch "social democrats" who seem to be just that ("fascistic terrorists", which I have been called by mostly "communist" students between 1977 and 1989).

Then again, I also know I am poor and I am ill and I did not meet anyone of whom I honestly could say "He/she works in the University of Amsterdam and is evidently more intelligent than I am". (They do exist, but not in the small provincial University of Amsterdam, for there the tenth to hundredth-raters in "science", of whom Diederik Stapel is a very fine (and - I am sorry - quite typical) example, do rule, simply because most are not clever enough to work in Cambridge, Oxford, Stanford or Harvard.

I am very sorry, but that is a fact, although I grant that I have not met most professors and lecturers, and there are some who know a lot more about mathematics, physic, languages, chemistry and medicine than I do.

But I certainly would have been a goodteacher in philosophy or even in psychology  (even while ill: I am a very good talker and a very good explainer, and I know a great lot).

I just wasn't allowed to, for I disagreed with the functional communists who were professors and lecturers at the time I studied, and I don't mean they were communists:

I say they simply agreed with whatever policy the University followed, for their money and their status, and because everyone I know of who worked there did not have the character to really protest against anything as soon as they risked a tiny little bit.

My grandfather, my father and my mother were definitely not such cowards, and I suppose I am not either.

Here are today's crisis links:

6. How to Run a Rogue Government Twitter Account With an
Anonymous Email Address and a Burner Phone

7. George Takei on 75th Anniv. of Internment of Japanese
Americans & Why Trump is "The Real Terrorist"

8. "For-Profit President": A Look at How Trump Is Pushing
Wholesale Corporate Takeover of the Gov't

9. Beware of the World Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook Are
Making, The Observer Warns

10. The Lies Donald Trump Told in His First Month As President

11. A Professor's Lesson: 'American Democracy Is Now
Confronting an Abyss'

12. Morbid Inequality: Now Just SIX Men Have as Much Wealth as
Half the World's Population

There will be more tomorrow, while the notes that follow are from yesterday, but I kept them here because they happen to be quite appropriate, and meanwhile I do have considerable pain.



[0] I really am very private. I was not so originally, but I live in a country - Holland - where millions enthusiastically agree that "Johan Cruyff was a great genius" and several other sporters also are "geniuses", while the same people deny there is any relevant difference whatsoever between themselves and really intelligent intellectuals, of which I am one, for the most part because I was born that way, and also worked very hard to know as much as I could about real science.

Then also, I was very many time called "a fascist", "a dirty fascist", and "something like a fascist" (in 1989, for the last time indeed) by very many students, who probably all were members of the ASVA and members of the Dutch Communist Party (until 1984, or thereabouts: after that they became postmodernists), not because they were real leftists like my parents [1], but because fate had (1) landed them in a university that had been handed over to the students in 1971, and (2) where - in Amsterdam at least - most students who did lead in politics (which was very rampant, between 1977 and 1995) were members of the Communist Party (especially but not only students of philosophy), who (3) politicized the university as much as they could, which was a whole lot, because the students had the absolute power in the university.

I was against all of this: I wanted real science. But I could not get that in the University of Amsterdam, except by - precisely - two professors, one English, who was removed from the University three years after I was removed, I think again because he was no Marxist, although he was a very well-known and quite good philosopher of science, who indeed also helped me considerably; and by a Dutchman, who was very smart and very careful, but who was hunted away in 2005, with his whole family, and lives and teaches since then in the USA, and to whom I owe a whole lot.

Otherwise, no one I saw (and did examinations for) was a real scientist, indeed not because they were Marxists or even quasi-"Marxists" like many students, but because they simply were not very good, nor very courageous, and were quite proud of the great amounts money and the great status they had, as professors or lecturers, for very little real work as well, and so they were quite willing to trade away most things, including real science and real ethics, as long as they remained professors and lecturers.

My parents taught me quite differently:

[1] It so happens that I am very proud of my parents, and indeed do not and never did mind that they were - intelligent and honest - Marxists/communists. I also inisist that they were quite mistaken, but I know they were very honest, suffered a very great amount in WW II, and were in no position to study, as I was, simply because they both had to start working aged 15. (Besides, it simply is a fact that the vast majority of mankind is mistaken about both politics and religion. Anybody who is at all capable of thinking must see that, whatever his or her personal beliefs and values, indeed.)

And my father did have "post-traumatic stress disorder" (see George Carlin!), which I believe he managed quite well (and certainly a lot better than some others I have known), which is one reason why I never told my parents about being called "a fascist" and "a terrorist" by the 20-year old quasi-communists from the mostly communist student-party the ASVA, which shared the absolute power over the University of Amsterdam (UvA) between 1971 and 1995.

For - completely unique in the world - the UvA was ruled from 1972 till 1995  by a "parliament" both on university-level and faculty-level, that was elected every year by "1 man = 1 vote" (professors, lecturers, students, secretaries and toilet-cleaners: all had 1 vote) because the university was given "to the students" in 1971 (after an occupation of the main building of the university in 1969, which came again a year after the student revolution in France (<-Wikipedia(, which almost succeeded).

