July 28, 2013
me+ME: 1 million Danish visitors + new mB12 protocol
1. The Danish site passed 1 million visitors
My new mB12-protocol     
About ME/CFS


It still is the case that sleeping remains quite difficult for me. This also makes my life rather difficult, at the moment.

Sleeping did improve, some, lately, but I do not know whether it lasts. (It's mostly pains of various kinds that keep me awake or wake me up: eyes, arms, legs. It's not "nerves".)

Presently it is 24.5 degrees Celsius where I am, in my house in Amsterdam, which means that it still is too warm for me, but a bit less stifling than the last week.

In this file I have a bit of news followed by an update on my mB12-protocol.

1. The Danish site passed 1 million visitors

This concerns only the Danish site, and not the Dutch one, that passed that mark quite some time ago: The Danish site passed the 1,000,000-th visitor one of the last days. The statistics counter says:
1,001,783. These visitors on average made 5,625,229 hits, which involved 4,164,573 files and 4,424,824 pages.

This seems a lot to me, but it is in fact unequally spread over 8 1/2 full years. Also, until 2007 I had fewer than 300 daily visitors on the Danish site each day. It only started to grow then, and mostly grew since then, in almost all respects, and especially files and downloads.

What shall I say, except thanks for your interest?

There is this:

It is rather odd that over 4 million of one's files have been downloaded (or at least hit), as it is a bit odd to know that each day one is being read for more than two days, and that just in Denmark.

Then again, I do not really know how this compares, and indeed comparing is difficult. There are, for example, a lot of different files on my site; it really is a site, and not something else; and I also do not know anything much like it.

I tend to think it is rather good, at least for somebody with such not very popular subjects (computing, logic, philosophy, M.E. + Nederlog), and with such distinct and uncommon ideas and values.

But mostly I do not have strong ideas about what this means: I know too little.

I registered the fact of the 1,000,000th visitor - which incidentally means that I have been read very many times, by my lights, and more than most Dutch authors, although I doubt there are many visitors who seriously investigated the whole site, and I also must guess some 95% of the visitors either is incidental or is only interested in a few themes. Still, the remaining 5% is 50.000 readers who are - or have been - more seriously interested.

And indeed, it takes a whole lot of time to know much or all of the site. There simply is a great lot of text: At least 250 books of decent size, and probably more, and none of that text is easy, or for easy and fast consumption.

So... I am fairly impressed, and I thank you for your interest.

2.  My new mB12-protocol

Next, the new mB12-protocol
Here is my present approximate daily protocol with approximate prices in Amsterdam. Also, I do not take B12 each day, and the same goes for potassium and metafolate, and on average I take a little less than stated since some days I skip some supplements, on purpose or by accident.

Also, the difference with the previous installment is that I have halved the amounts of mB12 and metafolate, because I seem to feel better on that - and I  also definitely feel worse on nothing:
Contents p/p Totals
Pills p/d
Price p/p
Unit price
aka mB12
mB12 5 mg (5000 mcg)
5000 mcg   1/2
aka aB12
aB12 3000 mcg
3000 mcg   1/2


folic acid 500 mcg 500 mcg




aka folate
Solgar 800 mcg     800


 0,28    0,14
 28,00  100
aka Kalium
200 mg
 400 mg
  800 mg 
VM 75
Multivitamin with many ingredients
including zinc,
magnesium, vit D, folic acid

   1  0,40
TOTAL PER DAY           1,16 to 1,84

Basically, the differences are that I more than halved the dosages for B12; about halved the metafolate; and nearly doubled the potassium.

My reasons are nearly entirely empirical and limited to my self:

I am definitely at least a bit better on some variant of the mB12-protocol, but the one I started on is too much for me, and eventually brings me down, and therefore I decided to halve it some months ago, and that works a bit better.

Then again, I should say: so far, and in my case.

I do not know how generalizable this is to others, and as evidence it is merely anecdotical, although in my case I have now a fair amount of evidence about how I react.

Also, the present protocol still is tentative and quite probably not optimal, if only because I have not yet found a good multivitamin without folate, that these days and since decades is thrown in almost anything, it seems to save a few babies with open backs. (And no, my problem is not that there isn't any decent supplement without folate: My problem is to get it to my place, also  unproblematically.)

I am also seeing whether I can be tested for the MTHFR gen's mutations, but I am not holding my breath, since that seems again to turn into a - stilted not honest - defense of Dutch medical "rights" to proscribe any treatment, and especially to me. But I'll see and find out.

If only I did not have to live in Holland!


About ME/CFS (that I prefer to call M.E.: The "/CFS" is added to facilitate search machines) which is a disease I have since 1.1.1979:
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