ugust 24, 2013
Math+Crisis: Mathematical Mystery Tour, NSA payments, Summer's "brilliance"
  "Those who sacrifice liberty for
   security deserve neither."
   -- Benjamin Franklin [1]
    "All governments lie and nothing
    they say should be believed.
   -- I.F. Stone.

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1. Mathematical Mystery Tour
2. NSA paid millions to cover Prism compliance costs for tech companies
3Avaricious Brilliance for Economic Disaster  
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There was an earlier file today, but it is in Dutch and about me + M.E.

In this file there are just three pieces that I link to (that are not by me) and the first of these is about mathematics, but it is good.

The other two are by
Ewen MacAskill on the millions the NSA paid to what may fairly be called the Big Brother companies, and by Ralpn Nader on the brilliance of Larry Summers - or was that "brilliance"?

1. Mathematical Mystery Tour

I like mathematics and logic, but Google's videos are not well supplied in those respects, or not so that I found it.

There is more than I can view, but much is about stuff I do not much care for. What I tried usually wasn't worth much, and often was subtly or less subtly mistaken and/or not presented well.

But the following I found for the most part quite good and informed:
It does contain footage with Raymond Smullyan that's some 30 years old, for Smullyan is currently 94 and the video is about thirty years old. There are also a number of talking mathematical heads, but these were for me the least interesting.

But the subjects treated were treated quite well, on the basis of real understanding and also - unlike most of the mathematical heads - without talking down.

2.  NSA paid millions to cover Prism compliance costs for tech companies 

As to the crisis: here is the Guardian's Ewen MacAskill:

It starts as follows:

The National Security Agency paid millions of dollars to cover the costs of major internet companies involved in the Prism surveillance program after a court ruled that some of the agency's activities were unconstitutional, according to top-secret material passed to the Guardian.

The technology companies, which the NSA says includes Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Facebook, incurred the costs to meet new certification demands in the wake of the ruling from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (Fisa) court.

MacAskill explains his statements are based on materials supplied by Edward Snowden, and also says:
The disclosure that taxpayers' money was used to cover the companies' compliance costs raises new questions over the relationship between Silicon Valley and the NSA. Since the existence of the program was first revealed by the Guardian and the Washington Post on June 6, the companies have repeatedly denied all knowledge of it and insisted they only hand over user data in response to specific legal requests from the authorities.
Also, the four companies were asked about it, and the responses were varied:

Yahoo said it applied for reimbursements; Facebook denied receiving any money; Google did not reply specifically, and Microsoft did not answer at all (until after the piece was published, and then it evasively said it complied with court orders because it is forced to).

3. Avaricious Brilliance for Economic Disaster

Finally, here is a bit by Ralph Nader:
This is about Obama's candidate to follow up Ben Bernanke as head of the Federal Reserve, which Obama wants to be Larry Summers, who is said by many to be "brilliant". Here are the first three paragraphs of Nader's take on this "brilliance":

The widening circle applauding megamillionaire Larry Summers –of Harvard University, Washington, D.C. and Wall Street – agrees on one word to describe the colossal failure – Brilliant! That circle includes Barack Obama, who appointed Summers in 2009 to be his chief economic advisor, Bill Clinton, who made him Secretary of the Treasury, and the Harvard Board of Overseers, who named him president of Harvard University in 2001.

With Clinton and his promoter, Robert Rubin, who preceded him at the Treasury post before making over $100 million at Citigroup, Summers brilliantly deregulated Wall Street in 1999 and 2000 thus setting up one of corporate capitalism’s most harmful speculative binges.

With Clinton’s approval, these men pushed for the repeal of the successful Glass-Steagall Act of 1933, which separated investment banking from commercial banking. They then blocked the regulation of mounting speculation in complex, risky derivatives that led to the tanking of Wall Street in 2008. The collapse, caused by the plutocrats, cost 8 million jobs, drained away trillions of dollars in pension and mutual fund assets, and plunged the country into a “Great Recession”.

There is rather a lot more on this "brilliant" man by Nader, and the Wikipedia article on Larry Summers also is quite interesting. That article ends as follows:
In the 2010 documentary Inside Job, Summers is presented as one of the key figures behind the late-2000s financial crisis. Charles Ferguson points out the economist's role in what he characterizes as the deregulation of many domains of the financial sector.
I pointed yesterday to my It seems that Larry Summers is the least qualified for the job, being one of the main deregulators. So he'll probably be nominated by Obama...
[1] Here it is necessary to insist, with Aristotle, that the governors do not rule, or at least, should not rule: The laws rule, and the government, if good, is part of its executive power. Here I quote Aristotle from my More on stupidity, the rule of law, and Glenn Greenwald:
It is more proper that law should govern than any one of the citizens: upon the same principle, if it is advantageous to place the supreme power in some particular persons, they should be appointed to be only guardians, and the servants of the laws.
(And I note the whole file I quote from is quite pertinent.)

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