November 28, 2015
About the crisis, Nederlog and the crisis series


1. Two interviews about the crisis with Chris Hedges
2. About Nederlog
3. About the crisis series


This is a Nederlog of Saturday, November 28, 2015.

This is in part a crisis blog and in part about Nederlog and the crisis series.

I think I restored most of Ubuntu 12.04 between Wednesday and Friday, and think I still have nearly all my personal data and information, mostly because these were backed up on other disks.

For I brought about what seemed like a collapse of a useful Linux system by upgrading from a fine 12.04 to 14.04 [1] - but I hadn't checked whether 14.04 has the High Contrast Inverse option (that interchanges black and white in all system files and menus) which has been a very great help to me because I've got dry eyes.

My eyes are a lot bettter than they were, but I still need High Contrast Inverse, and so I had to go back to 12.04, somehow.

Well... I did succeed in getting back, and in case you are interested there is more yesterday, the day before yesterday and the day before that.

The rest of this Nederlog consists of a crisis part (two good videos with Chris Hedges); a part about Nederlog (which I have been writing very regularly since 2004, and which is the most popular part of my sites); and a part about the crisis series inside Nederlog, that recently passed the 1000 files boundary.

1. Two interview about the crisis with Chris Hedges

This is a crisis item.  It consists of two video interviews with Chris Hedges, both of around 25 minutes, one by Abby Martin (<-Wikipedia) and one by Paul Jay (<- Wikipedia) of The Real News (<-Wikipedia).

The first is a recent interview by Abby Martin in her new series called
"The Empire Files" at TeleSUR:
This is a fine interview, especially the second half. It is not optimistic, but then these are not good times for real liberals or real progressives.

And I will later return to
"The Empire Files" that look OK, and seem a good idea.

The other interview is from a little over a year ago, late 2014, and is mostly about persons Chris Hedges knows considerably better than I do (and than most other people do):
This is for The Real News with Paul Jay, and is mostly about the super rich, whom Hedges knows a lot better than most, because he had a somewhat rich father who sent his son to a posh boarding school.

2. About Nederlog

My site exists now since 1996 (in Holland) and 2004 (in Denmark). I wrote the singular "site" because although these are two sites with different names (Dutch, Danish) they are supposed to be the same, and mostly are (and where not it is a mistake).

The site is now well over 500 MB (which means it has at least as much text as over 250 average printed books) and consists mostly of six parts, that you can see on the left from the opening:


Philosophy (with texts of 29 classical philosophers, many with my extensive comments, and also with my Philosophical Dictionary);

ME aka Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (which is a disease I have since 1.1.1979: especially the Resources are often consulted: at least 17 million people have the disease);

Logic (with far less than I had hoped and there would have been had I been healthy the last 37 years, but with Clifford and Edwards);

Computing (with far less than there used to be up to 6 years ago, when I mostly ceased programming, but you still can read about the programming languages I do know fairly well: Computing languages);

ME in Amsterdam (which is the story of having ME in Amsterdam and being lodged in a house where the mayor wanted to house, and did house, and still does house - all these 27 years - some of his favorite drugsdealers (in soft and in hard drugs both of which are illegal but extremely profitable): this is nearly all only in Dutch);

Nederlog (which is a series of regular contributions - daily or nearly so since 2010 - about anything that interests or concerns me, that used to be in Dutch from 2004-2009 and is mostly in English since 2010, and which also contains the crisis series, that now covers over 1000 files).


As I said, the best read part of the site is Nederlog, and indeed Nederlogs from all years, back to 2004. The rest of the site is also fairly popular, but Nederlog beats the rest.

Nederlog has had something like five incarnations: First Nedernieuws in 2004, until 2006, which was only about Holland and only in Dutch; second Nederlog from 2006-2009, which was about anything that interested me, and was mostly in Dutch; third Nederlog from 2010-2011 that was mostly though not only about ME and was in English; fourth Nederlog from 2012 and the first half of 2013 that was about anything that interested me, and was moslty in English; and fifth and last from June 10, 2013 - November 24, 2015, that was nearly all about the crisis series, and nearly all in English.

As my sum-up indicates, I think the crisis series as I maintained it between
June 10, 2013 - November 24, 2015 (about 2 1/2 years) is past.

There are quite a few reasons, that I will not all list, but the three basic ones are: It takes too much time; I have learned most that I wanted to learn (and will write about that); and I do not change anything for the better when continuing it.

This does not mean that the crisis series is finished, but I will take less time on it (it is a considerable relief not to check over 40 sites every day), and will write less often about it.

In fact, I intend to return to the fourth incarnation: A Nederlog that is mostly written in English, but with some Dutch parts, and that is about anything that interests me, including the crisis, but is not only nor predominantly about the crisis.

3. About the crisis series

last paragraph of the previous item states what I want to do with the crisis series: continue it, but less often (not daily) and with fewer sites to check, and to replace the daily crisis files by regular Nederlog files that are about anything that interests me (including the crisis).

As to the crisis series: There are now over 1000 files in it, and it went through three incarnations.

The first were the first 80+ files in it, that are all in Dutch. The first is from September 1, 2008. (If you read Dutch: There are some good ones in 2008, e.g. about Keynes.) The second started in 2010, when Nederlog switched to English mostly. The third started on June 10, 2013, when I came to learn about Edward Snowden and the NSA (and the GCHQ, and the fact that most computers are leaking like mad, to the enormous benefits and joys of the secret services and the advertisement agencies).

It was from June 10, 2013 that I decided to track the news daily and report on it, also daily, and I think I did that well. But since I have learned most that I wanted to learn (from journalism, that is), and since it is quite time-consuming, I stopped with it, effectively, on November 24, 2015.

The crisis series will continue, but it will not be a daily event anymore; it will be mostly limited to (i) more or less important crisis events, judged also by fewer sites than I checked in the past, and (ii) explanations of what I learned about the crisis (which will be quite pessimistic, but then that is justified by the facts and theories that I know).

And Nederlog will also continue, and indeed will probably return to a format that is most like it was in 2012: Written mostly in English, about the things that interest or concern me, including the crisis, but the last not anymore on a daily basis.

Finally, since this change was triggered by a computer collapse, that now is mostly undone: I will also in the coming months update the site some, and write about what I did update, for this activity too was lessened considerably since June 10, 2013.


[1] The difference between 12.04 and 14.04 is as between Windows 7 and Windows 8 (or Windows XP and Windows 7), but in Ubuntu there are many more versions of each: I started in version 23 of 12.04 and ended in version 95 of 12.04, and the downloading and installing of each new version was normally done in something like 5 minutes.

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