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Jan  1, 2017 Nederlog 2017: Updates for the new year
Jan  2, 2017 Crisis: Crisis: Trump Thief, Expectations, On Economy, US Totalitarianism, Mark Blyth
Jan  3, 2017 Crisis: Noam Chomsky, Wall Street Editor, Washington Post, Tyranny, Neofascism
Jan  4, 2017 Crisis: The Real USA, A Lie, Scandal-Ridden, Obama Neoliberal, 2017 Worse
Jan  5, 2017 Crisis: Washington Post, Trump & Wall Street *2, Electoral College, Angela Merkel
Jan  6, 2017 Crisis: Greenwald *2, Obama, Trump & Wall Street, Secret Armies, Political Correctness
Jan  7, 2017 Crisis: Glenn Greenwald *2, "Russian Hacking", Trump's Voters, New World Order
Jan  8, 2017 Crisis: NSA's Hacking, Election-Rigging, Impeach Trump, Media's Failures, Gitlin
Jan  9, 2017 Crisis: Fear, "Russian Hacking", Trump's Tweets, Billionaires, American Crisis
Jan 10, 2017 Crisis: USA Declining, Streep, No Vetting, Fisk On Lies, Davies On Mainstream Media
Jan 11, 2017 Crisis: False Claims, Trump & Russia, Wall Street, Trump's Cabinet, Trump Psychologized
Jan 12, 2017 Crisis: Lofgren, Greenwald, The Trump Brand, Press Conference, "Democracy"
Jan 13, 2017 Crisis: N.S.A., Trump's Businesses, Journalism, "News Conference", Economics
Jan 14, 2017 Crisis: NSA's Liberties, Trump, Era Of Bullshit, Healthcare, Trump & Secret Laws
Jan 15, 2017 Crisis: Attacking Trump, Obama's Qualities, Right Wing, Goldman Sachs, Hedges' Videos
Jan 16, 2017 Crisis: Revolting, Anti Dissent, Neuter Press Freedom, Davos Man, Modern Art
Jan 17, 2017 Crisis: Jeremy Corbyn, Trump & Russia, Trump & Intelligence, Stasi's Powers
Jan 18, 2017 Crisis: Manning Released, Taibbi On Trump, Pilger On Us, VIPS, Obama & Clinton
Jan 19, 2017 Crisis: Snowden, Manning *2, Trump vs. CIA, Trump Not Sane (Spiegel)

Crisis: About the crisis: A VERY fine long interview with Chris Hedges (from 2013)
Jan 20, 2017 Crisis: On Obama, Trumpian "Laws", Trumpian Appointments, NYT's lies, Journalism
Jan 21, 2017 Crisis: Welcome to the NUSA!
Jan 22, 2017 Crisis: On Trump, The Inauguration, The Press, American Carnage, Trump & Media
Jan 23, 2017 Crisis: On Revolt, Fascist Trump, Emperor Trump, Compulsive Trump, Dangerous Trump
Jan 24, 2017 Crisis: US Intelligence, TPP Dead, Protest Forbidden, Oil & Gas, Trident Failure Hidden
Jan 25, 2017 Crisis: Trump's Capitalism, "Alternative Facts", Felony Charges, On Obama, Media Blackouts
Jan 26, 2017 Crisis: CIA Tortures, More Oil, Trump Imperialist, Corporate Media, TPP, On Russia
Jan 27, 2017 Crisis: Stopping Trump, TPP, Military Cesspool, Trump's Lies, War on Facts
Jan 28, 2017 Crisis: On The Media, Torturing People, Chomsky, Gorbachev On War, On Trump
Jan 29, 2017 Crisis: On Orwell, The Media, Trump's Demolitions, Fascism, On My Sites
Jan 30, 2017 Crisis: Psychosis, Silicon Valley, Trump's Removals + Trials, A Lie = ..., Hannah Arendt
Jan 31, 2017 Crisis: The crisis index for 2017

Crisis: Goldman Sachs Effect, Trump & Bannon, Statisticians, Trump's Ban


Feb  1, 2017 Explanations of the renewal of my site

Crisis: Secret Docs, Trump's Government, Trump Above Law *2, Rightwing Power Grab
Feb  2, 2017 Crisis: Trump's USA, On Reality, Bannon, Reuters, Creepy Trump, Philosophers
Feb  3, 2017 Crisis: Nazis & Trump, Resistance, The "Democrats", What End, Coup d'Etat
Feb  4, 2017 Crisis: Trump & Wall Street, Power Elite, "Sociopathy", Militarized USA, Carlin On Bullshit
Feb  5, 2017 Crisis: FBI's Control, Populism, Warren, National Security, Frances On Trump
Feb  6, 2017 Crisis: On The USA, Trump Dictator, USA & Propaganda, Sanders On Trump, Europe In Spiegel
Feb  7, 2017 Crisis: Trump's Unknown Terrorist Attacks; Trump, Stalin and Science; Trump and Bannon
Feb  8, 2017 Crisis: Trump's Foreign Policy, Resisting Trump, Corporate State, Democracy, Dark Money
Feb  9, 2017 Crisis: Catharsis (?!); ACLU; Deregulations; Democracy And Ethics; Neoliberal Capitalism As Myth
Feb 10, 2017 Over Geestelijke Gezondheid En Gestoordheid - IV

