Oct 26, 2016

me+ME: Update about my vitamins
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Updates about my vitamins

This is a Nederlog of Wednesday, October 26, 2016.

A. This is not a crisis log but is an update about my vitamins, which I take against ME. I also provided for a while updates about my computer, but stopped with that last month. (It is relatively OK.)

The previous update is from September 25, 2016.
(The present file is a day later than usual.)

-- Constant part, for the moment --

B. In case you visit my Dutch site: I do not know, but it may be you need to click/reload twice or more to see any changes I have made. This certainly held for me, but it is possible this was caused by the fact that I am also writing it from my computer. (It was OK on October 22, but not before.)

In any case, I am now (again) updating the opening of my site with the last day it was updated. (And I am very sorry if you have to click/reload several times to see the last update: It is not what I wish, nor how it was. [1]

C. In case you visit my Danish site: It now works again (!), but I do not know how long it will keep working. The Dutch site still is a mess.

I am very sorry, and none of it is due to me. I am simply doing the same things as I did for 20 or for 12 years, that also went well for 20 or for 12 years.

I will keep this introduction until I get three successive days (!!!) in which both providers work correctly. I have not seen that for many months now.


1. Updates about my vitamins

This continues last month's update about vitamins and ME, which is here.

The last month (between September 25 and October 25) I have mostly experimented with vitamin B1. I started this around August 15. Also, I have explained some backgrounds on September 25 that I will skip this time.

What I took most of the days was this:

- 3 grams of vitamin C
- 2 Magnesium (daily dosage)

- 1 VM-75 (lots of vitamins and minerals)
- 1 B-100 complex
- 5 B1 "500 mg"

One item that differs is the B-100, which consists only of B-vitamins, mostly in 100 mcg or 100 mg doses, which I added this month because it seems to help some, and the other item that differs is that I dropped taking more zinc, in part because this also is in the VM-75.

What I learned were two things:

(1) I have a bit more energy
(2) I eat less (because I didn't feel hungry)

The first finding was welcome. It wasn't spectacular, but it was there (and I also did quite a lot - comparatively - the last month, and all of that went well, also in not having to pay back afterward).

The second finding was unexpected but mostly welcome because I was slightly too thick - not fat, nor even weighty, but with a few kilos more than would be

I did learn less this month than I should have liked to, basically because I could not get other B1 vitamins in 500 mg doses (see
September 25) , but my overall condition still is fair and considerably better than it has been most of the last 25 years (which were awful, thanks to mayor Van Thijn's helping the illegal drugs- dealers who threatened to murder me, tried to gas me, and who were allowed to keep me from sleeping a mere 4 years).

I am reasonably well anyway, comparatively, and indeed have been so since the beginning of 2012, apart from my eyes, and without getting better. (And my eyes, although they haven't healed yet, are this year a lot better and less painful than they were from 2012-2015).

More next month.

[1] Alas, this is precisely as I said it does, and it goes on for months now. I do not know who does it, and I refuse to call the liars of "xs4all" (really: the KPN), simply because these have been lying to me from 2002-2009, and I do not trust anything they say I cannot control myself: They have treated me for seven years as a liar because "you complain about things other people do not complain about" (which is the perfect excuse never to do anything whatsoever for anyone).

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