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Jan  1, 2017 Nederlog 2017: Updates for the new year
Jan  2, 2017 Crisis: Crisis: Trump Thief, Expectations, On Economy, US Totalitarianism, Mark Blyth
Jan  3, 2017 Crisis: Noam Chomsky, Wall Street Editor, Washington Post, Tyranny, Neofascism
Jan  4, 2017 Crisis: The Real USA, A Lie, Scandal-Ridden, Obama Neoliberal, 2017 Worse
Jan  5, 2017 Crisis: Washington Post, Trump & Wall Street *2, Electoral College, Angela Merkel
Jan  6, 2017 Crisis: Greenwald *2, Obama, Trump & Wall Street, Secret Armies, Political Correctness
Jan  7, 2017 Crisis: Glenn Greenwald *2, "Russian Hacking", Trump's Voters, New World Order
Jan  8, 2017 Crisis: NSA's Hacking, Election-Rigging, Impeach Trump, Media's Failures, Gitlin
Jan  9, 2017 Crisis: Fear, "Russian Hacking", Trump's Tweets, Billionaires, American Crisis
Jan 10, 2017 Crisis: USA Declining, Streep, No Vetting, Fisk On Lies, Davies On Mainstream Media
Jan 11, 2017 Crisis: False Claims, Trump & Russia, Wall Street, Trump's Cabinet, Trump Psychologized
Jan 12, 2017 Crisis: Lofgren, Greenwald, The Trump Brand, Press Conference, "Democracy"
Jan 13, 2017 Crisis: N.S.A., Trump's Businesses, Journalism, "News Conference", Economics
Jan 14, 2017 Crisis: NSA's Liberties, Trump, Era Of Bullshit, Healthcare, Trump & Secret Laws
Jan 15, 2017 Crisis: Attacking Trump, Obama's Qualities, Right Wing, Goldman Sachs, Hedges' Videos
Jan 16, 2017 Crisis: Revolting, Anti Dissent, Neuter Press Freedom, Davos Man, Modern Art
Jan 17, 2017 Crisis: Jeremy Corbyn, Trump & Russia, Trump & Intelligence, Stasi's Powers
Jan 18, 2017 Crisis: Manning Released, Taibbi On Trump, Pilger On Us, VIPS, Obama & Clinton
Jan 19, 2017 Crisis: Snowden, Manning *2, Trump vs. CIA, Trump Not Sane (Spiegel)

Crisis: About the crisis: A VERY fine long interview with Chris Hedges (from 2013)
Jan 20, 2017 Crisis: On Obama, Trumpian "Laws", Trumpian Appointments, NYT's lies, Journalism
Jan 21, 2017 Crisis: Welcome to the NUSA!
Jan 22, 2017 Crisis: On Trump, The Inauguration, The Press, American Carnage, Trump & Media
Jan 23, 2017 Crisis: On Revolt, Fascist Trump, Emperor Trump, Compulsive Trump, Dangerous Trump
Jan 24, 2017 Crisis: US Intelligence, TPP Dead, Protest Forbidden, Oil & Gas, Trident Failure Hidden
Jan 25, 2017 Crisis: Trump's Capitalism, "Alternative Facts", Felony Charges, On Obama, Media Blackouts
Jan 26, 2017 Crisis: CIA Tortures, More Oil, Trump Imperialist, Corporate Media, TPP, On Russia
Jan 27, 2017 Crisis: Stopping Trump, TPP, Military Cesspool, Trump's Lies, War on Facts
Jan 28, 2017 Crisis: On The Media, Torturing People, Chomsky, Gorbachev On War, On Trump
Jan 29, 2017 Crisis: On Orwell, The Media, Trump's Demolitions, Fascism, On My Sites
Jan 30, 2017 Crisis: Psychosis, Silicon Valley, Trump's Removals + Trials, A Lie = ..., Hannah Arendt
Jan 31, 2017 Crisis: The crisis index for 2017

Crisis: Goldman Sachs Effect, Trump & Bannon, Statisticians, Trump's Ban


Feb  1, 2017 Explanations of the renewal of my site

Crisis: Secret Docs, Trump's Government, Trump Above Law *2, Rightwing Power Grab
Feb  2, 2017 Crisis: Trump's USA, On Reality, Bannon, Reuters, Creepy Trump, Philosophers
Feb  3, 2017 Crisis: Nazis & Trump, Resistance, The "Democrats", What End, Coup d'Etat
Feb  4, 2017 Crisis: Trump & Wall Street, Power Elite, "Sociopathy", Militarized USA, Carlin On Bullshit
Feb  5, 2017 Crisis: FBI's Control, Populism, Warren, National Security, Frances On Trump
Feb  6, 2017 Crisis: On The USA, Trump Dictator, USA & Propaganda, Sanders On Trump, Europe In Spiegel
Feb  7, 2017 Crisis: Trump's Unknown Terrorist Attacks; Trump, Stalin and Science; Trump and Bannon
Feb  8, 2017 Crisis: Trump's Foreign Policy, Resisting Trump, Corporate State, Democracy, Dark Money
Feb  9, 2017 Crisis: Catharsis (?!); ACLU; Deregulations; Democracy And Ethics; Neoliberal Capitalism As Myth
Feb 10, 2017 Over Geestelijke Gezondheid En Gestoordheid - IV