Crisis: Democratic Failures, Advertising, Trump & Truth, Ban Illegal, The Trump Era
Feb 11, 2017 Crisis: Trump's Impeachment, What To Do, USA Police State, Orwell vs. Huxley
Feb 12, 2017 Crisis: On Bannon, On the TTP, Americans & Democracy, On the TISA, Ignorant Americans
Feb 13, 2017 Crisis: The Elites, Trump & CIA, On Chomsky, Obamacare, Trump's Psyche, Hedges & Taibbi
Feb 14, 2017 Crisis: Dystopia, "Civil Rights Groups", Trump & China, Trump & Loglines, Michael Hudson
Feb 15, 2017 Crisis: Exit Democracy, Law & Government, White House, Major Corruption, More Hudson
Feb 16, 2017 Crisis: Psychiatry, Messy White House, "Russian Hacking", American Economy, Democracy
Feb 17, 2017 Crisis: Trump Press Meltdown, Nuclear Apocalypse, Glenn Greenwald, Trump Scams
Feb 18, 2017 Crisis: Trump & Fascism, One Month, Vilified Media, ResistTrump, Republican Backbones
Feb 19, 2017 Crisis: On Muslims, On Republicans *2, On Trump and the Deep State, Carlin, Snowden
Feb 20, 2017 Crisis: On (American) Racism *2, Democrats & Leaking, McCain, Trump
Feb 21, 2017 me+ME+Crisis: MAJOR CHANGES ON MY SITE
Feb 22, 2017 Crisis: Dodd-Frank, Police State, Tyranny, Constitutional Apocalypse, On Trump's Madness
Feb 23, 2017 Crisis: On Palantir, Helping The Police, "Fake News", Arrow's Theorem, George Carlin
Feb 24, 2017 me+ME+Crisis: About ME/CFS - 0: To my GP (Dutch + English)
Feb 25, 2017 me+ME+Crisis: About ME/CFS - 1: Some updates about Oystein Fluge and Ron Davis
Feb 26, 2017 me+ME+Crisis: About ME/CFS - 2: On being early
Feb 27, 2017 Crisis: The Gulfwar (1991), US Race Laws, Bannon, Trump's Degeneracy, Big Pharma
Feb 28, 2017 Crisis: On The Reichstag, Trump's Abnormality, The Media, The Free Press, About Russia


Mar  1, 2017 Crisis: Reichstag Fire, Can't Happen Here?, Mainstream Media, On "Christian" Fascism
Mar  2, 2017 Crisis: Trump & Russia, The US Media, On Bannon, On Wilders
Mar  3, 2017 Crisis: On The Deep State, On Terrorism, Zuesse's Sick Bullshit, "Russian Hacking"
Mar  4, 2017 Crisis: About WikiSpooks
Mar  5, 2017 Crisis: On The Deep State, On 'Russia-gate', On The NSA, On The Guardian
Mar  6, 2017 Crisis: On Chomsky On "Consent", On Hedges On Liberals, On Trump, On Snowden
Mar  7, 2017 Crisis: The Deep State, Facts All Relative (?), "Russian Hacking", The Rich vs The Poor
Mar  8, 2017 Over Geestelijke Gezondheid En Gestoordheid

Crisis: Democratic Party, US "Health"-care, Wikileaks 1 & 2
Mar  9, 2017 Crisis+ME: WikiLeaks, Post-Truth, C.I.A., Trump, Rationale, Q&A on ME/CFS Research
Mar 10, 2017 Crisis: Steve Bannon's Illusions, Russian Story, American Health Care, Social Obligations
Mar 11, 2017 Crisis: On Global Surveillance, Wikileaks & Panopticon, Trump Insane, Sanders On Trump
Mar 12, 2017 Crisis: On The Constitution, State Secret Privileges, America's Poor, Goldwater Rule
Mar 13, 2017 Crisis: On Death, Sanders on Trump, Responsible Conservatism, On Sanders & New Party
Mar 14, 2017 Crisis: Secret Services, North Korea, Watergate Inquiry (?), Trump Dystopia (?)
Mar 15, 2017 Crisis: Media Realities, Wealthcare, Social Media Passwords, CIA, The Trap - 1
Mar 16, 2017 Crisis: Trump & Goldman Sachs, Dutch Vote, Political System, Jill Green, The Guardian
Mar 17, 2017 Crisis: Dutch Elections, Trump/Russia, Trump/Obama, US Citizes Have No Rights
Mar 18, 2017 Crisis: Lofgren On The Deep State, Ralph Nader, Unleashed Insanity, Wall Street's Pay
Mar 19, 2017 Crisis+ME: On "Fascism", On Trump, On Bannon, Young Americans, ME/CFS and PACE
Mar 20, 2017 Crisis: On Resistance, Climate-Change, Free Speech, Wishful Thinking
Mar 21, 2017 Crisis: On Trump's Tweets, Trump's Fights, Trump & Diplomacy, Robert Reich
Mar 22, 2017 Crisis: Black Budget, War, Snowden, Comey's Testimony, "Morning Joe", Trump's Sanity
Mar 23, 2017 Crisis: Fighting Trump, U.S. Governance, The Psyche, Russia, No Privacy At All
Mar 24, 2017 Crisis: You Have Been Sold, On Robert Mercer, Republicans, USA Is Sinking
Mar 25, 2017 Crisis: Trump Defeaded*2, Trump & Church, Russia, American Cowardice
Mar 26, 2017 Crisis+More: About Jante's Law,  totalitarianism, ordinary people and groups
Mar 27, 2017 Crisis: Warring Neofascists, Trump's Wars, Paul Ryan, Erdogan's Propaganda
Mar 28, 2017 Crisis: Trump & Bush, Cellphones & Laptops, Obamacare, Privacy Rules, Chomsky
Mar 29, 2017 Crisis: Exit Internet Privacy (USA), Trump's Damages, Surveillance State, Chomsky
Mar 30, 2017 Crisis: Online Privacy 1 and 2, Chomsky, Trump, Starr On War, Timothy Snyder
Mar 31, 2017 Crisis: Exit Privacy, Lying & Groupthinking, Healthcare & War, Michael Hudson

