Tuesday January 31, 2017

Crisis: Crisis index for 2017 - 1446 and further

Crisis: Crisis Index for 2017: 1446 and further

This is a Nederlog of Tuesday, January 31, 2017.

This is a crisis index file for 2017. I have now found a more or less reasonable way of indexing my crisis files, that started on September 1, 2008. (This is Dutch, as were the first 82 of - presently - over 1500 files, but it is good, and all but the first 82 files are in English.)

1. Crisis: Index file: 1446 and further

This continues the following seven indexes of files in the crisis series:
The present file is the continuation of the above indexes and starts with 1446
for January 2, 2017. (And that is the 1446th file I wrote about the crisis, since the first one on September 1, 2008. They all can be accessed from the above indexes.) 

The present crisis index is compiled from the Nederlog index by deleting non-crisis items. These are the files I wrote
on the crisis in 2017, starting on January 2 of 2017. (You can see all the dates by hoovering over the titles.) The rest of the index will be compiled monthly in the same way.

January 2017


Crisis: Crisis: Trump Thief, Expectations, On Economy, US Totalitarianism, Mark Blyth
1447 Crisis: Noam Chomsky, Wall Street Editor, Washington Post, Tyranny, Neofascism
1448 Crisis: The Real USA, A Lie, Scandal-Ridden, Obama Neoliberal, 2017 Worse
1449 Crisis: Washington Post, Trump & Wall Street *2, Electoral College, Angela Merkel
1450 Crisis: Greenwald *2, Obama, Trump & Wall Street, Secret Armies, Political Correctness
1451 Crisis: Glenn Greenwald *2, "Russian Hacking", Trump's Voters, New World Order
1452 Crisis: NSA's Hacking, Election-Rigging, Impeach Trump, Media's Failures, Gitlin
1453 Crisis: Fear, "Russian Hacking", Trump's Tweets, Billionaires, American Crisis
1454 Crisis: USA Declining, Streep, No Vetting, Fisk On Lies, Davies On Mainstream Media
1455 Crisis: False Claims, Trump & Russia, Wall Street, Trump's Cabinet, Trump Psychologized
1456 Crisis: Lofgren, Greenwald, The Trump Brand, Press Conference, "Democracy"
1457 Crisis: N.S.A., Trump's Businesses, Journalism, "News Conference", Economics
1458 Crisis: NSA's Liberties, Trump, Era Of Bullshit, Healthcare, Trump & Secret Laws
1459 Crisis: Attacking Trump, Obama's Qualities, Right Wing, Goldman Sachs, Hedges' Videos
1460 Crisis: Revolting, Anti Dissent, Neuter Press Freedom, Davos Man, Modern Art
1461 Crisis: Jeremy Corbyn, Trump & Russia, Trump & Intelligence, Stasi's Powers
1462 Crisis: Manning Released, Taibbi On Trump, Pilger On Us, VIPS, Obama & Clinton
1463 Crisis: Snowden, Manning *2, Trump vs. CIA, Trump Not Sane (Spiegel)
1464 Crisis: About the crisis: A VERY fine long interview with Chris Hedges (from 2013)
1465 Crisis: On Obama, Trumpian "Laws", Trumpian Appointments, NYT's lies, Journalism
1466 Crisis: Welcome to the NUSA!
1467 Crisis: On Trump, The Inauguration, The Press, American Carnage, Trump & Media
1468 Crisis: On Revolt, Fascist Trump, Emperor Trump, Compulsive Trump, Dangerous Trump
1469 Crisis: US Intelligence, TPP Dead, Protest Forbidden, Oil & Gas, Trident Failure Hidden
1470 Crisis: Trump's Capitalism, "Alternative Facts", Felony Charges, On Obama, Media Blackouts
1471 Crisis: CIA Tortures, More Oil, Trump Imperialist, Corporate Media, TPP, On Russia
1472 Crisis: Stopping Trump, TPP, Military Cesspool, Trump's Lies, War on Facts
1473 Crisis: On The Media, Torturing People, Chomsky, Gorbachev On War, On Trump
1474 Crisis: On Orwell, The Media, Trump's Demolitions, Fascism, On My Sites
1475 Crisis: Psychosis, Silicon Valley, Trump's Removals + Trials, A Lie = ..., Hannah Arendt
1476 Crisis: The crisis index for 2017 - 1446 and further
1477 Crisis: Goldman Sachs Effect, Trump & Bannon, Statisticians, Trump's Ban


