Sep 21, 2013
me+ME: health, my father's knighthood, autobiography, problems
1. My health
2. My father and his knighthood
3. My autobiography
4. On the problems of philosophy
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Today the fall has started, and it is also the first day, since quite a few months, that I did not find any news about the crisis, or at least: nothing that I want to link. (There always is rather a lot that I skip.)

What are the reasons? I expect it is mostly weekend + coincidence, but I do not know.

Then again, I will find out soon enough whether this constitutes a tendency, and meanwhile it is at least a little convenient, for I may want to get out tonight, for the first time in quite a long time. (Many years: maybe 15!)

So what I will do today is repeat the two last sections of September 13, simply because they interest me and may interest a few others, and I insert the new sections 1 and 2, about my health and about my father and his knighthood, the last in connection with the fact that I have a flatbed scanner now.

1. My health

My health lately - the last month - is better than it has been since May 2012. This is mostly a great relief, because it was quite bad since then, and that was mainly because of keratoconjunctivitis sicca.

I still have that, and I still cannot watch a white screen except quite briefly, and still need to use a tweaked monitor, but it has been steadily if also rather slowly improving since November 2012

And it has now, for nearly a month, enabled me to sleep more or less normally, that is between 8 and 8 1/2 hours per 24, which I did not do at all for the previous 15 months, in which I slept between 4 and maximally 6 1/2 hours, quite consistently also.

Besides, these events and the far too little sleep I have had for some 15 months, convinced me that there is something right about B12 + metafolin, at least for me: While I had 34 years of consistent experience that too little sleep leads rapidly to increased health-problems with M.E., that then also may persist a long time, I simply have had no collapse all these 15 months, with far too little sleep.

This is quite amazing for me, and the only way I can rationally explain it is that I had taken far more methyl-B12 than I had ever done, indeed to an extent that my G.P. could not scale it, and also had taken a lot of metafolin. (But I also had previously taken all the other vitamins and minerals, so it is very probably not due to them.)

This is quite convincing, having had 34 years of the opposite experiences.

Also, to keep matters in perspective: All this makes probable is that it is good for me to take methyl-B12 and metafolin, indeed in rather large quantities. It doesn't mean that I am healing, but I will definitely continue the protocol, except that I decided to avoid supplements that include folic acid, of which I have taken a whole lot, without it doing me any good. [1]

This I will treat in a later Nederlog about my protocol, since I am experimenting at present and the coming two weeks or so by slowly adding several B-vitamins.

2. My
father and his knighthood

My father was knighted about half a year before his death in 1980.

There are lots of people who get knighted in Holland, often for fairly trivial accomplishments, but it did not and never happen to communists, as my father had been and was since 1935, with one single exception: Jan Brasser, who had been very prominent in the resistance, and who had escaped arrest, unlike my father, who was arrested, with his father, in June 1941, and was then convicted, as was his father, by collaborating Dutch judges, who were never punished, as "political terrorists", to the concentration camp, which my grandfather did not survive.

The reasons my father was knighted were mainly that he had much impressed a friend of Prince Bernhard (the Queen's husband), namely because of his twenty years of wholly unpaid efforts to built a good exhibition about fascism and concentration camps, that had succeeded in creating the first of such exhibitions, that also had been seen by many, and had been shown in many Dutch places,such as the Royal Palace in Amsterdam and the Dom in Utrecht.

The exhibition meanwhile has totally disappeared, but I still have a booklet about it from April 1970, that is entitled (in translation):

Also, it so happens that I recently bought a flatbed scanner, that I have used to make a copy, which is on my site mostly because I have been, intentionally, many times offended by persons who speak for the University of Amsterdam, who called me a "fascist terrorist", because they themselves are sick parasites and psychopaths.

Incidentally, the making of the copy was not easy, but it is true that in case you can't read it you can enlarge it. The photographs also are less good in the copy than they are in the original, for which I am sorry.

Finally, as far as I know the text is by my father, at least for the most part, and his name does not occur in it.

Also, I will probably tomorrow or the day after try whether I can make the pictures of the pages part of a html-series, for I am rather proud of it, though the - quite high - knighthood doesn't mean much to me. Then again, the text was certainly part of the motivation to give him a knighthood.