Apr  1, 2017
Crisis: National Insecurity, Conmanship, Blaming Russia
Apr  2, 2017 Crisis: On The "Deep State", White House Staffers, U.S. Borders, Junk Economics
Apr  3, 2017 Crisis: Walking Dead, USA Turns Into Police-State, Ferlinghetti, Junk Economics
Apr  4, 2017 Crisis: Chomsky On Trump, Trumpcare, Russians & Deep State, The LA Times
Apr  5, 2017 Crisis: On Trump's Lies, Cellphone Searches, Noam Chomsky, Mainstream Media
Apr  6, 2017 Crisis: On DARPA and computers, On Bannon, On Trump
Apr  7, 2017 Crisis: On Ayn Rand, Impeaching Trump, Bannon's Removal, Zimbardo, On Neoliberalism
Apr  8, 2017 Crisis: On War, Bannon vs Kushner, U.S. Strike on Syria, Hotline, George Carlin
Apr  9, 2017 Crisis: Bannon & Kushner, Adam Curtis, American War Machine, Trampled Constitution
Apr 10, 2017 Crisis: Greenwald on Syria, On Michael Hayden, On Bill Maher, Jeremy Scahill
Apr 11, 2017 Crisis: Julian Assange, Shadow Cabinet, Totalitarianism, Neocons, Christopher Browning
Apr 12, 2017 Crisis: About Ron Wyden, For Trump Voters, French Elections, On Capitalism
Apr 13, 2017 Crisis: Allan Nairn, The VIPS, Trump's Attack Illegal, Sanders-Style Democratic Agenda
Apr 14, 2017 Crisis: Snowden's Secrets, Trudeau Legalizes Marijuana, Russian Crisis, Land In Economy
Apr 15, 2017 Crisis: On Drones, Lots of Malware for Windows, On Pompeo, On Trump's Autocracy
Apr 16, 2017 Crisis: The Trump Doctrine (?), NSA Hacking "For All", The Totalitarians At The US Borders
Apr 17, 2017 Crisis: Nuclear Power, "America-First!", Russia-gate, Obama/Trump, Erdogan
Apr 18, 2017 Crisis: On Resistance, Republicans & Internet, Turkey, The "War On Terror"
Apr 19, 2017 Crisis: On France, Tech Giants Destroy All Privacy, Reich, Social Media Passwords
Apr 20, 2017 Crisis: O'Reilly Dismissed, British Elections In June, On Hillary Clinton, Super-Rich Democrats
Apr 21, 2017 Crisis: American Terrorism, Ailes & O'Reilly, Jeremy Corbyn, Julian Assange
Apr 22, 2017 Crisis: Republicans, Greenwald, Deep State, Wall Street, Health Professionals, Facebook
Apr 23, 2017 Crisis: March for Science, North Korea, Trump's 100 Days, Erdogan
Apr 24, 2017 Crisis: Macron vs Le Pen, Surveillance, Occult Bullshit, 100 Days, On Marxism
Apr 25, 2017 Crisis: Trump Unhinged, Snowden, Imperialism, Young Americans, "Resistance", For-Profit
Apr 26, 2017 Crisis: ”People's Party", On "Fascism", On "Neoconservatism", Trump's Failings
Apr 27, 2017 Crisis: Terrorizing, Obama, Taxes, Chomsky, Trump's Gibberish, Hundred Days
Apr 28, 2017 Crisis: Trump's Tax Plan, On String Theory, American Voters, 100 Days
Apr 29, 2017 Crisis: NSA Surveillance, CIA + Machiavellian Elites, ICD-11 (ME/CFS)
Apr 30, 2017 Crisis: On Trump's First 100 Days - Four Views


May 1, 2017 Crisis: Idiots (Egoists), "Fighting Tyranny", Who To Trust, May Day, American Communism
May 2, 2017
Crisis: Authoritarianism, About May Day, "Russiagate", Trump's Badness, Snyder
May 3, 2017 Crisis: Despots, Computational Curtain, Reality, Trump's Brain, Dodd-Frank, Payments
May 4, 2017 Explanations about the undoing of the renewal of my site

Crisis: North Korea, Obama's Cash-In, Obamacare, Trump, Bully-Worships, Nuclear War
May 5, 2017 Crisis: Cruel  & Unfair Trumpcare, Privacy Nearly Dead, Trump's Tax Cuts
May 6, 2017 Crisis: Trump's "Healthcare" - Protests, Party of Death, Moral Travesty, Plain Sadism
May 7, 2017 Crisis: Oklahoma & Fascism, Facebook's Sickness, Trump Doctrine (?), Republicans
May 8, 2017 Crisis: Emmys, Macron 1 & 2, Constitution Vs. Deep State, Poitras, ME/CFS
May 9, 2017 Crisis: French Elections, Sham Presidency, Blaming Others, Obama & Wall Street
May 10, 2017  Crisis: Comey's Dismissal, Exit Open Internet, Forbidden Questions, Assange Prosecution
May 11, 2017 Crisis: Comey's Firing, "Shocking", Deep State Coup?, Trump's Impeachment
May 12, 2017 Crisis: Comey & Impeachment, Trump & Pai, Trump's Qualifications, Worker Ownership
May 13, 2017 Crisis: Barrett Brown, Trump & Russia, Russia's Pride, Republicans, William Binney
May 14, 2017 Crisis: On Terrorism, Oliver Stone, Russia-gate, Trump Is Deserved, George Carlin
May 15, 2017 Crisis: Trump As Symptom, Trump Impeachable *2, What If Trump Is Not An Idiot
May 16, 2017 Crisis: Trump & Alzheimer's, 5.5 Trillions For The Rich, Impeachment, WikiLeaks
May 17, 2017 Crisis: Trump Impeachable?, Trump's Madness, Trump's Family, Corporate Media
May 18, 2017 Crisis: Chelsea Manning, Trump Times, Kiriakou, Noam Chomsky, U.K. Labour Party
May 19, 2017 Crisis: Robert Mueller III, Special Counsel, Impeachment (?), Deep State, Trump & Facebook
May 20, 2017 Crisis: Julian Assange, 'Crazy Nut Job', Poitras, Economy, Spiegel: Trump Must Go
May 21, 2017 Crisis: 'Broken Internet', WikiLeaks, Trump's Crimes, Julian Assange
May 22, 2017 Crisis: Dead Republic, Iran's Moderation, Russia-gate, Stingrays
May 23, 2017 Crisis: Trump's Budget, Europeans, WikiLeaks, US "Journalism", Big Data
May 24, 2017 Crisis: "Healthcare" In USA, "Russiagate", Trump's Budget, NSA Surveillance
May 25, 2017 Crisis: Peter Coyote - "Democrats Need To Clean Up Their Own House" + My Ideals
May 26, 2017 Crisis: Greenwald & Scahill, Amnesia, Filthy Rich, Corporative Mafia
May 27, 2017 Crisis + Diggers: The Diggers - 1 + Crisis Files
May 28, 2017 Crisis+Quotation: Scahill, Hypocrisy, Spiegel * 2, Trump's Insanity
May 29, 2017 Crisis+Quotation: Artists, Trump, Facebook + Some Personal History
May 30, 2017 Crisis+Quotation: War, Chomsky, Merkel, Assange, Commoner
May 31, 2017 Crisis+Quotation: Tyranny, Sgt. Pepper, "Counterterrorism", Trump Narcissist