Explanations of the renewal of my site

Crisis: Secret Docs, Trump's Government, Trump Above Law *2, Rightwing Power Grab
Crisis: Trump's USA, On Reality, Bannon, Reuters, Creepy Trump, Philosophers
Crisis: Nazis & Trump, Resistance, The "Democrats", What End, Coup d'Etat
1481 Crisis: Trump & Wall Street, Power Elite, "Sociopathy", Militarized USA, Carlin On Bullshit
1482 Crisis: FBI's Control, Populism, Warren, National Security, Frances On Trump
1483 Crisis: On The USA, Trump Dictator, USA & Propaganda, Sanders On Trump, Europe In Spiegel
1484 Crisis: Trump's Unknown Terrorist Attacks; Trump, Stalin and Science; Trump and Bannon
1485 Crisis: Trump's Foreign Policy, Resisting Trump, Corporate State, Democracy, Dark Money
1486 Crisis: Catharsis (?!); ACLU; Deregulations; Democracy And Ethics; Neoliberal Capitalism As Myth
1487 Crisis: Democratic Failures, Advertising, Trump & Truth, Ban Illegal, The Trump Era
1488 Crisis: Trump's Impeachment, What To Do, USA Police State, Orwell vs. Huxley
1489 Crisis: On Bannon, On the TTP, Americans & Democracy, On the TISA, Ignorant Americans
1490 Crisis: The Elites, Trump & CIA, On Chomsky, Obamacare, Trump's Psyche, Hedges & Taibbi
1491 Crisis: Dystopia, "Civil Rights Groups", Trump & China, Trump & Loglines, Michael Hudson
1492 Crisis: Exit Democracy, Law & Government, White House, Major Corruption, More Hudson
1493 Crisis: Psychiatry, Messy White House, "Russian Hacking", American Economy, Democracy
1494 Crisis: Trump Press Meltdown, Nuclear Apocalypse, Glenn Greenwald, Trump Scams
1495 Crisis: Trump & Fascism, One Month, Vilified Media, ResistTrump, Republican Backbones
1496 Crisis: On Muslims, On Republicans *2, On Trump and the Deep State, Carlin, Snowden
1497 Crisis: On (American) Racism *2, Democrats & Leaking, McCain, Trump
1499 Crisis: Dodd-Frank, Police State, Tyranny, Constitutional Apocalypse, On Trump's Madness
1500 Crisis: On Palantir, Helping The Police, "Fake News", Arrow's Theorem, George Carlin
1500 Crisis: The Gulfwar (1991), US Race Laws, Bannon, Trump's Degeneracy, Big Pharma
1501 Crisis: On The Reichstag, Trump's Abnormality, The Media, The Free Press, About Russia


Crisis: Reichstag Fire, Can't Happen Here?, Mainstream Media, On "Christian" Fascism
1503 Crisis: Trump & Russia, The US Media, On Bannon, On Wilders
1504 Crisis: On The Deep State, On Terrorism, Zuesse's Sick Bullshit, "Russian Hacking"
1505 Crisis: About WikiSpooks
1506 Crisis: On The Deep State, On 'Russia-gate', On The NSA, On The Guardian
1507 Crisis: On Chomsky On "Consent", On Hedges On Liberals, On Trump, On Snowden
1508 Crisis: The Deep State, Facts All Relative (?), "Russian Hacking", The Rich vs The Poor
1509 Crisis: Democratic Party, US "Health"-care, Wikileaks 1 & 2
1510 Crisis+ME: WikiLeaks, Post-Truth, C.I.A., Trump, Rationale, Q&A on ME/CFS Research
1511 Crisis: Steve Bannon's Illusions, Russian Story, American Health Care, Social Obligations
1512 Crisis: On Global Surveillance, Wikileaks & Panopticon, Trump Insane, Sanders On Trump
1513 Crisis: On The Constitution, State Secret Privileges, America's Poor, Goldwater Rule
1514 Crisis: On Death, Sanders on Trump, Responsible Conservatism, On Sanders & New Party
1515 Crisis: Secret Services, North Korea, Watergate Inquiry (?), Trump Dystopia (?)
1516 Crisis: Media Realities, Wealthcare, Social Media Passwords, CIA, The Trap - 1
1517 Crisis: Trump & Goldman Sachs, Dutch Vote, Political System, Jill Green, The Guardian
1518 Crisis: Dutch Elections, Trump/Russia, Trump/Obama, US Citizes Have No Rights
1519 Crisis: Lofgren On The Deep State, Ralph Nader, Unleashed Insanity, Wall Street's Pay
1520 Crisis+ME: On "Fascism", On Trump, On Bannon, Young Americans, ME/CFS and PACE
1521 Crisis: On Resistance, Climate-Change, Free Speech, Wishful Thinking
1522 Crisis: On Trump's Tweets, Trump's Fights, Trump & Diplomacy, Robert Reich
1523 Crisis: Black Budget, War, Snowden, Comey's Testimony, "Morning Joe", Trump's Sanity
1524 Crisis: Fighting Trump, U.S. Governance, The Psyche, Russia, No Privacy At All
1525 Crisis: You Have Been Sold, On Robert Mercer, Republicans, USA Is Sinking
1526 Crisis: Trump Defeaded*2, Trump & Church, Russia, American Cowardice
1527 Crisis+More: About Jante's Law,  totalitarianism, ordinary people and groups
1528 Crisis: Warring Neofascists, Trump's Wars, Paul Ryan, Erdogan's Propaganda
1529 Crisis: Trump & Bush, Cellphones & Laptops, Obamacare, Privacy Rules, Chomsky
1530 Crisis: Exit Internet Privacy (USA), Trump's Damages, Surveillance State, Chomsky
1531 Crisis: Online Privacy 1 and 2, Chomsky, Trump, Starr On War, Timothy Snyder
1532 Crisis: Exit Privacy, Lying & Groupthinking, Healthcare & War, Michael Hudson

