November 18, 2014
me+ME: Update about supplements and condition

1. Update about supplements and condition

About ME/CFS


This is a Nederlog of November 18, 2014.

This is not a crisis file, and what follows is probably only interesting to people who have M.E. or an interest in orthomolecular medicine (<- Wikipedia, and at least a bit biased, in my - psychologist's - opinion).

There will be a crisis log later today.

This is a brief update on my M.E. and on the supplements I take, which I changed on November 1
5 for several reasons I explain below.
1. Update about supplements and condition

The previous update on me + M.E. is in fact from
October 30, 2014 (which contains quite a bit of information, but it is partially in Dutch, and will be only of interest to people with M.E. or an interest in orthomolecular medicine).

I have continued to take what I described on October 30 until November 15, but changed this considerably the next day.

To start with, here is what I am taking the last few days, each day:

vitamin C: 4 grams:
I think - statistics support me - this makes sense for me. (4 pills)
vitamin B: 50 mg or 50 mcg of all:
I take 2 of these every day.
vitamin E: 1000 iU

I take 1 of these every day. (Note this is less than the daily maximum dosage.)
VM-75: many supplements, both vitamins and minerals
I take 2 pills a day (which is fairly much but I have taken more).
Calcium+Magnesium+Zinc+vitamin D:
I take 2 pills a day, which is more than sufficient with VM-75.

That is it, which means that I am currently taking 250 mg of most B vitamins, which I did for years between 1984 and 1992, when this helped considerably, and that I am also taking considerably more E than before, for which approximately the same holds. [1]

The reasons for the change (that may be undone again, possibly quite soon) are that (i) I have been reading and writing about my vitamin usage of 1984-1988, that did help me quite a lot, though it never cured me (and from 1988 till 1992 I did not sleep enough, and all advances were undone [2]); (ii) I have from 2010 onwards learned a lot about medicine and testing which taught me that (a) the testing of medicines is far less than what I did, while (b) most of the medicines
are only very partially understood (and less well than vitamins - but these
cannot be patented); while (iii) the first two weeks of November this year I did not make any more progress, and also was parked on a fairly low stationary level (whereas I had a bit of progress - not much, but some -
during most months of the last year).

So since I did quite well on large doses of B, C and E from 1984-1988, indeed also without ever finding a good reason for this fact (but good reasons are far more rare in medicine than I thought in my more naive days), I decided on November 15 to change the supplements to the above, as an experiment to find
out whether this would pick me up some.

The answer is: it did. Not spectacularly, but more than sufficient to continue the experiment. I have been feeling a bit fitter the last days than I did the last two weeks, and I will continue with the present set-up for ten days, and then reconsider, or until I stop feeling better, in which case I return to the previous program.

A final reason for my decision to switch supplements is that it is quite possible that one of the supplements I am taking now in strong doses - VM-75? - but not before, contains something that helps, but that meanwhile got depleted.

I am sorry I cannot be more definite,
but to be more definite is merely pretension - and since I am not selling anything, I simply stick to the facts.

As I said: I'll take this for 10 days - from Nov 15 - Nov 25 - and then reconsider, unless I get worse and then will fall back on the previous program.

Indeed, it may also be a good idea to switch regularly between the present and the previous program of supplements, simply because of everything I tried the last 36 years these are the only two programs on which I have consistently improved some for years - everything else (and I tried lots of things) made no difference.

But I will see, and don't know yet, and I will tell my experiences in Nederlog.


[1] From 1984-1987 were the best - that is: the least ill - years since 1.1.1979, and the only rational explanation I have for this is that I started in 1984 to use B, C and E vitamins in orthomolecular dosages, which at that time was so rare in Holland that I had to order them from England or the U.S. (It got quite popular in the early 1990ies.)

Also, I should say the vitamin E dose is large and may be smaller (but the pills are of 1000 iU) and that I am a male of 6 ft 4 inches, which is quite tall. (And I have been using orthmolecular doses of vitamins for 30 years now, and indeed look a lot younger than I am. Also, I think it is far more likely they helped me
with my disease, but I agree this is mainly because (i) that is the only decent  explanation for what happened but (ii) I do not have a good theory for it, except that taking vitamins increased my possibilities to fight against disease.)

[2] This was to guarantee that the bottom floor illegal drugsdealers, who were given permission by mayor Van Thijn to deal from there in 1988, without ever asking me or the neighbors anything, could do their illegal business, and issue murder threats, and make an attempt to gas me that nearly killed me, as much as they pleased, for they made money like water, and I was merely the poor and ill son and grandson of two heroes of the Dutch Resistance, who both had been locked up in German concentration camps, where my grandfather was murdered, and that my father survived 3 years, 9 months and 15 days of. Clearly, according to Van Thijn, who as a Jewish boy was in hiding in 1944 in Noordbrabant, where my mother than was working in the Resistance to get food to Jewish children in hiding, the legal rights of a man like me are as nothing compared to the illegal rights he had given to those illegal dealers in illegal drugs - for every gram of soft and of hard drugs that was sold in Holland since the late 1960ies was sold illegally. That way, since 1988 at least 260 billion dollars have been sold, merely in soft drugs (hashish and marijuana) - o, and a billion = a 1000 million. But hardly any Dutchman cares, and certainly not any politician or judge...

About ME/CFS (that I prefer to call M.E.: The "/CFS" is added to facilitate search machines) which is a disease I have since 1.1.1979:
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