Jun  1, 2017
Crisis+Quotation: Corbyn, Amnesty, Trump-Russia, Taxes + My Self
Jun  2, 2017 Crisis+Quotation: Climate Accord*2, Macron, McCarthyism, Corbyn + More On Diggers
Jun  3, 2017 Crisis+Quotation: Kushner, Torture*2, Corbyn, Orwell, Stupidity + On Prejudice
Jun  4, 2017 Crisis+Quotation: Climate, Cold War, Psychoanalyzing Trump, Truth + About Truth
Jun  5, 2017 Crisis+Quotation: Gramsci, Chomsky, Corbyn, "Freedom" + About  Gramsci
Jun  6, 2017 Crisis+Quotation: Google, Corbyn, Russia, "Conservatism", Education, Free Speech - Theories
Jun  7, 2017 Crisis+Quotations: Justice, NSA, "Madness", Hippie Era, Russia-gate, Snowden - Aphorisms
Jun  8, 2017 On My Website (At "") + On My Website (At "")

Crisis +Quotations: Homo Sapiens, Opioids, NSA, Lies, Impeach Him, Comey - Aphorisms
Jun  9, 2017 Crisis +Quotations: Comey, May, Red Scare, Chomsky, Soft Coup - Aphorisms
Jun 10, 2017 Crisis+Quotations: Corbyn, Comey, Franken, Infrastucture, Cellphones - Aphorisms + 4 years
Jun 11, 2017 Crisis+Quotations: Wiretapping, Democracy, Constitution, Corbyn, US Elections - Aphorisms
Jun 12, 2017 Crisis+Quotations: Hedges, Corbyn, Mother Jones, Britain - Aphorisms, Ordinary Men
Jun 13, 2017 Crisis+Quotations: For-Profit, May, Trump, Oliver Stone, Five Men - Aphorisms + Drop Out
Jun 14, 2017 Crisis+Quotations: Lethal Strikes, Klein, Putin Interview, String Theory - Aphorisms+Drop Out
Jun 15, 2017 Crisis+Quotations: Stone, Putin, Trump, Universal Spying - Aphorisms+Monterey Pop
Jun 16, 2017 Crisis+Quotations: Conyers, Mexico, Putin, Great Britain - Aphorisms, "Summer of Love"
Jun 17, 2017 Crisis+Quotations: Stone, Trump*2, 'Russia-Truthers', Corporations - Aphorisms+Diggers-2
Jun 18, 2017 Crisis+Quotations: Putin, Mad Trump, GOP Tax-Cuts, Espionage, Propaganda
Jun 19, 2017 Crisis+Quotations: Climate, Drugs, France, Profits, Mainstream Media, Summer of Love
Jun 20, 2017 Crisis+Quotations: Data-Mining, Torture, Trump, Supreme Court - Aphorisms+The Fugs
Jun 21, 2017 Crisis+Quotations: 'National Security',Corporate Control,Media Malpractice,Summer-Aphorisms
Jun 22, 2017 Crisis+Quotations: Media Malpractice, Klller Drones, Juian Assange, "Democracy" - Aphorisms
Jun 23, 2017 Crisis: Interrogations, Empire, JFK, "Counterinsurgency", Tax Cuts - Aphorisms+Airplane
Jun 24, 2017 Crisis: "Healthcare", Saudi Arabia, Stupid*2, Birth Control? Fired!, Summer Of Love

Crisis: Deconstructing America's 'Deep State'
Jun 25, 2017 Crisis: Deep State, Trump's Lies *2, "Truth", Medicaid - Trump's Lies Detailed
Jun 26, 2017 Crisis: NSA, Nader, Disabled in USA, No Truthers, McGovern On Syria - Hannah Arendt
Jun 27, 2017 Crisis: Insane Trump, Healthcare, Authoritarianism, Assange, Fascism - On Pessimism
Jun 28, 2017 Crisis: Church-State, CNN, "Russiagate", Cyberattack, "Common Man" - On Pessimism 2
Jun 29, 2017 Crisis: Deregulation, Brazil, Robert Parry, Privatization, Free Speech - Quotes (Mike Huben)
Jun 30, 2017 Crisis: Huben-links, Trump's Lies, "Russia-gate", "Health Care", Mika Tweets - Quote+Health