Crisis: National Insecurity, Conmanship, Blaming Russia
1534 Crisis: On The "Deep State", White House Staffers, U.S. Borders, Junk Economics
1535 Crisis: Walking Dead, USA Turns Into Police-State, Ferlinghetti, Junk Economics
1536 Crisis: Chomsky On Trump, Trumpcare, Russians & Deep State, The LA Times
1537 Crisis: On Trump's Lies, Cellphone Searches, Noam Chomsky, Mainstream Media
1538 Crisis: On DARPA and computers, On Bannon, On Trump
1539 Crisis: On Ayn Rand, Impeaching Trump, Bannon's Removal, Zimbardo, On Neoliberalism
1540 Crisis: On War, Bannon vs Kushner, U.S. Strike on Syria, Hotline, George Carlin
1541 Crisis: Bannon & Kushner, Adam Curtis, American War Machine, Trampled Constitution
1542 Crisis: Greenwald on Syria, On Michael Hayden, On Bill Maher, Jeremy Scahill
1543 Crisis: Julian Assange, Shadow Cabinet, Totalitarianism, Neocons, Christopher Browning
1544 Crisis: About Ron Wyden, For Trump Voters, French Elections, On Capitalism
1545 Crisis: Allan Nairn, The VIPS, Trump's Attack Illegal, Sanders-Style Democratic Agenda
1546 Crisis: Snowden's Secrets, Trudeau Legalizes Marijuana, Russian Crisis, Land In Economy
1547 Crisis: On Drones, Lots of Malware for Windows, On Pompeo, On Trump's Autocracy
1548 Crisis: The Trump Doctrine (?), NSA Hacking "For All", The Totalitarians At The US Borders
1549 Crisis: Nuclear Power, "America-First!", Russia-gate, Obama/Trump, Erdogan
1550 Crisis: On Resistance, Republicans & Internet, Turkey, The "War On Terror"
1551 Crisis: On France, Tech Giants Destroy All Privacy, Reich, Social Media Passwords
1552 Crisis: O'Reilly Dismissed, British Elections In June, On Hillary Clinton, Super-Rich Democrats
1553 Crisis: American Terrorism, Ailes & O'Reilly, Jeremy Corbyn, Julian Assange
1554 Crisis: Republicans, Greenwald, Deep State, Wall Street, Health Professionals, Facebook
1555 Crisis: March for Science, North Korea, Trump's 100 Days, Erdogan
1556 Crisis: Macron vs Le Pen, Surveillance, Occult Bullshit, 100 Days, On Marxism
1557 Crisis: Trump Unhinged, Snowden, Imperialism, Young Americans, "Resistance", For-Profit
1558 Crisis: ”People's Party", On "Fascism", On "Neoconservatism", Trump's Failings
1559 Crisis: Terrorizing, Obama, Taxes, Chomsky, Trump's Gibberish, Hundred Days
1560 Crisis: Trump's Tax Plan, On String Theory, American Voters, 100 Days
1561 Crisis: NSA Surveillance, CIA + Machiavellian Elites, ICD-11 (ME/CFS)
1562 Crisis: On Trump's First 100 Days - Four Views


1563 Crisis: Idiots (Egoists), "Fighting Tyranny", Who To Trust, May Day, American Communism
1564 Crisis: Authoritarianism, About May Day, "Russiagate", Trump's Badness, Snyder
1565 Crisis: Despots, Computational Curtain, Reality, Trump's Brain, Dodd-Frank, Payments
1566 Crisis: North Korea, Obama's Cash-In, Obamacare, Trump, Bully-Worships, Nuclear War
1567 Crisis: Cruel  & Unfair Trumpcare, Privacy Nearly Dead, Trump's Tax Cuts
1568 Crisis: Trump's "Healthcare" - Protests, Party of Death, Moral Travesty, Plain Sadism
1569 Crisis: Oklahoma & Fascism, Facebook's Sickness, Trump Doctrine (?), Republicans
1570 Crisis: Emmys, Macron 1 & 2, Constitution Vs. Deep State, Poitras, ME/CFS
1571 Crisis: French Elections, Sham Presidency, Blaming Others, Obama & Wall Street
1572 Crisis: Comey's Dismissal, Exit Open Internet, Forbidden Questions, Assange Prosecution
1573 Crisis: Comey's Firing, "Shocking", Deep State Coup?, Trump's Impeachment
1574 Crisis: Comey & Impeachment, Trump & Pai, Trump's Qualifications, Worker Ownership
1575 Crisis: Barrett Brown, Trump & Russia, Russia's Pride, Republicans, William Binney
1576 Crisis: On Terrorism, Oliver Stone, Russia-gate, Trump Is Deserved, George Carlin
1577 Crisis: Trump As Symptom, Trump Impeachable *2, What If Trump Is Not An Idiot
1578 Crisis: Trump & Alzheimer's, 5.5 Trillions For The Rich, Impeachment, WikiLeaks
1579 Crisis: Trump Impeachable?, Trump's Madness, Trump's Family, Corporate Media
1580 Crisis: Chelsea Manning, Trump Times, Kiriakou, Noam Chomsky, U.K. Labour Party
1581 Crisis: Robert Mueller III, Special Counsel, Impeachment (?), Deep State, Trump & Facebook
1582 Crisis: Julian Assange, 'Crazy Nut Job', Poitras, Economy, Spiegel: Trump Must Go
1583 Crisis: 'Broken Internet', WikiLeaks, Trump's Crimes, Julian Assange
1584 Crisis: Dead Republic, Iran's Moderation, Russia-gate, Stingrays
1585 Crisis: Trump's Budget, Europeans, WikiLeaks, US "Journalism", Big Data
1586 Crisis: "Healthcare" In USA, "Russiagate", Trump's Budget, NSA Surveillance
1587 Crisis: Peter Coyote - "Democrats Need To Clean Up Their Own House" + My Ideals
1588 Crisis: Greenwald & Scahill, Amnesia, Filthy Rich, Corporative Mafia
1589 Crisis + Diggers: The Diggers - 1 + Crisis Files
1590 Crisis+Quotation: Scahill, Hypocrisy, Spiegel * 2, Trump's Insanity
1591 Crisis+Quotation: Artists, Trump, Facebook + Some Personal History
1592 Crisis+Quotation: War, Chomsky, Merkel, Assange, Commoner
1593 Crisis+Quotation: Tyranny, Sgt. Pepper, "Counterterrorism", Trump Narcissist