This enormously politicized all the "education" provided by the UvA these years. And no: Virtually all professors (though not all) kept silent: They earned too much to speak out (and most also lacked the courage, the morals and the principles to protest, while being very well cared for financially).

[2] My parents were real leftists and Marxists. I am a real leftist and not a  Marxist (since 1970). Nearly all students I met in the UvA pretended to be "leftists" or "Marxists", and many - especially in the faculty of philosophy, where I studied - were members of the Dutch Communist Party - but this was disclosed that only in 1991, after the collapse of the Soviet Union (for these Stalinists were o so very honest, o so very noble, and o so very courageous, all according to themselves).

They were "leftists" because very few knew much about politics (most had read the Communist Manifesto, I guess, but little else by Marx) and their "leftism" consisted mostly of (1) political correctness: They very much insisted on discriminating everyone who did not talk in the words they considered correct (and again see George Carlin!), (2) identity-politics: They much disagreed with considering people as individuals, and judged everyone according to the groups they were (or were claimed to be) a member of, and (3) - after 1983 - they very much insisted on postmodernism and the - utterly false - thesis that "everyone knows that truth does not exist".

In my eyes all three points are totalitarian and rightist, but it is true that much of the "left" in Holland still insists on
political correctness and identity-politics (in 2017!), while most also do not really believe in truth, though postmodernism was criticized too much to be waved like a banner nowadays.

O, a last remark about my communist father: He was knighted in 1980, three months before he died, because of his designing and mostly also making the National Exhibition On World War II, Resistance And Concentration Camps.

I believe he was the only communist who was knighted - Knight in the Order of Oranje-Nassau - before 1991, when the Dutch Communist Party ceased to be, because I do not know of any other communist who was knighted in or before 1980. (A very few did get medals for courage before 1980 - quite justifiedly so, also - but no knighthoods that I know of.)

(Since there were many brave communists in the Dutch resistance in WW II who all were not knighted because they were communists - "traitors", as many Dutch said - I think this might have been a mistake by the queen, who had met my father at least twice, but only in the context of the National Exhibition).

[3] I have ME/CFS since January 1, 1979, and my ex since January 10, 1979, which started in our cases as Epstein-Barr "that never went away", now for the thirty-eight (38th) year.

For those who are interested, very recently - and at looooooong last, for all medical research into ME/CFS has been systematically opposed by psychiatrists since 1980 - there have been around five medical and biochemical studies about ME/CFS that found many differences between people with ME/CFS and healthy persons, and that also, again at looooong last, provide at least the beginning of a genuine medical and biochemical understanding of my disease. 

In case you are interested, here are two easily understood brief articles in the New Scientist: (1) Metabolic switch may bring on chronic fatigue syndrome and (2) Antibody wipeout found to relieve chronic fatigue syndrome.

As to my income: I never worked full days (except for 1 year while I was 17, and then I earned less than the minimal income because I wasn't 21) until I was 24 (because I preferred to study: I made enough to live, but actually less than the dole); from 25 till 27 I did not earn anything (but lived in Norway and helped my ex who was a journalist); from 1977 till 1984 I got a study-loan which again was less than the dole; from 1984 till 2015 I got dole, which was considerably less than the minimum income even the most stupid and uneducated get in Holland; and from 2015 till now I have a minimal pension of some 80 euroos a month less than the minimal pension "because you lived nearly three years in Norway".

Therefore all in all I got less money in the last 51+ years than any other Dutchman (I suppose, but this is a very reasonable supposition).

[4] Which this year is 40 years ago - which were by far the most horrible years in my life (for until 1979 I did have ten quite good and quite happy and quite healthy if financially very poor years, in which I also lived - successively - with four women, one English, one American, one Norwegian and one Dutch, and in part in England and in part in Norway).

My Dutch years were not only horrible because of ME/CFS but also because of extremely much discrimination, including being gassed (literally: I almost died) in 1988 by the illegal drugsdealers that the mayor of Amsterdam, Ed van Thijn, had given his "personal permission" to deal in illegal drugs (marijuana and hashish) from the bottom floor of the house where I lived) and being kept awake for four years by incredible amounts of noise from these dealers and three cafés with terraces open till 1 o'clock in the night on a distance of within 15 to 25 meters from the house where I lived.

This is all described - in detail - in excellent Dutch in ME in Amsterdam.

[5] For I am - like every non-American - totally surveyable in everything I write on my computer and everything I say on my telephone. For me that is the beginning of possibly centuries of neofascism, that is, if we are not all blown up by a nuclear war thanks to Donald Trump. (Yes, I am not optimistic - which assures that I might get some pleasant surprises. I am not, because my father survived over 3 years and 9 months as a prisoner in German concentration camps in WW II, and because my grandfather was murdered in a German concentration camp, both for resisting the Nazis. Also, I got 5 - quite credible - murder threats by the drugsdealers between 1988 and 1991, but no one did anything about it, for the drugsdealers were protected by the mayor of Amsterdam.)

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