Jul   1, 2017 Crisis: Trump, Trumpcare, War, "Russia-gate", Power, Republicans + Huben + Internet
Jul   2, 2017 Crisis: U.S. Media, Health Care, Privilege, U.S Economy, Over-Criminalization, Wolff
Jul   3, 2017 Crisis: On Females, The Media, Mika & Joe, On Brzezinski, The Press, More Lies
Jul   4, 2017 Crisis: NSA*2, Clintons, Democratic Party, Trump's Narcissism + Beats, Haight-Ashbury
Jul   5, 2017 Crisis: USA, Frederick Douglass, Noam Chomsky, Bernie Sanders, F**ck You Presidency
Jul   7, 2017 Crisis: Trump*2, Noam Chomsky, Main Stream Media, Amazon, Wall Street - Changes
Jul   8, 2017 Crisis: "Health Care", German Dystopia, Trump*2, French Dystopia - Update on 14.04
Jul   9, 2017 Crisis: Hamburg, US Military, Nuclear Weapons, Trump's Qualities, The NSA - More on 14.04
Jul 10, 2017 Crisis: Food, Anti-Russianism, US State of War, The NYT's Crap, G-20 Summit
Jul 11, 2017 Crisis: Fossil Fuels, NSA Spies, Trump*2, The Rich And The Poor - On my eyes
Jul 12, 2017 Crisis: Biological Annihilation, Media, Chomsky, "Libertarians", Reich - On My Eyes
Jul 13, 2017 Crisis: Brazil, Trump, Scarborough Quits GOP, The Rich & Taxes, Impeachment - My Health
Jul 14, 2017 Crisis: Klein+Corbyn, Health Care, Brazil, Doomsday, Oligarchy, Psychiatry+Medicine
Jul 15, 2017 Crisis: Trump Jr., NRA, Opiate Overdoses, 85% Of Americans, Guantánamo Bay
Jul 16, 2017 
Crisis: US Healthcare, "Russiagate", New McCarthyism, Rednecks, Reich - Orson Welles
Jul 17, 2017 Crisis: Eugene Debs, Trump*2, 1984 Groceries, Decashing Ordinary Men
Jul 18, 2017 Crisis: AlterNet Editorial, Civil Rights, Social Media, Bosses+Money, On The Hippies (1967)
Jul 19, 2017 Crisis: Nuclear War, Indentured Servitude, Trumpcare, Legalized Theft, The Hippies (1967)
Jul 20, 2017 Crisis: Exit Free Speech, Israel, Radical Right, For Trump Voters, Ralph Nader

On my autobiography / Over mijn autobiografie
Jul 21, 2017 Crisis: Legalized Theft, Police State, The Rich, Trump, The Right & The Media
Jul 22, 2017 Crisis: Trump, "Justice", Israel & USA, Pentagon Propaganda, Deregulations, The Hippies (1967)

On my autobiography / Over mijn autobiografie - 2
Jul 23, 2017 Crisis: Trump and: Power, Empire and Identity, Poland
Jul 24, 2017 Crisis: Drugs Reform, Foreign Policy, "Truth" Matters, TiSA, Decline Of Journalism
Jul 25, 2017 Crisis: Christian Fascism, Criminology, Intel Vets, Food & Drugs, TiSA
Jul 26, 2017 Crisis: Free Speech, Decriminalizing Drugs,Optimism (?), France, Trump's Sanity
Jul 27, 2017 Crisis: On Steve Bannon, "National Security", Mueller, "Cognitive Science", Ralph Nader
Jul 28, 2017 Crisis: GOP vs Health, Anti-Russia, On Protesters, Media & Truth, Inclusive Capitalism
Jul 29, 2017 Crisis: Obamacare, 59 Million, Orwellian Future, False Flags, US Prison Labor
Jul 30, 2017 Crisis: GOP Presidents, US Top Spy, Duterte, Life On Earth, Apple Helps Chinese Government
Jul 31, 2017 Crisis: On Fascism, "Think Tanks", Trumpcare, Bernie Sanders, Mainstream Bullshit

Aug  1, 2017 Crisis: Apple's Silence, Health Care, Police Brutality, Trump Fritzing Out, Online Freedoms
Aug  2, 2017 Crisis: Idiocracy, Mother Jones, Modern Republicans, The USA's Goals, Capitalist Crisis
Aug  3, 2017 Crisis: FBI Director, Trump's Themes, Hacking Voters, US Police, Trump vs The Law

On my health and my Ubuntu
Aug  4, 2017 Crisis: Brazil's Corruption, US Police, GOP's Mayhem, Schulz On Trump, Chomsky
Aug  5, 2017 Crisis: Liberty, Dawkins, The End Of The World, Blocking Leftish Sites, The Diggers
Aug  6, 2017 Crisis: Freedoms Threatened, National Security State, Internet, Neocons, Manipulation
Aug  7, 2017 Crisis: US  Militarism, Hedges & Justice, Playing Politics, "Free Press", On US Health Care
Aug  8, 2017 Crisis: Extreme Vetting, Russian Life, Trump & America, USA Backwards, USA Kleptocracy
Aug  9, 2017 Crisis: Mass murder, Oligarchy, Climate Change, Real Science Exit, Allen Frances
Aug 10, 2017 Crisis: Nuclear Authority, Madmen, Allen Nairn, Wall Street Thieves, On ME/CFS
Aug 11, 2017 Crisis: Opioid Epidemy, North Korea * 3, Federal Civil Service
Aug 12, 2017 Crisis: On Macron, Nuclear War, Internet Capitalism, Trump & GOP, The Wealthiest, 1967
Aug 13, 2017 Crisis: Nuclear War, North Korea, Venezuela, Lee Fang, Imploding Presidency?
Aug 14, 2017 Crisis: On the ACLU, WW II, Pence President?, On Trump's Mind, Health Care Corruptions
Aug 15, 2017 Crisis: Google (etc.), Computerized Neofascism, Hate, Women, "Neoliberalism"
Aug 16, 2017 Crisis: On Trump: As a racist, as unqualified, as sick, On Freud: As a fraud
Aug 17, 2017 Crisis: GOP as KKK, Trump Nazi Sympathizer?, Nuclear War, Lunatics, 1967 (bad review)
Aug 18, 2017 Crisis: "Antifas", "Nazis", "Neo-Nazis", Civil War, Trump's Resignation?
Aug 19, 2017 Crisis: Bannon Out, Remove Trump *2, On TV, Freud The Fraud
Aug 20, 2017 Crisis: Leading Incompetents, Bannon, Arms, Non-violence, Spiegel & Trump
Aug 21, 2017 Crisis: Imperialism, Alt Right, Truth, Racism, The Sixties
Aug 22, 2017 Crisis: Corrupt US Law, Trump's Governent, Democrats, Tax Cuts, Impeach Trump
Aug 23, 2017 Crisis: McConnell vs Trump, Resignation, Mythology, Steve Bannon, Trump's Sanity
Aug 24, 2017 Crisis: Trump and: Clapper, Lies, Democratic Party, Nuclear Weapons, Lies (lies, lies)