Crisis+Quotation: Corbyn, Amnesty, Trump-Russia, Taxes + My Self
1595 Crisis+Quotation: Climate Accord*2, Macron, McCarthyism, Corbyn + More On Diggers
1596 Crisis+Quotation: Kushner, Torture*2, Corbyn, Orwell, Stupidity + On Prejudice
1597 Crisis+Quotation: Climate, Cold War, Psychoanalyzing Trump, Truth + About Truth
1598 Crisis+Quotation: Gramsci, Chomsky, Corbyn, "Freedom" + About  Gramsci
1599 Crisis+Quotation: Google, Corbyn, Russia, "Conservatism", Education, Free Speech - Theories
1600 Crisis+Quotations: Justice, NSA, "Madness", Hippie Era, Russia-gate, Snowden - Aphorisms
1601 On My Website (At "") + On My Website (At "")
1602 Crisis +Quotations: Homo Sapiens, Opioids, NSA, Lies, Impeach Him, Comey - Aphorisms
1603 Crisis +Quotations: Comey, May, Red Scare, Chomsky, Soft Coup - Aphorisms
1604 Crisis+Quotations: Corbyn, Comey, Franken, Infrastucture, Cellphones - Aphorisms + 4 years
1605 Crisis+Quotations: Wiretapping, Democracy, Constitution, Corbyn, US Elections - Aphorisms
1606 Crisis+Quotations: Hedges, Corbyn, Mother Jones, Britain - Aphorisms, Ordinary Men
1607 Crisis+Quotations: For-Profit, May, Trump, Oliver Stone, Five Men - Aphorisms + Drop Out
1608 Crisis+Quotations: Lethal Strikes, Klein, Putin Interview, String Theory - Aphorisms+Drop Out
1609 Crisis+Quotations: Stone, Putin, Trump, Universal Spying - Aphorisms+Monterey Pop
1610 Crisis+Quotations: Conyers, Mexico, Putin, Great Britain - Aphorisms, "Summer of Love"
1611 Crisis+Quotations: Stone, Trump*2, 'Russia-Truthers', Corporations - Aphorisms+Diggers-2
1612 Crisis+Quotations: Putin, Mad Trump, GOP Tax-Cuts, Espionage, Propaganda
1613 Crisis+Quotations: Climate, Drugs, France, Profits, Mainstream Media, Summer of Love
1614 Crisis+Quotations: Data-Mining, Torture, Trump, Supreme Court - Aphorisms+The Fugs
1615 Crisis+Quotations: 'National Security',Corporate Control,Media Malpractice,Summer-Aphorisms
1616 Crisis+Quotations: Media Malpractice, Klller Drones, Juian Assange, "Democracy" - Aphorisms
1617 Crisis: Interrogations, Empire, JFK, "Counterinsurgency", Tax Cuts - Aphorisms+Airplane
1618 Crisis: "Healthcare", Saudi Arabia, Stupid*2, Birth Control? Fired!, Summer Of Love
1619 Crisis: Deconstructing America's 'Deep State'
1620 Crisis: Deep State, Trump's Lies *2, "Truth", Medicaid - Trump's Lies Detailed
1620 Crisis: NSA, Nader, Disabled in USA, No Truthers, McGovern On Syria - Hannah Arendt
1620 Crisis: Insane Trump, Healthcare, Authoritarianism, Assange, Fascism - On Pessimism
1623 Crisis: Church-State, CNN, "Russiagate", Cyberattack, "Common Man" - On Pessimism 2
1623 Crisis: Deregulation, Brazil, Robert Parry, Privatization, Free Speech - Quotes (Mike Huben)
1625 Crisis: Huben-links, Trump's Lies, "Russia-gate", "Health Care", Mika Tweets - Quote+Health


