November 26, 2014
me+ME: Update about supplements and condition

1. Update about supplements and condition

About ME/CFS


This is a Nederlog of November 26, 2014.

This is not a crisis file, and what follows is probably only interesting to people who have M.E. or an interest in orthomolecular medicine (<- Wikipedia, and at least a bit biased, in my - psychologist's - opinion).

There will be a crisis log later today.

This is a brief update on my M.E. and on the supplements I take, which I changed on November 2
5 for several reasons I explain below.
1. Update about supplements and condition

The previous update on me + M.E. is in fact from November 18
, when I had changed the protocol I had been using for quite a while for several reasons,
one of which was that I had stopped progressing.

Well, as of today I am back on the previous protocol:

vitamin C: 4 grams:
I think - statistics support me - this makes sense for me. (4 pills)
Calcium+Magnesium+Zinc+vitamin D:
I take 2 pills a day, which gives a little less than the daily recommended dose, but see the next:
Multi Total: 2 pills a day
This gives many supplements, but the vitamins only in very weak
doses (which is needed because of the rest of the protocol)
Potassium: 4 pills a day
This gives 800 mg a day
Metafolin: 2 pills a day
This gives 1600 mcg a day
Vit B12 infusion: 1 pill a day
This gives 1 mg methylcobalamin a day OR
Vit mB12 5000 mcg: 1 or a 1/2 pill a day
The last two are alternated every day.
Vit aB12: 1 pill every other day
This gives 3000 mcg of dibencozide

That is it (and NB that "mcg" = "microgram"). I should add that the 10 days the previous experiment lasted (for I have been taking the above protocol for quite a while before) that did not have the above items except for vitamin C, but that did have a lot of vitamins B and E were mostly as before, except that I did have several times a bit more trouble with the pains in especially my legs, that started on 1.1.1979.

Otherwise, it was roughly the same, also as regards energy. So I think I learned two things from this experiment: The present protocol is a bit better than the one
I tried, especially because I do not have pains in my legs, except late at night, and it may make sense to stop and start the present protocol with a few days of especially VM-75 in between, which gives a lot more B vitamins and E vitamins, that also do help me, but that cannot be well combined in high doses with the present protocol.

Since I am still a bit better all this year than I have been since 1988 - apart from
my eyes, that still are improving but not healed - I will go on with the protocol for a month, so there will probably be no news on my vitamin-taking until late December of this year. 


About ME/CFS (that I prefer to call M.E.: The "/CFS" is added to facilitate search machines) which is a disease I have since 1.1.1979:
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