November 27, 2015
News about reinstalling Ubuntu 12.04 - 2


1. One interview about the crisis: Chomsky & Martin
2. News about reinstalling Ubuntu 12.04 - 2
3. So if there is no Nederlog tomorrow...


This is a Nederlog of Friday, November 27, 2015.

This is not a crisis blog, except for the first section, that has just one item.

The rest of the file is still concerned with returning to Ubuntu 12.04, because I switched to 14.04 [1] last Tuesday afternoon without checking whether this also has the High Contast Inverse setting, which makes menus and standard backgrounds white letters on a black background instead of the common reverse, which turns out to have saved computing for me the last 3 1/2 years, since I got dry eyes (which can be and were in my case quite painful for very long times, though that serious affliction is lately rather a lot less).

If you care, you can learn more in yesterday's introduction. Now to the rest of today's Nederlog.

1. One interview about the crisis: Chomsky & Martin

This is a crisis item.

It is here because I like it and because I will return to documenting the crisis and my ideas in Nederlog as soon as I am mostly back on track with my computer.

I will return to that topic after introducing the crisis item:
This is a video of 25 m 53 s made by Abby Martin (<-Wikipedia) whom I like (without agreeing with everything), consisting of a good and recent interview with Noam Chomsky (<-Wikipedia) whom I like (without agreeing with everything). [2]

Chomsky is sensible and factual, and Abby Martin has a new series called "The Empire Files" at TeleSUR. I think this was the fourth item in that series.

The last link is to an overview, where you can find all in the series. I'll probably return to this, because I like Abby Martin.

As to returning to an ordinary Nederlog with ordinary crisis items: I will return to a more or less ordinary Nederlog tomorrow or the day after, and it may be a crisis item, but I will do less on the crisis, though I will do more on formulating some of my ideas and findings about the crisis.

More later.

2. News about reinstalling Ubuntu 12.04 - 2

So this again continues yesterday's news about Ubuntu, of which I am busy reinstalling a 12.04 version after finding (my own fault: I should have checked but did not) that the 14.04 I had installed lacks the High Contrast Inverse facility that was crucial to my using a computer more or less normally the last 3 1/2 years. (I really could not have done this on Windows, nor on a Linux without High Contrast Inverse.)

There is more yesterday: it is a bit tricky. Here I will only outline what I have done yesterday and today after writing yesterday's Nederlog:

(1) It turns out I have saved most of my personal files, because I have kept several regularly updated backup disks.
(2) Yesterday I thought that the main thing I lost were my e-mails, but it turned out just now that I do have a copy of them as well, and I just restored them.
(3) And just now I can receive mails again as well, having updated my password (another relief!).

So... I think I have now returned from 14.04 to 12.04, at least for 95%, for I can now do as I did before with regards to writing and mailing (the last I just restored) and I also retained almost all my data, it turned out.

A big relief!

I do not get the statistics yet of the Danish site, but that is about the only thing missing for a proper set-up...

So if there is no Nederlog tomorrow...

The brief outcome so far - on Friday at midday - is that I am back in 12.04 and I have done quite a bit of updating, and it turns out I have nearly all of my files back (mostly because I keep backup copies on other disks since 2012, another thing that is a lot easier with Linux than with Windows).

I say. As I said: It will probably work for this is Linux, not Windows, and it did, and I am very glad it is - and I now can work on as I did before in 12.04 and will almost certainly continue the following 1 1/2 year, and by then I hope my eyes are good enough for 14.04 or indeed 16.04. (They are still improving, and I have a lot less problems than I had a year and more ago, but they are not OK yet.)

So this is the last section with this title: I can upload my sites and I can mail, and I retained nearly all of my data,
and the computer is nearly restored to where it was last Tuesday.


[1] The difference between 12.04 and 14.04 is as between Windows 7 and Windows 8 (or Windows XP and Windows 7), but in Ubuntu there are many more versions of each: I started in version 23 of 12.04 and ended in version 95 of 12.04, and the downloading and installing of each new version was normally done in something like 5 minutes.

[2] I added "whom I like (without agreeing with everything)" twice mostly because - it seems to me, since a very long time also - that many more persons are (somewhat) totalitarian without really knowing this.

And one signal  that they are is that they cannot like people without agreeing on nearly everything (or a lot) with them. Well... I am a genuine liberal (not: a libertarian, for these are neoconservatives of extreme persuasion) and I do not know anyone else with whom I can agree on nearly everything, and indeed that also is not necessary at all, and would also be rather odd.

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