Crisis: Trump, Trumpcare, War, "Russia-gate", Power, Republicans + Huben + Internet
1627 Crisis: U.S. Media, Health Care, Privilege, U.S Economy, Over-Criminalization, Wolff
1628 Crisis: On Females, The Media, Mika & Joe, On Brzezinski, The Press, More Lies
1629 Crisis: NSA*2, Clintons, Democratic Party, Trump's Narcissism + Beats, Haight-Ashbury
1630 Crisis: USA, Frederick Douglass, Noam Chomsky, Bernie Sanders, F**ck You Presidency
1631 Crisis: Trump*2, Noam Chomsky, Main Stream Media, Amazon, Wall Street - Changes
1632 Crisis: "Health Care", German Dystopia, Trump*2, French Dystopia - Update on 14.04
1633 Crisis: Hamburg, US Military, Nuclear Weapons, Trump's Qualities, The NSA - More on 14.04
1634 Crisis: Food, Anti-Russianism, US State of War, The NYT's Crap, G-20 Summit
1635 Crisis: Fossil Fuels, NSA Spies, Trump*2, The Rich And The Poor - On my eyes
1636 Crisis: Biological Annihilation, Media, Chomsky, "Libertarians", Reich - On My Eyes
1637> Crisis: Brazil, Trump, Scarborough Quits GOP, The Rich & Taxes, Impeachment - My Health
1638 Crisis: Klein+Corbyn, Health Care, Brazil, Doomsday, Oligarchy, Psychiatry+Medicine
1639 Crisis: Trump Jr., NRA, Opiate Overdoses, 85% Of Americans, Guantánamo Bay
1640  Crisis: US Healthcare, "Russiagate", New McCarthyism, Rednecks, Reich - Orson Welles
1641 Crisis: Eugene Debs, Trump*2, 1984 Groceries, Decashing Ordinary Men
1642 Crisis: AlterNet Editorial, Civil Rights, Social Media, Bosses+Money, On The Hippies (1967)
1643 Crisis: Nuclear War, Indentured Servitude, Trumpcare, Legalized Theft, The Hippies (1967)
1644 Crisis: Exit Free Speech, Israel, Radical Right, For Trump Voters, Ralph Nader
1645 Crisis: Legalized Theft, Police State, The Rich, Trump, The Right & The Media
1646 Crisis: Trump, "Justice", Israel & USA, Pentagon Propaganda, Deregulations, The Hippies (1967)
1647 Crisis: Trump and: Power, Empire and Identity, Poland
1648 Crisis: Drugs Reform, Foreign Policy, "Truth" Matters, TiSA, Decline Of Journalism
1649 Crisis: Christian Fascism, Criminology, Intel Vets, Food & Drugs, TiSA
1650 Crisis: Free Speech, Decriminalizing Drugs,Optimism (?), France, Trump's Sanity
1651 Crisis: On Steve Bannon, "National Security", Mueller, "Cognitive Science", Ralph Nader
1652 Crisis: GOP vs Health, Anti-Russia, On Protesters, Media & Truth, Inclusive Capitalism
1653 Crisis: Obamacare, 59 Million, Orwellian Future, False Flags, US Prison Labor
1654 Crisis: GOP Presidents, US Top Spy, Duterte, Life On Earth, Apple Helps Chinese Government
1655 Crisis: On Fascism, "Think Tanks", Trumpcare, Bernie Sanders, Mainstream Bullshit

Crisis: Apple's Silence, Health Care, Police Brutality, Trump Fritzing Out, Online Freedoms
1657 Crisis: Idiocracy, Mother Jones, Modern Republicans, The USA's Goals, Capitalist Crisis
1658 Crisis: FBI Director, Trump's Themes, Hacking Voters, US Police, Trump vs The Law
1659 Crisis: Brazil's Corruption, US Police, GOP's Mayhem, Schulz On Trump, Chomsky
1660 Crisis: Liberty, Dawkins, The End Of The World, Blocking Leftish Sites, The Diggers
1661 Crisis: Freedoms Threatened, National Security State, Internet, Neocons, Manipulation
1662 Crisis: US  Militarism, Hedges & Justice, Playing Politics, "Free Press", On US Health Care
1663 Crisis: Extreme Vetting, Russian Life, Trump & America, USA Backwards, USA Kleptocracy
1664 Crisis: Mass murder, Oligarchy, Climate Change, Real Science Exit, Allen Frances
1665 Crisis: Nuclear Authority, Madmen, Allen Nairn, Wall Street Thieves, On ME/CFS
1666 Crisis: Opioid Epidemy, North Korea * 3, Federal Civil Service
1667 Crisis: On Macron, Nuclear War, Internet Capitalism, Trump & GOP, The Wealthiest, 1967
1668 Crisis: Nuclear War, North Korea, Venezuela, Lee Fang, Imploding Presidency?
1669 Crisis: On the ACLU, WW II, Pence President?, On Trump's Mind, Health Care Corruptions
1670 Crisis: Google (etc.), Computerized Neofascism, Hate, Women, "Neoliberalism"
1671 Crisis: On Trump: As a racist, as unqualified, as sick, On Freud: As a fraud
1672 Crisis: GOP as KKK, Trump Nazi Sympathizer?, Nuclear War, Lunatics, 1967 (bad review)
1673 Crisis: "Antifas", "Nazis", "Neo-Nazis", Civil War, Trump's Resignation?
1674 Crisis: Bannon Out, Remove Trump *2, On TV, Freud The Fraud
1675 Crisis: Leading Incompetents, Bannon, Arms, Non-violence, Spiegel & Trump
1676 Crisis: Imperialism, Alt Right, Truth, Racism, The Sixties
1677 Crisis: Corrupt US Law, Trump's Governent, Democrats, Tax Cuts, Impeach Trump
1678 Crisis: McConnell vs Trump, Resignation, Mythology, Steve Bannon, Trump's Sanity
1679 Crisis: Trump and: Clapper, Lies, Democratic Party, Nuclear Weapons, Lies (lies, lies)
1680 On The Crisis: 1 - Generalities (repetition)
1681 Crisis: Human Rights, Racist Lunacy, US´s Infrastructure, Progressivism, Trump Insane
1682 Crisis: Secret ¨Government¨, Impeach, Majority, The CIA (Etc.), It´s Still Crisis
1683 Crisis: Wikileaks, Zapatistas, Trump´s Removal, Deep State, Health Matters
1684 Crisis: On "Antifa", "Child King", Trump & Nukes, Gun Groups, Labor Day
1685 Crisis: On ¨Antifas¨, Texas Flooded, About Trump, Russian Threat, On The Democrats
1686 Crisis: ¨Hate Speech¨, Harvey, Trump Unfit, Trumpocalyps, On Big Brother
1680 Crisis: Google *2, Environmental Crisis, Hitler & Trump Compared, ¨Terrorism¨