Crisis: Democratic Failures, Advertising, Trump & Truth, Ban Illegal, The Trump Era
Feb 11, 2017 Crisis: Trump's Impeachment, What To Do, USA Police State, Orwell vs. Huxley
Feb 12, 2017 Crisis: On Bannon, On the TTP, Americans & Democracy, On the TISA, Ignorant Americans
Feb 13, 2017 Crisis: The Elites, Trump & CIA, On Chomsky, Obamacare, Trump's Psyche, Hedges & Taibbi
Feb 14, 2017 Crisis: Dystopia, "Civil Rights Groups", Trump & China, Trump & Loglines, Michael Hudson
Feb 15, 2017 Crisis: Exit Democracy, Law & Government, White House, Major Corruption, More Hudson
Feb 16, 2017 Crisis: Psychiatry, Messy White House, "Russian Hacking", American Economy, Democracy
Feb 17, 2017 Crisis: Trump Press Meltdown, Nuclear Apocalypse, Glenn Greenwald, Trump Scams
Feb 18, 2017 Crisis: Trump & Fascism, One Month, Vilified Media, ResistTrump, Republican Backbones
Feb 19, 2017 Crisis: On Muslims, On Republicans *2, On Trump and the Deep State, Carlin, Snowden
Feb 20, 2017 Crisis: On (American) Racism *2, Democrats & Leaking, McCain, Trump
Feb 21, 2017 me+ME+Crisis: MAJOR CHANGES ON MY SITE
Feb 22, 2017 Crisis: Dodd-Frank, Police State, Tyranny, Constitutional Apocalypse, On Trump's Madness
Feb 23, 2017 Crisis: On Palantir, Helping The Police, "Fake News", Arrow's Theorem, George Carlin
Feb 24, 2017 me+ME+Crisis: About ME/CFS - 0: To my GP (Dutch + English)
Feb 25, 2017 me+ME+Crisis: About ME/CFS - 1: Some updates about Oystein Fluge and Ron Davis
Feb 26, 2017 me+ME+Crisis: About ME/CFS - 2: On being early
Feb 27, 2017 Crisis: The Gulfwar (1991), US Race Laws, Bannon, Trump's Degeneracy, Big Pharma
Feb 28, 2017 Crisis: On The Reichstag, Trump's Abnormality, The Media, The Free Press, About Russia


Mar  1, 2017 Crisis: Reichstag Fire, Can't Happen Here?, Mainstream Media, On "Christian" Fascism
Mar  2, 2017 Crisis: Trump & Russia, The US Media, On Bannon, On Wilders
Mar  3, 2017 Crisis: On The Deep State, On Terrorism, Zuesse's Sick Bullshit, "Russian Hacking"
Mar  4, 2017 Crisis: About WikiSpooks
Mar  5, 2017 Crisis: On The Deep State, On 'Russia-gate', On The NSA, On The Guardian
Mar  6, 2017 Crisis: On Chomsky On "Consent", On Hedges On Liberals, On Trump, On Snowden
Mar  7, 2017 Crisis: The Deep State, Facts All Relative (?), "Russian Hacking", The Rich vs The Poor
Mar  8, 2017 Over Geestelijke Gezondheid En Gestoordheid