On The Crisis: 1 - Generalities (repetition)
Aug 25, 2017 Crisis: Human Rights, Racist Lunacy, US´s Infrastructure, Progressivism, Trump Insane
Aug 26, 2017 Crisis: Secret ¨Government¨, Impeach, Majority, The CIA (Etc.), It´s Still Crisis
Aug 27, 2017 Crisis: Wikileaks, Zapatistas, Trump´s Removal, Deep State, Health Matters
Aug 28, 2017 Crisis: On "Antifa", "Child King", Trump & Nukes, Gun Groups, Labor Day
Aug 29, 2017 Crisis: On ¨Antifas¨, Texas Flooded, About Trump, Russian Threat, On The Democrats
Aug 30, 2017 Crisis: ¨Hate Speech¨, Harvey, Trump Unfit, Trumpocalyps, On Big Brother
Aug 31, 2017 Crisis: Google *2, Environmental Crisis, Hitler & Trump Compared, ¨Terrorism¨


Sep  1, 2017 On Natural Philosophy

Crisis: Weather Underground, Harvey, Monbiot, Big Money, Politicians And Harvey
Sep  2, 2017 Crisis: Charlie Hebdo, A.I. Regulated (?), Trump´s Insanity, Greenpeace, Nuclear Threat
Sep  3, 2017 Crisis: Competence, Eric Holder (?!), On ¨Russia-gate¨, On Merkel, Mainstream Lies
Sep  4, 2017 Crisis: On Despair, Hurricane Harvey, Trump, The Top X Percent, Reagan & Nuclear Arms
Sep  5, 2017 Crisis: About North Korea, Unions, Trump Emergency, Harvey Chemicals, A Hammer...
Sep  6, 2017 Crisis: Trial & Terror, Toxic Houston, Nuclear War, Trump Empire, Neofascist Publishing
Sep  7, 2017 Crisis: Extremists, Juan González, Silent Good People, Google & Trump, Neofascism
Sep  8, 2017 Crisis: Medicare, Hurricane Irma, Generals vs Trump, New Censorship, Global Surveillance
Sep  9, 2017 Crisis: Irma, ¨Radicalism¨, One-Party State, United Nations, Trump´s Catastrophies
Sep 10, 2017 Crisis: Nuclear Plants, Truth & The Average, Hillary, The ´60ies, On US Hegemony
Sep 11, 2017 Crisis: The Flood(s), Plastic, Mao Zedong, ¨Social Democracy¨, On Climate Change
Sep 12, 2017 Crisis: Irma's Aftermath, On Facebook, On 9/11, Climate Change,  On NYT's Propaganda
Sep 13, 2017 Crisis: Snowden Interview, "Legal" Theft, Indian Privacy, Climate Change, Trump Is Insane
Sep 14, 2017 Crisis: Clinton Book, On U.S. Spying, Medicare, Continuous Wars, On Sigmund Freud
Sep 15, 2017 Crisis: Roger Waters, On Climate Denial, On The USA, Trumpian Tax Cuts, Stock Buybacks
Sep 16, 2017 Crisis: On Vietnam, The C.I.A., Climate Denial, "Russia-mania", Diagnosing Trump
Sep 17, 2017 Crisis: Hllary Clinton, United Nations, 50 Years of Pain, Marijuana, Dynastic Wealth

On The Crisis: On "The Century of the Self" and on Consumerism and Commodification
Sep 18, 2017 Crisis: Silencing Dissent, Goldman Sachs, Buy Local!, Price of Education, Military Coup
Sep 19, 2017 Crisis: Lies, CIA, Trumpian Masses, GOP´s Scapegoats, Obama Cashes In
Sep 20, 2017 Crisis: Trump´s Threats, Militarized USA, U.S. Deep State, On ¨Antifa¨, 40 Million Slaves
Sep 21, 2017 Crisis: Spicer, International Law, U.S. Democracy, On Capitalism, On ¨Russia-gate¨
Sep 22, 2017 Crisis: Drone Strikes,  Nuclear War, History, Concentration Camps, Regressing USA
Sep 23, 2017 Crisis: Nuclear Bans, Anti-Fascism, JFK Disclosures (?), On ¨Russia-gate¨
Sep 24, 2017 Crisis: Terrorist GCHQ, Moyers & Lifton, Trump & Genocide, U.S. Taxes, On 9/11
Sep 25, 2017 Crisis: On History, Merkel Won, On U.S. Elections, U.S. Incomes, Trump´s White House
Sep 26, 2017 Crisis: North Korea, Marriage, Psychotherapists, George Orwell, Mass Extinctions
Sep 27, 2017 Crisis: Trump´s Tax Cuts, On Vietnam, Trump´s Racism, New McCarthyism, Big Institutions
Sep 28, 2017 Crisis: On (Soft) Drugs, US Taxes, On Corbyn & Labour, Zero Poverty, On World War III
Sep 29, 2017 Crisis: Russia-gate, On France, Fraud Frances, On Europe, On Trump´s Dangers
Sep 30, 2017 Crisis: On Surveillance, Lies of 9/11, Moore, Google´s Threats to Freedom, Reich

Oct  1, 2017
Crisis: Republican Con-men, Pentagon 1967, On ¨Russia-gate¨, On Trump, Walker Evans

