May 20, 2016

me:  My modem crashed on May 19: No more internet for the moment

My modem crashed on May 19: No more internet for the

2. Later today: It has been repaired


This is a Nederlog of Friday, May 20, 2016.

This is and isn't a crisis log: It is not about the social crisis I have been reporting on, but it is about a serious problem: My modem stopped working yesterday.

Later: As section 2 explains, the problem was identified and resolved.

1. My modem crashed on May 19: No more internet for the moment

Here is the story - so far, and I will update it daily in Nederlog, whether I can upload it or not:

I have fast internet since the Spring of 2009. In my case, it works with an external modem that is connected to my fixed telephone line and to the computer. It did work rather well most of the time - 7 years now - but the weakest point is the modem.

This went out several times since 2009, and was usually restored rather quickly (on the same day, or sometimes within a few days).

The day before yesterday I had problems with the modem, in that it suddenly stopped working, without my doing anything, which the modem itself indicates
by flashing one of its five lights, that doesn't flash but is on if the modem is
working: Flashing means it still is working but there is no more internet connection. This has happened several times before.

I tried several things that did not work, and then hit upon the expedient of disconnecting all electrical plugs to the modem and from the modem to the computer (on the theory that one of the lines might somehow not work any more), did so, reconnected all electrical plugs, and it worked again.

It kept working until yesterday. Then I downloaded a new Firefox and a new
Thunderbird (I am on Linux-Ubuntu) and restarted the computer. This gave
two odd results: The colors had shifted towards red (which should not be the case) and the modem stopped working again...

I stopped the computer, restarted, and now the colors are OK again but the modem still wasn't working. Then I tried the same recipe as I had tried the
day before - disconnecting the electrical plugs and reconnecting them, but
it did not help this time.

This I did once again a bit later, again without making any visible difference. I went to bed.

This morning - May 20, 2016 - mainly because it started with making trouble after I got a not properly working download of Firefox and Thunderbird, at least
in so far as the colors were concerned, I decided that since I have a back-up and had just made a back-up yesterday morning, I should go back to that previous version, and did.

Well... the modem is still flashing i.e. not working. The computer seems OK. So at present the situation is that the modem is not working because - rather probably -  either one of the lines that connect to the phone or the electricity stopped working or the modem itself (that is 7 years old) may have problems.

That is where it stands right now. What I will try now is, once again, to disconnect everything and then reconnect it, all quite carefully, and see whether that makes a difference.

If not, I shall have to call my provider.

Aah well... it will very probably be resolved somehow, but on the moment there is no internet for me, which means that I can't upload my site, nor can I receive

2. Later today: It has been repaired

It has been resolved: I found that the contact between the line that goes into the phone and the line that lengthens it was broken, and got another one, and
it all works again.

So I think this problem is wholly over and done with, but you will not get another Nederlog today: More tomorrow.

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