3. My autobiography

This seems to interest few people, but I have written an autobiography, so far of the first twenty years of my life, from 1950-1970, and I have also copied this to its own directory, and made a few changes.

It now starts here, all in Dutch, to be sure:
There still have to be made some changes, and I also want to add the other 40+ years, and although very little happened to me the last 20 years (other than being ill in bed or writing for my site), my life between 20 and 40 also was interesting, for one thing because I lived, consecutively, with five women (of which I do not regret the first four).

Since I mentioned it: Why do I write for my sites - for there are two, which are copies? In part, I need to use my mind and I write very easily, and these days also because I am read: I have over 500 daily visitors and thousands of hits - yesterday: 47,760 in Denmark,  but that is a rare event - daily on the Danish site, that is least well visited, and probably more than twice as much on the Dutch site.

So I write for at least a 1000 persons daily, which is something, especially considering the facts that I do not try to be popular, and mostly treat difficult subjects.

4. On the problems of philosophy

I really am a philosopher (much rather than a psychologist), and one who read more and more widely than nearly every other philosopher: I read much, for more than 45 years, and even if others might be more intelligent (and I certainly am less intelligent than I would have been if I had remained healthy), they had less time and also nearly always had fewer and less variegated interests than I have: See my real science.

Also, unlike most academic philosophers, I am not a fraud; I wrote a lot, namely over 25 books (that I can't even try to publish as long as my income is the Amsterdam dole); and also I have nothing spectacular to say about philosophy:

I am a natural and scientific realist - and while there still are a lot of philosophical problems, most of the work that remains to be done is technical, and concerned with fields - logic, mathematics - that few philosophers are really informed about.

But I do have my own philosophy, known to me as "natural philosophy" (see also: natural realism and natural logic) since my twenties, and most of my philosophical opinions have the twin marks of being fairly commonsensical and quite uncommon.

These twin marks arise from scientific realism: Natural realism is the natural philosophy most men choose (usually without much awareness), and scientific realism is a development of this, that is, in some form - of which there are several - the preferred outlook of physicists, mathematicians and chemists, and also what these scientists learn methodologically.

The reasons my philosophical attitudes are quite uncommon are, firstly, that most people are taken in by the far more spectacular but false claims made by academic philosophers, like Heidegger or Foucault ot Wittgenstein, and also, secondly, that scientific realism does require, for its adequate statement and real understanding, some knowledge of methodology and of logic, both of which have meanwhile grown quite scarce, it seems because they are too difficult for most (and the universities have simplified and levelled rather a lot all through the West, the last 40 years).

In any case... I have now taken up a project that got started in 2003 but then was left alone for lack of health:
This is in its own directory, and currently is a bit more than 1 MB, while it consists - at present - from items taken from my Philosophical Dictionary.

If I find the health, it will be somewhat rewritten and extended, but as is, it is well over a sizable Penguin Classic of concepts and ideas that are mostly philosophical, that also are free from jargon, obscurities, pretensions, waffle and bullshit, which is saying a lot, for philosophy. (Some of it contains logic or maths, but most is plain and clear English.)

And while it will not set you free or enlighten your mind to a higher stage, it will help you to keep an even course and think rationally and soundly.

P.S. 25 sep 2013: I have today replaced the pictures of "Wij nemen 't wr niet" by pictures that take about 1/5th of the space. It should be possible to shrink what is there now to 1/10th but I am doing one step at the time.
[1] By the way: Dutch doctors "do not think it is indicated" - their incapable Dutch, not mine - that I can take a test of 125 dollars - while I pay more than 200 dollars a month health-insurance! - to establish whether or not I belong to the 50% that lacks the genetic capacity to properly deal with folic acid, and much rather see me ill, as has been the practice of most doctors I saw the last 35 years. They are by and large a sick and,  in my case, also a sickening lot, who earn far too much, are far too unintelligent, and have far too many privileges.

Also, this material is mine, and it shall not be used by "Kamp Amersfoort", who are eager propagandists for the social democrats, if these are mayors or aldermen of Amsterdam, and who protect the Dutch drugs maffia since at least 25 years now, for I do not know how many millions.

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