May 1, 2013
me+ME:  Healy + Linux + still paying back
1.  Professor dr. David Healy
2.  A little bit more on Linux
3.  Still paying back my walk
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First a fairly large number of very minor changes that I promised yesterday and made and uploaded today:

This is
the bit of September 11, 2011 -  May 24 2012, inclusive, which were all with an invisible white border, which is visible, in black, in the way I am viewing Nederlog, which is still nearly always in #9999FF (in fact).

Now the invisible white border has been removed in all these files.

Otherwise, no changes were made, at all, so the text is quite unchanged, except that it is a small bit broader.

1. Professor dr. David Healy

One of the reasons I am not writing so much about the DSM-5 and psychiatry is that I have a very simple cure for all of it, that no one or almost no one seems to be willing to even consider: Terminate all of psychiatry.

Note that I am not against the care of the mentally ill, nor am I against some science of psychiatry. But I am against the present "science" of psychiatry, because it is not a science, and because its adherents do more harm than good, in my estimate.

But most who might agree with me (more than not), which are not many, will probably disagree about so radical a proposal, and see all manner of difficulties with it.

So I have mostly given up on psychiatry, also because it very probably will not harm me, and that mainly because I'll be pensionable in two years, and need not do anything until then.

Even so... consider Brand Fascism by professor dr. David Healy, who must be one of the most sensible psychiatrists around: He lists 17 points of major criticisms of modern psychiatry, of which many would have been sufficient to finalize psychiatry - if this were an option.

But apparently, this is not an option, and indeed my wiritings will not help to make it one.

All I can do is point out some of the very few reasonable people who still are around in psychiatry, which I have done herewith: Do check out
Brand Fascism, if you are in any way concerned with psychiatry-as-is.

2. A little bit more on Linux

Actually, I have been using Linux now for a whole year minus 9 days.

I started with GNU/Linux.Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, and I am still using that - except that I just installed version 41 of Ubuntu for 12.04 LTS, and started with 23. (Incidentally: This is no onerous task, and usually is done within 2 or 3 minutes or so.)

Although I have discussed Linux and Ubuntu rather a lot less than I would have done if my eyes had been better the last year, the basic news is the same as it was almost a year ago: This was a very good change for me.

In fact, by far the best change, it turned out with my eyes, is that Ubuntu allowed me to keep using my computer more or less normally, in spite of the fact that I still find it difficult to watch white backgrounds: It has the High Contrast Inverse option, that makes white what is black, and black what is white, and with my eyes I needed that, or else I could not use a computer normally.

So I am pretty pleased with it all, and indeed have not used MS Windows all of the present year, and also see no reason for it.

3.  Still paying back my walk

A final note: I am still paying back my walk of Thursday April 25. This is not precisely unexpected, the last 35 years, but it does slow me down some, and does make me somewhat less productive than I would have been otherwise.

So the good news is that, apart from being slowed down because of my long walk, I am a bit better than I have been for a long time: My house is less of a mess; I sleep again, since 10 days or so, 8 hours a day; and I may get some things done I have not been able to do for several years now.

The bad news is that I walked too much last Thursday, and for the time am paying back.

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