Crisis: Democratic Party, US "Health"-care, Wikileaks 1 & 2
Mar  9, 2017 Crisis+ME: WikiLeaks, Post-Truth, C.I.A., Trump, Rationale, Q&A on ME/CFS Research
Mar 10, 2017 Crisis: Steve Bannon's Illusions, Russian Story, American Health Care, Social Obligations
Mar 11, 2017 Crisis: On Global Surveillance, Wikileaks & Panopticon, Trump Insane, Sanders On Trump
Mar 12, 2017 Crisis: On The Constitution, State Secret Privileges, America's Poor, Goldwater Rule
Mar 13, 2017 Crisis: On Death, Sanders on Trump, Responsible Conservatism, On Sanders & New Party
Mar 14, 2017 Crisis: Secret Services, North Korea, Watergate Inquiry (?), Trump Dystopia (?)
Mar 15, 2017 Crisis: Media Realities, Wealthcare, Social Media Passwords, CIA, The Trap - 1
Mar 16, 2017 Crisis: Trump & Goldman Sachs, Dutch Vote, Political System, Jill Green, The Guardian
Mar 17, 2017 Crisis: Dutch Elections, Trump/Russia, Trump/Obama, US Citizes Have No Rights
Mar 18, 2017 Crisis: Lofgren On The Deep State, Ralph Nader, Unleashed Insanity, Wall Street's Pay
Mar 19, 2017 Crisis+ME: On "Fascism", On Trump, On Bannon, Young Americans, ME/CFS and PACE
Mar 20, 2017 Crisis: On Resistance, Climate-Change, Free Speech, Wishful Thinking
Mar 21, 2017 Crisis: On Trump's Tweets, Trump's Fights, Trump & Diplomacy, Robert Reich
Mar 22, 2017 Crisis: Black Budget, War, Snowden, Comey's Testimony, "Morning Joe", Trump's Sanity
Mar 23, 2017 Crisis: Fighting Trump, U.S. Governance, The Psyche, Russia, No Privacy At All
Mar 24, 2017 Crisis: You Have Been Sold, On Robert Mercer, Republicans, USA Is Sinking
Mar 25, 2017 Crisis: Trump Defeaded*2, Trump & Church, Russia, American Cowardice
Mar 26, 2017 Crisis+More: About Jante's Law,  totalitarianism, ordinary people and groups
Mar 27, 2017 Crisis: Warring Neofascists, Trump's Wars, Paul Ryan, Erdogan's Propaganda
Mar 28, 2017 Crisis: Trump & Bush, Cellphones & Laptops, Obamacare, Privacy Rules, Chomsky
Mar 29, 2017 Crisis: Exit Internet Privacy (USA), Trump's Damages, Surveillance State, Chomsky
Mar 30, 2017 Crisis: Online Privacy 1 and 2, Chomsky, Trump, Starr On War, Timothy Snyder
Mar 31, 2017 Crisis: Exit Privacy, Lying & Groupthinking, Healthcare & War, Michael Hudson

Apr  1, 2017
Crisis: National Insecurity, Conmanship, Blaming Russia
Apr  2, 2017 Crisis: On The "Deep State", White House Staffers, U.S. Borders, Junk Economics
Apr  3, 2017 Crisis: Walking Dead, USA Turns Into Police-State, Ferlinghetti, Junk Economics
Apr  4, 2017 Crisis: Chomsky On Trump, Trumpcare, Russians & Deep State, The LA Times
Apr  5, 2017 Crisis: On Trump's Lies, Cellphone Searches, Noam Chomsky, Mainstream Media
Apr  6, 2017 Crisis: On DARPA and computers, On Bannon, On Trump
Apr  7, 2017 Crisis: On Ayn Rand, Impeaching Trump, Bannon's Removal, Zimbardo, On Neoliberalism
Apr  8, 2017 Crisis: On War, Bannon vs Kushner, U.S. Strike on Syria, Hotline, George Carlin
Apr  9, 2017 Crisis: Bannon & Kushner, Adam Curtis, American War Machine, Trampled Constitution
Apr 10, 2017 Crisis: Greenwald on Syria, On Michael Hayden, On Bill Maher, Jeremy Scahill
Apr 11, 2017 Crisis: Julian Assange, Shadow Cabinet, Totalitarianism, Neocons, Christopher Browning
Apr 12, 2017 Crisis: About Ron Wyden, For Trump Voters, French Elections, On Capitalism
Apr 13, 2017 Crisis: Allan Nairn, The VIPS, Trump's Attack Illegal, Sanders-Style Democratic Agenda
Apr 14, 2017 Crisis: Snowden's Secrets, Trudeau Legalizes Marijuana, Russian Crisis, Land In Economy
Apr 15, 2017 Crisis: On Drones, Lots of Malware for Windows, On Pompeo, On Trump's Autocracy
Apr 16, 2017 Crisis: The Trump Doctrine (?), NSA Hacking "For All", The Totalitarians At The US Borders
Apr 17, 2017 Crisis: Nuclear Power, "America-First!", Russia-gate, Obama/Trump, Erdogan
Apr 18, 2017 Crisis: On Resistance, Republicans & Internet, Turkey, The "War On Terror"
Apr 19, 2017 Crisis: On France, Tech Giants Destroy All Privacy, Reich, Social Media Passwords
Apr 20, 2017 Crisis: O'Reilly Dismissed, British Elections In June, On Hillary Clinton, Super-Rich Democrats
Apr 21, 2017 Crisis: American Terrorism, Ailes & O'Reilly, Jeremy Corbyn, Julian Assange
Apr 22, 2017 Crisis: Republicans, Greenwald, Deep State, Wall Street, Health Professionals, Facebook
Apr 23, 2017 Crisis: March for Science, North Korea, Trump's 100 Days, Erdogan

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