1681 Crisis: Weather Underground, Harvey, Monbiot, Big Money, Politicians And Harvey
1682 Crisis: Charlie Hebdo, A.I. Regulated (?), Trump´s Insanity, Greenpeace, Nuclear Threat
1683 Crisis: Competence, Eric Holder (?!), On ¨Russia-gate¨, On Merkel, Mainstream Lies
1684 Crisis: On Despair, Hurricane Harvey, Trump, The Top X Percent, Reagan & Nuclear Arms
1685 Crisis: About North Korea, Unions, Trump Emergency, Harvey Chemicals, A Hammer...
1686 Crisis: Trial & Terror, Toxic Houston, Nuclear War, Trump Empire, Neofascist Publishing
1687 Crisis: Extremists, Juan González, Silent Good People, Google & Trump, Neofascism
1688 Crisis: Medicare, Hurricane Irma, Generals vs Trump, New Censorship, Global Surveillance
1689 Crisis: Irma, ¨Radicalism¨, One-Party State, United Nations, Trump´s Catastrophies
1690 Crisis: Nuclear Plants, Truth & The Average, Hillary, The ´60ies, On US Hegemony
1691 Crisis: The Flood(s), Plastic, Mao Zedong, ¨Social Democracy¨, On Climate Change
1692 Crisis: Irma's Aftermath, On Facebook, On 9/11, Climate Change,  On NYT's Propaganda
1693 Crisis: Snowden Interview, "Legal" Theft, Indian Privacy, Climate Change, Trump Is Insane
1694 Crisis: Clinton Book, On U.S. Spying, Medicare, Continuous Wars, On Sigmund Freud
1695 Crisis: Roger Waters, On Climate Denial, On The USA, Trumpian Tax Cuts, Stock Buybacks
1696 Crisis: On Vietnam, The C.I.A., Climate Denial, "Russia-mania", Diagnosing Trump
1697 Crisis: Hllary Clinton, United Nations, 50 Years of Pain, Marijuana, Dynastic Wealth
1698 On The Crisis: On "The Century of the Self" and on Consumerism and Commodification
1699 Crisis: Silencing Dissent, Goldman Sachs, Buy Local!, Price of Education, Military Coup
Crisis: Lies, CIA, Trumpian Masses, GOP´s Scapegoats, Obama Cashes In
1701 Crisis: Trump´s Threats, Militarized USA, U.S. Deep State, On ¨Antifa¨, 40 Million Slaves
1702 Crisis: Spicer, International Law, U.S. Democracy, On Capitalism, On ¨Russia-gate¨
1703 Crisis: Drone Strikes,  Nuclear War, History, Concentration Camps, Regressing USA
1704 Crisis: Nuclear Bans, Anti-Fascism, JFK Disclosures (?), On ¨Russia-gate¨
1705 Crisis: Terrorist GCHQ, Moyers & Lifton, Trump & Genocide, U.S. Taxes, On 9/11
1706 Crisis: On History, Merkel Won, On U.S. Elections, U.S. Incomes, Trump´s White House
1707 Crisis: North Korea, Marriage, Psychotherapists, George Orwell, Mass Extinctions
1708 Crisis: Trump´s Tax Cuts, On Vietnam, Trump´s Racism, New McCarthyism, Big Institutions
1709 Crisis: On (Soft) Drugs, US Taxes, On Corbyn & Labour, Zero Poverty, On World War III
1710 Crisis: Russia-gate, On France, Fraud Frances, On Europe, On Trump´s Dangers
1711 Crisis: On Surveillance, Lies of 9/11, Moore, Google´s Threats to Freedom, Reich

