March 25, 2016
Updates about my vitamins and my computer problems


This is a Nederlog of Friday, March 25, 2016.

This is not a crisis log but is an update about my vitamins (against ME) and my computer problems. There will be a later Nederlog today.

1. Update about my vitamins

This continues the last monthly update about vitamins and ME, which is here. And the following is what I am taking now since the end of February or the last 10 day
vitamin C: 5 grams:
This is 2 grams more than last month.
Potassium: 2 pills a day
This gives 400 mg a day. (Same.)
Vit B6: 100 mg
This is new (again).
Folic acid: 1 pills a day.
This gives 5000 mcg. (Same)
Magnesium: 1 pill a day.
This gives the daily required amount, together with Multi Total. (Same.)
Zinc (citrate): 1 pill a day
This gives 50 mg. (Same)
Vit mB12 5000 mcg: 1 pill a day. (Same.)
vit mB12 1000 mcg: 1 pill a day. (Same.)
1/2 pill a day (since March 15) which includes i.a.

   Calcium - 35 mg
   B1 - 35 mg
   B2 - 40 mg
   B3 - 35 mg
   B5 - 35 mg
   B6 - 35 mg
   B12 -35 mcg (cyanocobalamine)
   E - 50 mg (75 IE)
   Many minerals and some herbs that I do not list
This is the same as I took in February, until the VM-75 entry, that I am taking now since 10 days.

is a multivitamin (from Solgar) that I have taken before, but stopped because it contained a little too much of B1, B2 and B3 given the experiment with mB12 that I started (more or less properly) in 2012.

The main reasons for adding the VM-75 (again) are that it did help me before; that megavitamins helped me a lot between 1986 and 1990 (without my ever learning what this was due to) [1]; and that I have been worse (not as well) this
year, and also in 2015, compared with 2013 and 2014.

Well... I reasoned that I did take VM-75 before, in 2012 and 2013, when I was also following the mB12 protocol (evidence), and I decided to take it again, and indeed my condition has improved some over the last 10 days of taking it, which is pleasant. (And no, by now I know more than enough of modern medicine to insist that this is the only good explanation.)

I will continue to use this - though I may leave out the B6 - and also did not buy any of the vitamins I talked about last month, because I wasn't very fit, and because the VM-75 takes care of eveything I planned to do.

2. Update about my computer problems

I caused myself - by my own stupidity - serious computer problems on November 24, 2015, and had to return to an earlier system, which also involved several problems. Here are two short files about it, from December 5 and December 6.

The update is that the system still works, on February 26 2015, and is considerably more stable than it was, and is currently updated, all of which is good, and makes me more confident it will keep working, but not all is as should be, and I also do not have all my facilities back.

For one thing, I still lack all statistics on the moment, and also the computer is not fully updated.

Then again, for the moment my computer mostly works and is expected to keep working, which means that in case I stop updating Nederlog it may be because of health-problems (rather than computer problems).


[1] There is some reasonable evidence for this, but it is in Dutch: Vitamins - 1987-1988. Also - having found out how profit-oriented, lazy and dishonest most medical people I have met (plenty, and hardly anyone helped, but almost everyone was extremely pretentious) - I am quite sure that the only reasonable explanation for the quite radical improvements in my health from 1984-1988
was my taking orthomolecular doses of the vitamins and minerals. (These were again totally undone from 1988-1992, because I could not sleep, because I was kept awake by 3 caf├ęs and 1 illegal drugs shop, protected by mayor Ed van Thijn).
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