Wednesday, Feb 1, 2017

Explanations of the renewal of my site

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This is a Nederlog of
Wednesday, February 1, 2017.

I have today changed my sites because it has turned out that since the end of 2015:
  • I do not get any (decent, credible) information anymore about either of my sites (one in Denmark, one in Holland, both copies of each other) in spite of the fact that both sites are over 500 MB and are present resp. 20 and 12 years, and
  • both sites, quite unpredictably, (i) do not properly upload anymore, which makes it impossible or very difficult for naive users to find my most recent Nederlogs (and getting there may require very many reloads, which almost nobody will even try);
  • I think the reason for this maltreatment is my criticism of spying by means of any computer connected to the internet, including cellphones, indeed because
  • doing the normal thing - uploading my site properly - worked quite OK from resp. from 1996 till the end of 2015 in Holland, and from 2004 till the end of 2015 in Denmark, and should be extremely easy for any decent provider,
  • but it does not happen, and indeed happened more often not good (and in such a way that hardly anybody can find anything but the index - that again may be a long time behind, while it is uploaded every day, and is dated always on the last upload, which is almost always today's date).
I do not know the explanation of this, but I do have a guess:


That is: The secret services can do anything they please on the internet, and they do so in secret.

This is the most likely explanation, simply because running a site should be done quite unproblematically by any decent provider, and indeed it has happened quite well for resp. 20 and 12 years on both of my sites.

But it doesn't anymore, and indeed stopped doing it properly by the end of 2015 or the beginning of 2016.

Since I want my Nederlogs to be read, and indeed these days especially the crisis files, of which there currently are over 1475 files (the last index is here), and since I do not want to see this made impossible in secret, which is what I think is probably happening, I did the following:

1. The last Nederlog file I wrote (which I generally write every day, since many years)
    is made into the index file of the whole site, which also means it is now called
    "index.htm" on my site and is in the opening directory;
2. The index.htm has been renamed "mainindex.htm" and
3. there is a link in the top of the present index file (which is the last Nederlog I wrote)
    to the mainindex file (which is the old index.htm) that gives access to my whole
4. I also revised a few files connected to the old index to switch to the mainindex,
    but otherwise nothing is changed on the site, and specifically:
5. the Nederlog files are still uploaded as before i.e. you also find the last Nederlog
    in its proper index (for the current year) and indeed there is also still a copy of the
    last Nederlog file in that index, called NL.html (which has been the case since a
    very long time).
6. All in all there are the following changes on the site:
    - the index file to the whole site now is the last Nederlog I wrote,
    - in which there is a link at the top to the proper (old, renamed) index file
    - there are every day three copies of the last Nederlog I wrote: One called
      NL.html while one has today's date (as NL170201a.html, for the present file),
      and both are in their proper index as before (../2017/ in this case), while
      the third copy is in the opening directory of the whole site as index.htm
      so that people visiting the site see that first.
I do hope this will make it possible for people to find the last Nederlog: If you go to my site the index file is opened automatically, and that happens - from now on - to be the last Nederlog (and if this does not have today's date, it again was not properly updated, but at least you can find the latest Nederlog from the top by using the top arrows).

This is an experiment (and it may be that the site simply never gets refreshed anymore - I don't know, and I certainly got no information from my providers) but this is what I can do to make Nederlog readable.


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