Crisis: Republican Con-men, Pentagon 1967, On ¨Russia-gate¨, On Trump, Walker Evans
1713 On The Crisis: Robert Reich, Socialism, 11 hypotheses about the causes of the crisis
1714 Crisis: The U.S. Empire, U.S. Democracy, Trump, On Catalonia, Herr Drumpf
1715 Crisis: Nuclear Weapons, ¨Dumb It Down¨, Climate, Fraudulent Corporations, On Women
1716 Crisis: Facebook Etc., Democracy, Deceiving Corporations, Pilger, Bolshevism
1717 Crisis: On Facebook, Rule Of Law, Norman Lear, Plutocracy, On Big Corporations
1718 Crisis: On Iran, Masha Gessen, American Plutocracy, GOP´s Inhumane Budget, On Freud
1719 Crisis: May´s Nightmare, Trump, On Privatization, On Corbyn, Tillerson & Trump
1720 Crisis: Trump´s Insanity, Bad Things, Zigzag, Putin´s Deeds, Modern ¨Journalism¨
1721 Crisis: Leftwingers, Hedges Interviewed, Sanitizing The Left, Corker, North Korea
1722 Crisis: President Trump, Ai Weiwei, "Center-Left", Systemic Oppression, US Wars
1723 Crisis: The Climate, Julian Assage, "Russia-gate", Nader On Obama
1724 Crisis: Nuclear Trump, Dictatorial Trump, Catalonia, Deregulatory Trump, On Power
1725 Crisis: Tech Giants, Trump Unravelling, Ai Weiwei, Trump & Genocide, Reich
1726 Crisis: Lifton Interview, Nuclear Trump, "Social Media", Trump A Fascist?, Falling Apart
1727 Crisis: Trump: On Knowledge, On Rage, And Brezinski, And Incompetence; Ai Weiwei
1728 Crisis: Nonviolent Resistance, On Trump, On Millenials, Mental Health, Neofascism
1729 Crisis: On "Fake News", On Lenin, On the Nazis, Existing Law, Unending Emergency
1730 Crisis: On the USA, On China, On George Soros, On JFK, On Chomsky & Pollin
1731 Crisis: On "Russia-gate", The CIA, On Iran, U.S. Taxes, On George Orwell
1732 Crisis: Deranged USA(?), On The Internet, The Climate, Mad Trump, On The GOP
1733 Crisis: Bank of America, Pompeo, Lies Etc., Clinton & Assange, Nuclear Arms
1734 Crisis: On John Kelly, Legal Pot, Trump´s Insanity, Catalonia, On Democracy
1735 Crisis: Chris Hedges, U.S. Wars, NAFTA, Two Groups, Noam Chomsky
1736 Crisis: Ralph Nader, Crony Capitalism, Trump´s Taxes, Russia & China, On The NYT
1737 Crisis: The Draft, Transsexuals, Xi Jinping, Wall Street, Trump TV Coming
1738 Crisis: Republican Silence, West Point, On The NYT, Kids´ Screens, Nuclear War
1739 Crisis: Indian ¨Democracy¨, On A-Social Media, Spain, Trump´s ¨Fascism¨, ¨Russia-gate¨
1740 Crisis: Twitter, Google, American Violence, Madrid vs Catalonia, Democrats
1741 Crisis: Trump's Intelligence, On Pot, "Spiritualism", Clinton & Pilger, On Orwell
1742 Crisis: American Psychosis, On Coyote, On Insects, On Chomsky & Pollin, Trump's Mind
1743 Crisis: Tax Heist, On Orwell, On Allen Bloom, On JFK's Murder, On Trump Voters

1744 Crisis: Catalonia, Mueller's Indictments, Trump & Power, "Watergate", VW Tax Haven
1745 Crisis: Puerto Rico, "War on Terror", "Tax Cuts", On Amazon, 2/3 of US citizens
1746 Crisis: Hyperconvenience, Puerto Rico, Donna Brazile, Psychology Study, Trump
1747 Crisis: Trump & The Law, Climate Change, Surveillance, GOP Promises, Internet Economy
1748 Crisis: Impeachment, Civilian Deaths, Trump's Legacy, Big Data & Big Money, Academics
1749 Crisis: Paradise Papers, Hubris, On Bezos, On "RussiaDidIt", The Vietnam War
1750 Crisis: Resisting, "Paradise Papers", Stupid Americans, Ubu Roi, American Greatness
1751 Crisis: CIA & Binney, Bernie Sanders, Chomsky, Reich on Trump, Extreme Poverty
1752 Crisis: Paradise Papers, Trump in China, Hypocrisy, Year One*2
1753 Crisis: Trump in China*2, Illegal Wars, Tax Breaks For The Rich, Renewable Energy
1754 Crisis: China, McKibben, On The Constitution, The Mad King, Limitation of Earning, 21 YEARS
1755 Crisis: The Vietnam War, Trumpians, Remote Wars, Pollutions, Tax Havens
1756 Crisis: Chris Hedges, The NSA, Spies and Spies, Bernie Sanders, Patriotism & Taxes
1757 Crisis: Chris Hedges & RT, McCarthyism, Capitalism, Trump, Stark Warning
1758 Crisis: Nuclear Arms, Insubordinates, McCarthyism, Political Cancer, ¨Russia-gate¨
1759 Crisis: Independent Media, Nuclear, Climate Change, JFK Files, Spying On All
1760 Crisis: On Bannon, The U.S. Military, ¨Russia-gate¨, Renegade Warfare, Liberalism
1761 Crisis: Stupid Americans, Impeachment, Being ¨Aghast¨, Power, Trumpians
1762 Crisis: Digital Love, On Lying, On Assange, Sadistic Bullies, Nuclear War
1763 Crisis: On ¨The Moderates¨, Civilians, Democrats, ¨Sex Panic¨, Trump´s Lies
1764 Crisis: On Reich, Germany, Instagram, McMaster, Journalism
1765 Crisis: End of Internet, Poll Tax, GOP Taxes, Sexual Abuse, Chomsky & Pollin
1766 Crisis: Net Neutrality, (Rich) Predators, Puerto Rico, Trumpian Taxes, Jeremy Corbyn
1767 Crisis: "Resistance", Trumpian Judges, Net Neutrality, Democrats, History, ME/CFS
1768 Crisis: Clandestine Tracking, Puerto Rico, Net Neutrality, The Richest, Journalism
1769 Crisis: On China, U.S. Protestors, Net Neutrality, On the GOP, Republican Knaves
1770 Crisis: On Genocide, U.S. Tax Reforms, Fake News, Net Neutrality, Big Money Rules
1771 Crisis: On M.E., Nuclear Launches, Chomsky, The Kochs, Deadly Attack, Stephanie Faulkner
1772 Crisis: U.S. Tax Bill, Riot Charges, Congress, A Slimy Man, On (neo)fascism, Quote
1773 Crisis: Poor Students, Trump´s Insanity, Bankers, Surveillance, Totalitarianism, Extras