On The Crisis: Robert Reich, Socialism, 11 hypotheses about the causes of the crisis
Oct  2, 2017 Crisis: The U.S. Empire, U.S. Democracy, Trump, On Catalonia, Herr Drumpf
Oct  3, 2017 Crisis: Nuclear Weapons, ¨Dumb It Down¨, Climate, Fraudulent Corporations, On Women
Oct  4, 2017 Crisis: Facebook Etc., Democracy, Deceiving Corporations, Pilger, Bolshevism
Oct  5, 2017 Crisis: On Facebook, Rule Of Law, Norman Lear, Plutocracy, On Big Corporations
Oct  6, 2017 Crisis: On Iran, Masha Gessen, American Plutocracy, GOP´s Inhumane Budget, On Freud
Oct  7, 2017 Crisis: May´s Nightmare, Trump, On Privatization, On Corbyn, Tillerson & Trump
Oct  8, 2017 Crisis: Trump´s Insanity, Bad Things, Zigzag, Putin´s Deeds, Modern ¨Journalism¨
Oct  9, 2017 Crisis: Leftwingers, Hedges Interviewed, Sanitizing The Left, Corker, North Korea
Oct 10, 2017 Crisis: President Trump, Ai Weiwei, "Center-Left", Systemic Oppression, US Wars
Oct 11, 2017 Crisis: The Climate, Julian Assage, "Russia-gate", Nader On Obama
Oct 12, 2017 Crisis: Nuclear Trump, Dictatorial Trump, Catalonia, Deregulatory Trump, On Power
Oct 13, 2017 Crisis: Tech Giants, Trump Unravelling, Ai Weiwei, Trump & Genocide, Reich
Oct 14, 2017 Crisis: Lifton Interview, Nuclear Trump, "Social Media", Trump A Fascist?, Falling Apart
Oct 15, 2017 Crisis: Trump: On Knowledge, On Rage, And Brezinski, And Incompetence; Ai Weiwei
Oct 16, 2017 Crisis: Nonviolent Resistance, On Trump, On Millenials, Mental Health, Neofascism
Oct 17, 2017 Crisis: On "Fake News", On Lenin, On the Nazis, Existing Law, Unending Emergency
Oct 18, 2017 Crisis: On the USA, On China, On George Soros, On JFK, On Chomsky & Pollin
Oct 19, 2017 Crisis: On "Russia-gate", The CIA, On Iran, U.S. Taxes, On George Orwell
Oct 20, 2017 Crisis: Deranged USA(?), On The Internet, The Climate, Mad Trump, On The GOP
Oct 21, 2017 Crisis: Bank of America, Pompeo, Lies Etc., Clinton & Assange, Nuclear Arms
Oct 22, 2017 Crisis: On John Kelly, Legal Pot, Trump´s Insanity, Catalonia, On Democracy
Oct 23, 2017 Crisis: Chris Hedges, U.S. Wars, NAFTA, Two Groups, Noam Chomsky
Oct 24, 2017 Crisis: Ralph Nader, Crony Capitalism, Trump´s Taxes, Russia & China, On The NYT
Oct 25, 2017 Crisis: The Draft, Transsexuals, Xi Jinping, Wall Street, Trump TV Coming
Oct 26, 2017 Crisis: Republican Silence, West Point, On The NYT, Kids´ Screens, Nuclear War
Oct 27, 2017 Crisis: Indian ¨Democracy¨, On A-Social Media, Spain, Trump´s ¨Fascism¨, ¨Russia-gate¨
Oct 28, 2017 Crisis: Twitter, Google, American Violence, Madrid vs Catalonia, Democrats
Oct 29, 2017 Crisis: Trump's Intelligence, On Pot, "Spiritualism", Clinton & Pilger, On Orwell
Oct 30, 2017 Crisis: American Psychosis, On Coyote, On Insects, On Chomsky & Pollin, Trump's Mind
Oct 31, 2017 Crisis: Tax Heist, On Orwell, On Allen Bloom, On JFK's Murder, On Trump Voters

Nov  1, 2017
Crisis: Catalonia, Mueller's Indictments, Trump & Power, "Watergate", VW Tax Haven
Nov  2, 2017 Crisis: Puerto Rico, "War on Terror", "Tax Cuts", On Amazon, 2/3 of US citizens
Nov  3, 2017 Crisis: Hyperconvenience, Puerto Rico, Donna Brazile, Psychology Study, Trump
Nov  4, 2017 Crisis: Trump & The Law, Climate Change, Surveillance, GOP Promises, Internet Economy
Nov  5, 2017 Crisis: Impeachment, Civilian Deaths, Trump's Legacy, Big Data & Big Money, Academics
Nov  6, 2017 Crisis: Paradise Papers, Hubris, On Bezos, On "RussiaDidIt", The Vietnam War
Nov  7, 2017 Crisis: Resisting, "Paradise Papers", Stupid Americans, Ubu Roi, American Greatness
Nov  8, 2017 Crisis: CIA & Binney, Bernie Sanders, Chomsky, Reich on Trump, Extreme Poverty
Nov  9, 2017 Crisis: Paradise Papers, Trump in China, Hypocrisy, Year One*2
Nov 10, 2017 Crisis: Trump in China*2, Illegal Wars, Tax Breaks For The Rich, Renewable Energy
Nov 11, 2017 Crisis: China, McKibben, On The Constitution, The Mad King, Limitation of Earning, 21 YEARS
Nov 12, 2017 Crisis: The Vietnam War, Trumpians, Remote Wars, Pollutions, Tax Havens
Nov 13, 2017 Crisis: Chris Hedges, The NSA, Spies and Spies, Bernie Sanders, Patriotism & Taxes
Nov 14, 2017 Crisis: Chris Hedges & RT, McCarthyism, Capitalism, Trump, Stark Warning
Nov 15, 2017 Crisis: Nuclear Arms, Insubordinates, McCarthyism, Political Cancer, ¨Russia-gate¨
Nov 16, 2017 Crisis: Independent Media, Nuclear, Climate Change, JFK Files, Spying On All
Nov 17, 2017 Crisis: On Bannon, The U.S. Military, ¨Russia-gate¨, Renegade Warfare, Liberalism
Nov 18, 2017 Crisis: Stupid Americans, Impeachment, Being ¨Aghast¨, Power, Trumpians
Nov 19, 2017 Crisis: Digital Love, On Lying, On Assange, Sadistic Bullies, Nuclear War
Nov 20, 2017 Crisis: On ¨The Moderates¨, Civilians, Democrats, ¨Sex Panic¨, Trump´s Lies
Nov 21, 2017 Crisis: On Reich, Germany, Instagram, McMaster, Journalism
Nov 22, 2017 Crisis: End of Internet, Poll Tax, GOP Taxes, Sexual Abuse, Chomsky & Pollin
Nov 23, 2017 Crisis: Net Neutrality, (Rich) Predators, Puerto Rico, Trumpian Taxes, Jeremy Corbyn
Nov 24, 2017 Crisis: "Resistance", Trumpian Judges, Net Neutrality, Democrats, History, ME/CFS
Nov 25, 2017 Crisis: Clandestine Tracking, Puerto Rico, Net Neutrality, The Richest, Journalism
Nov 26, 2017 Crisis: On China, U.S. Protestors, Net Neutrality, On the GOP, Republican Knaves
Nov 27, 2017 Crisis: On Genocide, U.S. Tax Reforms, Fake News, Net Neutrality, Big Money Rules
Nov 28, 2017 Crisis: On M.E., Nuclear Launches, Chomsky, The Kochs, Deadly Attack, Stephanie Faulkner
Nov 29, 2017 Crisis: U.S. Tax Bill, Riot Charges, Congress, A Slimy Man, On (neo)fascism, Quote
Nov 30, 2017 Crisis: Poor Students, Trump´s Insanity, Bankers, Surveillance, Totalitarianism, Extras