1774 Crisis: Trump´s Madness, U.S. ¨Democracy¨, Fascism, GOP Tax, Trump´s Failings
1775 Crisis: GOP Taxes, On Flynn, Trump´s Madness, Tax Scam, Nuclear Arms, Good Film
1776 Crisis: Tax Heist, Corporate Coup, The Poor and Ill, Psychology, On Reich, Opioids
1777 Crisis: Sexual Abuse, Lost Einsteins, On Prosperity, On Nuclear War, On Corporations
1778 Crisis: GOP Tax Bill, Trump & Reality, Net Neutrality, On ¨Russia-gate¨, Trump, Hedges
1779 Crisis: Facts & Fictions, Capitalism, Dan Rather, Nuclear War, GOP Tax Bill, Hedges
1780 Crisis: Daniel Ellsberg, Palestine, Physics, US Gestapo, Roy Moore, Ralph Nader
1781 Crisis: Doomsday Machine, US Gestapo, Al Franken, Facebook, Corporations
1782 Crisis: Madman Trump, Guantánamo, On Republicans*2, Citizens United
1783 Crisis: Trumpism+GUT, Spying Plants, Lying, SLAPPs, The Long Game
1784 Crisis: Political Protests, Insane Trump, On Reich, Republicans, Google's Censoring
1785 Crisis: On Roy Moore, Constitutional Crisis, Trump's Enablers, "Russia-gate", The Internet
1786 Crisis: On Roy Moore, On Truth, On Fuckbook, On Documentaries, On Net Neutrality
1787 Crisis: Brexit & May, On The FCC *2, On Authoritarianism, On Republican Neofascism
1788 Crisis: Exit Net Neutrality, The Tax Bill, Revolution?, Back To Slavery, On The Pentagon
1789 Crisis: On Net Neutrality, Trump, Roy Moore, ¨Russia-gate¨, Reich
1790 Crisis: US Poverty, Obama Destroyer, On Liars, Trump & Hitler, Trump´s CDC
1791 Crisis: About Chris Hedges, CDC Censorship, Trump's Era, On Bill Moyers, On Bullying
1792 Crisis: Thought Control, Bob Corker, Oligarchs' Triumph, Corrupt Dunces, Dangerous Trump
1793 Crisis: U.S. Inequality, Thought Control, Secret Wars, On Judging Trump*2
1794 Crisis: On Jill Stein, The Warmongers, The GOP, 10x More Deaths, The Opioid Epidemic
1795 Crisis: Free Speech, Human Rights, The Horrible Facebook, Robert Reich, Darkest Day
1796 Crisis: Trump's Protesters, Totalitarianism, Net Neutrality, Corporations, On Tony Benn
1797 Crisis: "Crooked Hillary", State Department, Forbidden Words, "Russia-gate", Lies
1798 Crisis: Robert Reich, Socialism, 11 hypotheses about the causes of the crisis
1795 Crisis: A Review of Chris Hedges' "What Christmas Means" + A Few Other Things
1800 Crisis: It's the deregulation, stupid!
1801 Crisis: On Ideologies
1802 Crisis: Noam Chomsky, Neofascism, US Interventionism, Trump, Who Cares?
1803 Crisis: Legal Battles, Tax War, The Arctic, Totalitarian Thinkers, Snowden's New App
1804 Crisis: U.S. Courts, Trump's Cabinet, The Wealthy, On War, Trump The Madman
1805 Crisis: Pseudo-Democracy, "Russia-gate", Trump's Deceit * 2, Cheney & North-Korea
1806 Crisis: About 2017*2, The Next Financial Crisis, U.S. Drug Policy, About Millionaires
1807 Crisis: Third Parties, GOP Tax Cuts, San Juan Mayor, Science Scrubbed, 10 Theories


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