Dec  1, 2017
Crisis: Trump´s Madness, U.S. ¨Democracy¨, Fascism, GOP Tax, Trump´s Failings
Dec  2, 2017 Crisis: GOP Taxes, On Flynn, Trump´s Madness, Tax Scam, Nuclear Arms, Good Film
Dec  3, 2017 Crisis: Tax Heist, Corporate Coup, The Poor and Ill, Psychology, On Reich, Opioids
Dec  4, 2017 Crisis: Sexual Abuse, Lost Einsteins, On Prosperity, On Nuclear War, On Corporations
Dec  5, 2017 Crisis: GOP Tax Bill, Trump & Reality, Net Neutrality, On ¨Russia-gate¨, Trump, Hedges
Dec  6, 2017 Crisis: Facts & Fictions, Capitalism, Dan Rather, Nuclear War, GOP Tax Bill, Hedges
Dec  7, 2017 Crisis: Daniel Ellsberg, Palestine, Physics, US Gestapo, Roy Moore, Ralph Nader
Dec  8, 2017 Crisis: Doomsday Machine, US Gestapo, Al Franken, Facebook, Corporations
Dec  9, 2017 Crisis: Madman Trump, Guantánamo, On Republicans*2, Citizens United
Dec 10, 2017 Crisis: Trumpism+GUT, Spying Plants, Lying, SLAPPs, The Long Game
Dec 11, 2017 Crisis: Political Protests, Insane Trump, On Reich, Republicans, Google's Censoring
Dec 12, 2017 Crisis: On Roy Moore, Constitutional Crisis, Trump's Enablers, "Russia-gate", The Internet
Dec 13, 2017 Crisis: On Roy Moore, On Truth, On Fuckbook, On Documentaries, On Net Neutrality
Dec 14, 2017 Crisis: Brexit & May, On The FCC *2, On Authoritarianism, On Republican Neofascism
Dec 15, 2017 Crisis: Exit Net Neutrality, The Tax Bill, Revolution?, Back To Slavery, On The Pentagon
Dec 16, 2017 Crisis: On Net Neutrality, Trump, Roy Moore, ¨Russia-gate¨, Reich
Dec 17, 2017 Crisis: US Poverty, Obama Destroyer, On Liars, Trump & Hitler, Trump´s CDC
Dec 18, 2017 Crisis: About Chris Hedges, CDC Censorship, Trump's Era, On Bill Moyers, On Bullying
Dec 19, 2017 Crisis: Thought Control, Bob Corker, Oligarchs' Triumph, Corrupt Dunces, Dangerous Trump
Dec 20, 2017 Crisis: U.S. Inequality, Thought Control, Secret Wars, On Judging Trump*2
Dec 21, 2017 Crisis: On Jill Stein, The Warmongers, The GOP, 10x More Deaths, The Opioid Epidemic
Dec 22, 2017 Crisis: Free Speech, Human Rights, The Horrible Facebook, Robert Reich, Darkest Day
Dec 23, 2017 Crisis: Trump's Protesters, Totalitarianism, Net Neutrality, Corporations, On Tony Benn
Dec 24, 2017 Crisis: "Crooked Hillary", State Department, Forbidden Words, "Russia-gate", Lies
Dec 25, 2017 Crisis: Robert Reich, Socialism, 11 hypotheses about the causes of the crisis

Crisis: A Review of Chris Hedges' "What Christmas Means" + A Few Other Things
Dec 26, 2017 Crisis: It's the deregulation, stupid!

Crisis: On Ideologies

Crisis: Noam Chomsky, Neofascism, US Interventionism, Trump, Who Cares?
Dec 27, 2017 Crisis: Legal Battles, Tax War, The Arctic, Totalitarian Thinkers, Snowden's New App
Dec 28, 2017 Crisis: U.S. Courts, Trump's Cabinet, The Wealthy, On War, Trump The Madman
Dec 29, 2017 Crisis: Pseudo-Democracy, "Russia-gate", Trump's Deceit * 2, Cheney & North-Korea
Dec 30, 2017 Crisis: About 2017*2, The Next Financial Crisis, U.S. Drug Policy, About Millionaires
Dec 31, 2017 Crisis: Third Parties, GOP Tax Cuts, San Juan Mayor, Science Scrubbed, 10 Theories

The summaries of 2017 - Part A

The summaries of 2017 - Part B

me+ME: End of year notice: The world, the people, the disease

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